The eternals are pouring through the Planar Bridge, and Feather, the Redeemed is having none of it. We’re gonna be casting a lot of spells and drawing a lot of cards, not typically a Boros thing to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The multiverse is at stake, and Boros is holding nothing back.

Feather is likely the absolute best Boros legend ever printed for EDH. The card advantage and utility she provides are unheard of in these colors, and opening up the Heroic mechanic to be abused is really nice. The goal of this deck originally was to be a cute cantrip based deck that never ran out of cards and got some value out of using different instant and sorceries repeatedly. Now, it's evolved into a powerhouse of a deck and I'm absolutely in love with it. The primer is going to be pretty detailed as far as I'm concerned, but if something appears to be missing please let me know. Without further ado, I give you Feather.

DISCLAIMER: I am not running Zada, Hedron Grinder or Mirrorwing Dragon. I do not like them. I do not want to run them. Thank you for understanding.

The first thing to look at for the primer is, appropriately, Feather, the Redeemed . Feather cares specifically about two things. The first is that you're casting instants and sorceries repeatedly. Not just on your turn, on your opponent's turns too. This lends itself far more to instants than sorceries, but there are some powerful sorceries worth using. The second thing Feather cares about is that you target your own creatures. Immediately, this opens up the can of worms for the Heroic mechanic to fill out this deck's creature slots alongside some other value based creatures that want you to cast non-creature spells.

You may like this deck if:

  1. You like casting a lot of spells. I mean a lot. On your turn, other people's turns, doesn't matter.
  2. You like a deck centered around it's commander.
  3. You like having a lot of decisions to make each game. The deck seems very simple, but the inner workings can get complex.
  4. You like the Heroic mechanic.

You may NOT like this deck if:

  1. You don't like your commander being key to a deck's success rate.
  2. You don't like casting a lot of spells or doing much on other's turns.
  3. You like attacking brainlessly. This deck generally wins via combat, but not always.
  4. You like infinite combos. Sorry, none of that here. Plenty of people experimenting with Feather in cEDH though.

Feather lets us re-use any instant or sorcery that targets a creature, so naturally the first thing I looked at was cantrips, or cards that replace themselves. Not a ton of fantastic options in Boros colors, but every card in the deck doesn't need to be card advantage, and there's just enough good options to help the deck go smoothly each game.

These just draw a card for mana. Neat. Use them when you have nothing better to do or when you need to start amassing card advantage. The most cast spells in the deck. Psychotic Fury giving double strike is relevant enough to warrant a two mana cantrip, and Accelerate was just the best of the other two mana one's worth playing in the slot. The only other consideration I would go for is Guided Strike because of the power buff, but I personally find haste marginally more useful.

Wheel is not a card I particularly want to be playing, but it is REALLY damn good when you empty your hand of mana rocks and play Feather turn one and immediately wheel turn two, disrupting your opponents and refilling your hand. Also a nice combo with Smothering Tithe. Don't feel obliged to run this, I do because I happen to own a copy.

The next section is about protecting Feather or any other creature you need from targeted removal, as they will get a lot of hate once you start churning through your deck.

These cards protect Feather at instant speed, and most of them Scry 1 which is an added bonus. There is a small list of cards that can protect our entire board from board wipes.

Boros Charm just gives simple indestructibility to our things. Eerie Interlude makes out creatures not exist in the face of a board wipe and is re-usable, and Teferi's Protection is the best white card ever printed in Magic history so it has to be included.

There is actually a huge amount of versatile removal for these colors. I'll go over some of it here.

Chaos Warp will deal with anything, period. Path, Swords, Winds, Reckless Rage, and Fall of the Hammer are all basic creature removal. Hammer notably targets a creature of our own so we can reuse it. Soul's Fire can be used to kill anything that isn't an artifact, enchantment, or land, and targets our own creature for valuable reuse. Wear / Tear is pretty easy to understand. Winds of Abandon is a one sided board wipe or a two mana path; either one is fine. Generous Gift is, well, Beast Within. It's too good not to play.

What finally sold me on Oblation was that I play Arcane Denial in every blue deck I ever play. Giving my opponents two cards at the cost of removing something vital to their plan is fine; the upside of being able to use it on a token as a double cantrip is just a nice bonus. Pyroblast is just too good not to have with the prevalence of blue in both this format and my meta.

Declaration in Stone is the closest thing white has to a Maelstrom Pulse. It will sorcery speed exile any creature, but has the upside of crushing token decks. A clue is also a lot less useful in my opinion than a land.

The deck also has a few mass sweepers. Every deck needs some. You won't always be ahead on board.

Winds of Abandon can be a giant ramp spell for your opponents, but it is one sided and modal. That makes it 100% playable.

This section is going to be all the instants and sorceries that have utility I didn't mention above.

Intimidation Bolt just straight up stops our opponents from attacking us. Feather has four toughness, and will thus always survive the bolt.

