TypicalTimmy says... #1

I ran infinite turns in Bant Modern with Sage of Hours, Ajani, Mentor of Heroes and Citadel Siege.

It was casual-Modern; The kind you played at a Steak & Shake or iHop after work. Very fun deck for what it was, though.

November 12, 2021 12:10 a.m.

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Jin-Gitaxias, King of Solitude

Legendary Creature - Praetor

Vigilance, Hexproof

Each opponent draws an additional card during their draw step

Your maximum hand size is reduced by five


Stick that in your Modern Azorius Voltron/Pillow-fort and smoke it.

Make a multicolored group slug card that is neither red nor green.

November 26, 2021 5:41 p.m. Edited.

Said on Ramos Cascade Ramp...


betomindslav Thanks for the upvote!

I most certainly am always ready to update any deck, especially one that has stayed the same as long as this one has. I generally like to use a feature coin on a deck like this after a few new sets come and go, just in case there's something I didn't pay attention to that would make it better.

I had left off Volcanic Torrent mostly because it's mono-colored, and partly to limit the amount of high mana value cards are on the list. There's plenty of ramp, true, but something with MV5 or higher really needs to put a few counters on Ramos. I'll stick it in there to playtest, though, and leave it on the maybeboard to remind myself of it.

Thanks again!

November 26, 2021 2:11 p.m.

Rocksteady, Stampeding Brute

Legendary Creature - Rhino Mutant

Riot, Trample

Trample Over Planeswalker

~ must attack each turn if able

Dash -


As much as I love TMNT, it's time to move on. Shake off that tryptophan hangover, and give me a wildcard.

November 26, 2021 10:29 a.m.

Oroku Saki, The Shredder

Legendary Creature - Human Ninja Assassin

First Strike, Hexproof, Poisonous 2

When ~ enters the battlefield, create a 5/4 White and Black Rhino Mutant creature token with Trample, and a 4/5 Red and Black Boar Mutant creature token with Menace. If ~ entered the battlefield during combat on your turn, these tokens enter tapped and attacking.

Commander Ninjutsu -


Sorry for chiming in so soon on this one. Couldn't help myself. I reeeeeeeeally love TMNT!

Make Splinter as a 5-color commander.

November 25, 2021 1:20 p.m. Edited.

Also, I personally would have given Raphael Exalted, since he's known for going it alone. Maybe that's just me.

Sorry, I'm totally a TMNT nerd. Have been from the very beginning. I absolutely love the designs so far!


November 25, 2021 12:22 p.m.

Honestly, Donatello should be UR, since that gives you purple. However, for the sake of giving them one element of collective color identity, he would need to be half green. That, then, creates somewhat of a problem.

I would imagine that the one color you would want to leave out would be black, but with 4 turtles and all of them half green, you would have to include black. If we could start over, I would suggest that Leonardo would be Selesnya, Michelangelo would be Gruul, Donatello would be Simic and Raphael would be Golgari. Maybe that's just me.

This is further justified by the idea that Donatello would most certainly be an "Artifacts Matter" card, to some degree. Which maybe would make sense for him to be Simic, but also kind of makes sense for him to be Selesnya, so that's what I'm going with.

PS: Don't forget that "Mutant" is an established creature type.

Donatello, Mechanical Savant

Legendary Creature - Turtle Ninja Mutant


Metalcraft - Equipment you control have equip , and Crew costs of Vehicles you control are reduced by 2, as long as you control three or more artifacts

: Return target Vehicle or Equipment from your graveyard to the battlefield

If you both own and control three other Legendary Turtle Ninja Mutants with different names, ~ gains Vigilance and Haste


Michelangelo is next. Good luck with the color identity, given the choices so far. I'd be interested in your justification, or how you would change how we've been doing it thus far.

November 25, 2021 12:15 p.m. Edited.

Said on Grits-Lark-Loam...


Maskwood Nexus? Steep CMC, but would Ramp Grist.

That's all I got.

November 24, 2021 9:04 p.m.

ThatTroutThing, holy crap! I want 4 of those!

November 23, 2021 7:14 p.m.

Owed to current circumstances in my life, I can relate heavily with the Patolus. Not going to go into details, and not looking for empathy, just thought I'd share.

By the way, thank you all for this thread. It helps a lot.

Patolus, Embodiment of Solitude

Legendary Creature - Elder Horror

Vigilance, Wither, Ward

Exalted, Exalted, Exalted

During your upkeep, ~ deals damage to itself and each other creature equal to the number of creatures you control. This damage can't be prevented.

Sacrifice ~: Return each creature from your graveyard to the battlefield



November 23, 2021 9:58 a.m. Edited.



