Dragon's Claw


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set (M12) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons (DDG) Uncommon
2011 Core Set (M11) Uncommon
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Uncommon
2010 Core Set (M10) Uncommon
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Ninth Edition (9ED) Uncommon
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Uncommon
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Dragon's Claw


Whenever a player casts a red spell, you may gain 1 life.

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Dragon's Claw Discussion

Darth_Savage on R/B Dragons

3 weeks ago

If your looking for a budget option to get your dragons on the field quicker, Generator Servant or Infernal Plunge might help.

Sideboard wise you have no graveyard interaction, so for starters Tormod's Crypt or Rakdos Charm should be there. Dragon's Claw is reasonable anti burn tech and you benefit from it anyway and Ratchet Bomb is fairly standard to deal with anything (Enchantments) that R/B struggle with.

Sargeras on Moltenheart (Skred-Dragons)

1 month ago

If you want the actual test cuts that I made, I cut all copies of Draconic Roar, the two Haven of the Spirit Dragons, one Skred, all copies of Thunderbreak Regent, one Ratchet Bomb.

put in two Abrades, two Roasts, one Snow-Covered Mountains, four Mind Stones, and three Glorybringers.

this was just the test that I did, I highly recommend using tappedout as a playtester to find out which combination fits right.

As for the sideboard, I cut one Shattering Spree, two Dragon's Claws, and an Anger of the Gods and played Relic of Progenitus, you don't need to play a relic if you go this route, but it's definitely the best option imo.

vorpalaxe on lava spike, vorpalaxe

2 months ago

great suggestions. thanks. ill think about them, but here is why im not doing it now: Flame Javelin is 6 cmc, so it has synergy with Eidolon of the Great Revel. also, this deck is so consistent, there is never a need to even mulligan.

Ramunap Ruins is interesting, I played a long game against a counterspell deck, and i had 5 lands out, and one in my hand.. he was returning my creatures to my hand, so i played the lands to cast the creatures of course. I won, and it is very rare to play that many lands, and that many turns.. but it can't be countered. the only reason not to put it in is to keep the extra life sometimes. that is a theme of this deck: to avoid paying life on lands.

I would not mind fetch, but the paying the USD and life to get a fetchland that doesnt slow you down? I doubt the measurable improvement they would make to this deck.

using all mountains, and some Dragon's Claw, makes me stronger in the mirror match.

Worship is a problem, but Leyline of Punishment and Volcanic Fallout generally kills pro red creatures.. there is a mediocre chance of getting both, but the game will be relatively long, and no one has 4x Worship right?

Anger of the Gods and Rampaging Ferocidon are great suggestions.. I had them both in there for a bit.

insertcleverid on lava spike, vorpalaxe

2 months ago

Flame Javelin is great but I think if you are ok running 4x cards with a CMC of 3 then Collective Defiance provides you with a sorcery speed replacement level effect + the option to ditch a hand of lands or put a combo player off their win-con. Seems like a good trade-off 1 or 2.

I agree with clockwork swordfish above about Ramunap Ruins as a 1 or 2 of. In games where you flood it's an out.

I'd also add some fetch, just for the flexibility of hitting for 3 with Searing Blaze on the opponent's turn.

If you agree with me about running a fetch or two, then you should throw in one or two shocklands that allow you to side into Wear // Tear or Destructive Revelry, which is your only option for dealing with things like Worship.

Also about your SB: the inclusion of Dragon's Claw tells me you're thinking about long game options. I'd say replace one of those with a Molten Vortex or Seismic Assault.

Another good SB option for a sweeper would be 1 or 2 Anger of the Gods over Volcanic Fallout.

I have no idea if there's enough go-wide in your meta but just had a thought about running Rampaging Ferocidon.

JethroWilkins on Chaos

2 months ago

Smelt, Dragon's Claw, and Destroy the Evidence all seem like rather weak includes.