Dreadhorde Arcanist is pretty good, it lets us reuse any instant and sorcery that doesn't target and lets us get target spells back that we discard to hand size or have to use at a bad time.

Insult / Injury DOES work with Feather when you aftermath it from the graveyard. Therefore, a reusable double damage spell is fine.

Finale of Promise is a little weird. It is mostly used for replaying removal spells, as 95% of the time our protection and cantrip spells stay in our hand. For that reason, I am considering cutting it, but I have also had times where it has been stellar. Take it as you will.

These are the few cards we have that gain value without targeting them. They give us tokens, damage, and scrying to help find what we need and filter out what we don't. These are the real powerhouses of the deck because they function alongside the Heroic creatures to generate insane value. Sentinel Tower, Aria of Flame, and Guttersnipe are pure win conditions and Aetherflux gives us life padding while providing inevitability. Scroll lets us use commander damage as an alternate win condition, or just pump a Dreadhorde Arcanist/Tenth District Legionnaire into lethal.

Aria of Flame is the most unfair card ever printed for this deck. I have before untapped with it and it had zero counters on it at the beginning of my turn and I won that turn. It is ungodly. It is disgusting. It is powerful. Please play it.

This deck is rather mana hungry despite being able to function on low resources effectively. Here are some ways to cheat the one land per turn quota.

Mana rocks are pretty self explanatory. Mox Opal functions because we have a ton of artifacts including it and the artifact lands. It isn't perfect, but it IS free.

Altar gives us essentially all the mana we could ever desire if we have a token maker in play. Smothering Tithe is the unholy abomination that is white Rhystic Study . It's just broken. Good card is good, please play it in all your white decks. Primal Amulet is mostly there for the back side, but the cost reduction on the front half can be relevant.

I cut Sunforger. It's too mana intensive and not that good as a value engine. I'm inclined these days to agree with SunsChampion's view on the card. I have cut it for good.
Finally, a section for the heroic creatures. This mechanic saw some standard play when it came out, but in this deck it is insanely good. Here they are.

Vanguard and Crusader give us tokens on target, which is really nice for making blockers and going wide on offense. Anax and Cymede make going wide great, and allow us to pump and trample over our opponents. Phalanx Leader lets us go huge in the long run.

Akroan Conscriptor, however, is on a level of its own. We can steal creatures to attack with, we can steal creatures that would be attacking us and block with them on opponent's turns, and we can even just steal someone's blockers and open them up at an alpha strike from another player. By far my favorite interaction with Conscriptor, however, is Cloudshift . If you Cloudshift a creature you have borrowed, it then becomes yours until it leaves play. This is insanely powerful. Instead of borrowing that Ulamog, you could just have it forever. How nice.

Thank you for reading through this primer or just viewing the deck. If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, snide remarks, jokes, memes, or anything else you want to comment about, please do! I'm always looking for new card ideas and suggestions.


Updates Add

MH1, Core 20, and Commander 19 updates!

The decklist and primer are updated. I don’t have a changelog because I slacked off a lot on keeping up with the changelog because I’ve been testing so many changes and cutting and adding the same cards sometimes four or five times. Sorry for no changelog. :(

What I will say about these sets: I am testing Dockside Extortionist to see if it warrants a slot. Cloudshift and Eerie Interlude are the only ways to blink it, but it may be worth it as a one shot thing. I’ll update soon.

There is currently nothing new from Core 20 I am testing.

And here's a list of everything from MH1 that made the cut:

Here's what didn't make the cut from MH1 and why:

  • Giver of Runes - not a huge fan of this or Mother simply because of the amount of protection spells I run; that being said, I do think it is a fine inclusion purely because of the colorless clause
  • Ranger-Captain of Eos - this has exactly one target for it's ETB, not a great start; however, I think it's a fine inclusion especially if you're running Giver or Mother of runes or other one mana heroic targets to fetch with it, and the sacrifice ability is probably way more useful than I'm giving it credit for since I haven't yet (but want to) test this
  • Settle Beyond Reality - on the surface, this looks like a clean removal spell for any targetable creature your opponent's control that lets you reuse any ETB creatures you may be running and that you can abuse since it targets a creature you control; the downsides, five cmc and sorcery speed, however, vastly outweigh the upside on this card to me, and my testing has confirmed my suspicions that this card is far too narrow
  • Magmatic Sinkhole - there's just too much better removal in white for creatures; however if you just need another removal spell, red Dismember with Delve is a highly playable card
  • Seasoned Pyromancer - not sure I ever thought about this card, but it could have some use as a Faithless Looting with a body; that being said, just play Looting because it's legal in this format and $20 cheaper
  • Tectonic Reformation - I am still testing this card, because it functions as a draw engine when you're flooded or low on cantrips, and if you draw it in a bad spot you can just cycle it; I'm not 100% on this card yet, but I definitely think it's playable at worst

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