, Exile ~: Reveal a card from your sideboard and put it into your hand

For the rest of the game, if the revealed card would enter your graveyard from anywhere, you may exile it instead. If you do, if ~ is in exile, put two time counters on ~. It gains Suspend.

Make a card that wants you to own a lot of cards in exile. One stipulation: If the card is a creature, it doesn't have power and/or toughness equal to the number of cards you own in exile. Try to be more creative than that.

November 22, 2021 12:46 p.m. Edited.

Snaggle-Tooth, Midnight Rider

Legendary Creature - Rat

Haste, Menace, Bushido 2

Whenever ~ crews a Vehicle, that Vehicle gains all of ~'s keyword abilities

: ~ gains flying until end of turn


Especially useful with the above mentioned card.

Make a Vehicle that would be this guy's motorcycle.

November 21, 2021 4:30 p.m. Edited.

seshiro_of_the_orochi, can you give us a page and post number for reference? I vaguely remember the card, but can't seem to find it.

November 21, 2021 11:10 a.m.

Hazbrigälli, of Sea and Soil

Legendary Creature - Leviathan Kraken Elemental Horror

Mutate -

Islandwalk, Mountainwalk, Myriad


Whenever this creature mutates or attacks, create two 1/1 blue Tentacle creature tokens

Whenever this creature and at least four other Tentacles attack, This creature and Tentacle creatures you control get +5/+5 and gain Trample until end of turn


Timmy's wet dream. I, for one, would go ga-ga over this shyt.

Make another 4-color legendary creature.

November 21, 2021 12:09 a.m.

2, 5, 4, 4. Very interesting...

Kalnor, Battlefield Mystic

Legendary Planeswalker - Kalnor

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell that targets a permanent you control, put a loyalty counter on ~

0 Draw a card, then reveal an instant or sorcery card from your hand. If you can't, discard a card.

-6 Until end of turn, whenever you target a permanent you control with an instant or sorcery spell, that permanent gains Hexproof and Indestructible until end of turn


One more time. See post No.13 on this page for the parameters of the challenge.

November 19, 2021 2:39 p.m. Edited.
November 19, 2021 12:51 p.m.

Escape from the Meditation Realm

Enchantment - Saga

Destroy all colorless nonland permanents

Exile target legendary permanent

Search your library, graveyard, hand and cards you own in exile for a Bolas Planeswalker and put it onto the battlefield. If you searched your library in this way, shuffle it. If a Bolas Planeswalker entered the battlefield from exile in this way, it enters with 2 additional loyalty counters.

I went back and forth between adding a fourth black pip to the mana cost, but decided that the power level was appropriate for an MV5. Feel free to disagree.

Also, sorry for the uninspired name of the card. Honestly, if WotC made this, that's probably what they'd call it anyway.

Ninja'd, but with a wildcard. Also, I like that we both mentioned returning cards from exile. That's called serendipity!

Make a card with Dredge and Amass.

November 18, 2021 7:58 p.m.

TypicalTimmy: It's a very interesting design, but there's one thing I would change. Mana not draining while it's attacking really does absolutely nothing. Perhaps it could be worded: "as long as ~ attacked this turn, you don't lose unspent mana as steps and phases end."

Then, give it haste, and have it produce the ETB mana as an attack trigger instead. For MV8, I don't think that would be unreasonable. It would also make the theme more concrete.

As for the "mana pool" question, I'm sorry but I have no idea.

November 17, 2021 1:59 p.m. Edited.

Actually, instead of wildcard (unless someone ninja's this post), how about creating the Colossus that the above artifact is a remnant of.

November 17, 2021 10:51 a.m.

Remnant of the Colossus


: Add

Ferocious - If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, you may have this artifact produce one mana of any color when tapped for mana

Basically Arcane Signet with a downside. It's certainly useable in Tron or Eldrazi, possibly other themes, and as a secondary (or tertiary, etc.) mana rock in a commander deck that needs a lot of 2-drop rocks. Also certainly draftable. Definitely not a rare.

Holy crap, was I not ninja'd?! I don't have anything ready for this...



November 17, 2021 10:49 a.m.

House Always Wins


Whenever you lose a coin flip, if it's the first time you've lost a coin flip this turn, you may flip again

Whenever you roll one or more dice, you may roll an additional die of the same type and choose one to ignore

Whenever a spell or ability chooses a target at random, if it's the first time that spell or ability has chosen a target this turn, you may have its controller randomly choose a different target and keep the second choice

That last ability could use some cleaning up, but I hope that the intention is clear. Basically, I don't want it to get a second target, but rather randomly select a second time and ignore the first selection. Not exactly sure how that should be worded.

I'm catching ninjas like crazy recently! See above for the current challenge.

November 16, 2021 5:39 p.m.


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