Bloodflow Connoisseur and Barter in Blood might be decent includes for cheap.

xseiber on mono red burn

3 months ago

Here's an "improved version", still trying to take Budget-constraints into considerations: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/11-07-18-mono-red-burn-copy/

Or here's the breakdown-list:

Instant (21) 4x Lightning Bolt 4x Magma Jet 3x Searing Blaze 2x Searing Blood 4x Searing Spear 4x Shock

Creature (12) 4x Guttersnipe 4x Kiln Fiend 4x Monastery Swiftspear

Land (18) 18x Mountain

Artifact (5) 2x Dragon's Claw 3x Shrine of Burning Rage

Sorcery (4) 4x Rift Bolt

In my opinion, having a a deck that caps out at 3 CMC, I think 25 land is a very aggressive number, where you'll most likely draw your lands instead of a kill-spell that you need to push lethal. Of course, if you want to play with 21-25+ lands, might I suggest Seismic Assault, and to a lesser extent Shard Volley? It turns your dead-drawn lands into Shocks. Lightning Bolt might seem expensive but compare to stuff like Lava Spike, it's cheaper and it's super-relevant in most, if not all, decks that runs Red {R}. Same rational with Rift Bolts, however Rift Bolts require a 1-turn set-up, so it's really up to your discretion and personal tastes. I had thoughts and reservations about both Searing Blood and Searing Blaze, they both require your opponent to run creatures, but with the exception of Blood, Blaze hits for 1 and can only be played if your opponent satisfies the condition of having a creature and can kill slightly tougher creatures than Blood when you meet that Landfall condition, or if you're hitting yourself. Searing Blood on the other hand, can only hit creatures, but if it kills one, you get a free Lightning Bolt to your opponent's face.

I cut both Bedlam and Stormblood out since they don't contribute to any immediate threats to smack your opponents with, unlike Guttersnipe that provides 2 direct damage or Kiln for a surprise +3 (or more) attacks when resolved, as a Monastery Swiftspear 5-8.

Edit: I also cut Pillar of Flames because it's just too slow IMO, even though it's a 1CMC, Shock beats it by virtue of being an Instant where you can hit them on their End step.

DespairFaction on Lathliss Tribal

3 months ago

Hey there, thanks for sharing your list.

I really like Archwing Dragon in this deck, I will need to add it into my list. Spawn of Thraxes also seems very reasonable and I also really like Hazoret's Monument and Vanquisher's Banner. I will need to check out a few of those for my deck lists.

A few cards that I might suggest cutting since they have always underperformed for me are Door of Destinies, Adaptive Automaton doesn't seem necessary since your dragons are plenty big, and Kindred Charge is really bad with legendary creatures so I would replace that one with World at War or Savage Beating. Dragon's Claw seems like a flavor inclusion, but it probably wont have much of impact.

A few things worth adding Knollspine Dragon, Spinerock Knoll, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Conjurer's Closet.

Anyway really enjoyed the list. I like that you got 28 creatures in yours, I only got about 20 in mine, but id like to get the creature count around 22-23. Let me know if you end up adopting any of these changes.

lagotripha on How The Devil Plays MTG: The Mono-Black Primer

3 months ago

Hi- There are a few cards that deserve honourable mentions from my testing. I've got this big list of cards I've tested and made work, but a lot of it is pure jank. Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox The ones below deserve specific mention.

Plunge into Darkness. It pseudo tutors, its a sac outlet, it hates on burn. Its ability to look for a sideboard card is both understated and very strong.

Imp's Mischief is a meta call, but in some metas is devastating. Used to be run a lot to redirect splinter twin, will likely see play when something similar reapears.

Blade of the Bloodchief is a big payoff card for mono-black vampire tribal, as sitting lower to the ground and spamming creatures/removal makes lashwrithe and this a lot stronger.

Oona's Blackguard and Earwig Squad have in the past worked well in bitterblossom lists.

Everlasting Torment is also has a playable if not amazing -1/-1 counter list including Geralf's Messenger Crumbling Ashes and Necroskitter with Black Sun's Zenith.

Dark Prophecy is worth mentioning in that it is unplayable. You have to say it or people will try. Unless its a key combo peice in a Zulaport Cutthroat list, don't bother. Jam a Phyrexian Arena or heck, Underworld Connections instead.

Defense Grid, Storage Matrix and Culling Scales deserve mention as artifacts. They aren't in favour at the moment, but have in the past been devastating tools. Sun Droplet is often a better Dragon's Claw, or in a degenerate meta, copies 5-8.

Soul Spike is a powerful wincon when you can draw your library, which is tricky in mono black, but very possible with Grim Haruspex lists. The lifegain can also offset lifeloss a lot of repeatable 'draw your library' cards often incur.

Gonti's Machinations is a 1 mana lightning helix with suspend which bypasses leyline.

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