The eternals are pouring through the Planar Bridge, and Feather, the Redeemed is having none of it. We’re gonna be casting a lot of spells and drawing a lot of cards, not typically a Boros thing to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The multiverse is at stake, and Boros is holding nothing back.

Feather is likely the absolute best Boros legend ever printed for EDH. The card advantage and utility she provides are unheard of in these colors, and opening up the Heroic mechanic to be abused is really nice. The goal of this deck originally was to be a cute cantrip based deck that never ran out of cards and got some value out of using different instant and sorceries repeatedly. Now, it's evolved into a powerhouse of a deck and I'm absolutely in love with it. The primer is going to be pretty detailed as far as I'm concerned, but if something appears to be missing please let me know. Without further ado, I give you Feather.

The first thing to look at for the primer is, appropriately, Feather, the Redeemed. Feather cares specifically about two things. The first is that you're casting instants and sorceries repeatedly. Not just on your turn, on your opponent's turns too. This lends itself far more to instants than sorceries, but there are some powerful sorceries worth using. The second thing Feather cares about is that you target your own creatures. Immediately, this opens up the can of worms for the Heroic mechanic to fill out this deck's creature slots alongside some other value based creatures that want you to cast non-creature spells.

You may like this deck if:

  1. You like casting a lot of spells. I mean a lot. On your turn, other people's turns, doesn't matter.
  2. You like a deck centered around it's commander.
  3. You like having a lot of decisions to make each game. The deck seems very simple, but the inner workings can get complex.
  4. You like the Heroic mechanic.

You may NOT like this deck if:

  1. You don't like your commander being key to a deck's success rate.
  2. You don't like casting a lot of spells or doing much on other's turns.
  3. You like big, stompy creatures. This deck can go wide, but it doesn't generally go tall except for Voltron wins.
  4. You like infinite combos. Sorry, none of that here. Plenty of people experimenting with Feather in cEDH though.
Feather lets us re-use any instant or sorcery that targets a creature, so naturally the first thing I looked at was cantrips, or cards that replace themselves. Not a ton of fantastic options in Boros colors, but every card in the deck doesn't need to be card advantage, and there's just enough good options to help the deck go smoothly each game. The cards below turn cantrips into Treasure Cruises. These cards are invaluable at pushing from the mid-game to the late-game and jumping the hurdle to victory.
The next section is about protecting Feather or any other creature you need from targeted removal, as they will get a lot of hate once you start churning through your deck. The cards below protect all or most of my creatures and Eerie Interlude is reusable, so that one is nice to have at almost any point.
There is actually a huge amount of versatile removal for these colors. Below is all of the targeted removal. Below are the board wipes and mass removal options. None of these really need explaining.
This section is basically anything that didn't fit somewhere else. I might turn this into a descriptive section, but for now I'm trying not to have walls of text in the primer. This is just the miscellaneous section for now, and most of these cards' uses are self explanatory either because they're reusable versions of the style of card, or they do a powerful thing.
This deck is rather mana hungry despite being able to function on low resources effectively. Below are the mana rocks and one-time use sort of deals for ramping. Below are the cards that are actual mana engines, that generate a lot of mana or treasures over the course of a game.
Sunforger - Firstly, yes I have tested this card extensively. I don't like this card in Feather decks because it is extremely mana intensive to use period, let alone more than once. Assuming the first thing you go and find is a card like Magnetic Theft you're still paying 8 mana to tutor up a support card to make the main card more worth playing. With Magnetic Theft, you're paying 3 mana to tutor any instant that's mana value 4 or less, and without it you're paying 6. Even as far as tutors go in these colors, that's a pretty god awful rate. Yes, this card does give +4/+0 to a creature, presumably Feather, so it does make Voltron wins easier. Still, best case scenario I see for this is you use it as a 6 mana setup for a 2 mana tutor of Teferi's Protection or some other actually good card in your deck. Frankly, I don't see that as worth a slot in my deck. For those that play it though, I don't blame you. Not every deck has to be maximized efficiency or not play suboptimal cards. I just think it's bad. Aurelia's Fury - to be added
Finally, a section for the heroic creatures. This mechanic saw some standard play when it came out, but in this deck it is insanely good. These are the core of the deck and what we're actually using Feather to abuse. Cantripping every turn is cool, but these cards generate additional value on top of that.
  • Format Staples - cards like Teferi's Protection that are just expensive because they go in every white deck, or Phyrexian Altar because that spiked apparently, can just be cut. You don't necessarily need to find a budget "version" of TefProt. Just cut it and add something you like. Maybe another win con, another cantrip, another land, whatever your fancy. Monastery Mentor is probably one of the few expensive cards I would actually advise playing if you can squeeze it into your budget because it's a three mana win condition. That being said, you don't have to find another token maker if you don't want - just cut Mentor and add something else.
  • For cards like Wrath of God, just play Day of Judgment, Doomskar, Fell the Mighty, or whatever card fits your style or meta. Wrath is a strict upgrade over something like DoJ, but unless you're playing against Ezuri, Renegade Leader once a week, I doubt it'll matter. Or just cut it and add something else. Seriously, this decklist isn't a formula that needs to be plug-and-played to be effective. Just cut expensive shit and add cards you like.
  • Mana Rocks and Lands - for the landbase, just cut expensive lands for basics or enters-tapped duals, that part is really simple; for mana rocks, just run cheaper ones like Coldsteel Heart or Star Compass, or run other ramp options like Archaeomancer's Map or whatever other white "ramp" cards they're putting out. This applies to Dockside Extortionist too, just cut it.
  • Eventually, I intend to craft two or three budget lists and just link them here for varying price points. For now, placeholder.
Thank you for reading through this primer or just viewing the deck. If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, snide remarks, jokes, memes, or anything else you want to comment about, please do! I'm always looking for new card ideas and suggestions.


Updates Add

Midnight Hunt had a surprising amount of support for red stormy decks though only a few made it into Feather, so here's my hits and misses from the set!


  • Geistflame Reservoir - it is technically card advantage, but the real selling point for this card for me is repeatable targeted removal, and at a low mana investment to boot
  • Smoldering Egg  Flip - this card is just really damn good, it flips easily and while it won't deal as much damage as Guttersnipe, it will hit anything you need it to, and it's a 4/4 flyer which doesn't hurt


  • Livewire Lash - the backside of Smoldering Egg has the same text as this basically, but without needing to be equipped and at two mana less
  • Reconstruct History - the card is good, but it's slow and only good when I'm behind, which isn't where I want card slots dedicated to

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