Gifts Ungiven

Gifts Ungiven


Search your library for up to four cards with different names and reveal them. Target opponent chooses two of those cards. Put the chosen cards into your graveyard and the rest into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Gifts Ungiven Discussion

sylvannos on Goato: Gifting Skulls all the way to Value Town

2 weeks ago

@Jackfrost23: Compared to U/R Storm with Gifts Ungiven, this is more of a "draw-go" hard control deck, rather than a combo deck. You're looking to grind your opponent down through raw card advantage and silver bullet answers over casting a big Grapeshot. Compared to Junk Gifts, the red over green means much stronger removal. Not only do you get Lightning Bolt, but also cards like Terminate and Kolaghan's Command. Sometimes, you can just burn people to death like U/W/R Control does by going Lightning Bolt -> Snapcaster Mage -> Lightning Bolt at your opponent's end step, then untap and swing with Snap and Celestial Colonnade.

What makes this specific build powerful is how difficult it is to remove its threats. Not only is Godo, Bandit Warlord strong on his lonesome by getting an equipment, Batterskull is hard to get rid of. But then along comes Trading Post and Academy Ruins to make Batterskull even more difficult to remove. This means you can safely trade your threats against other control decks. Your opponent is forced to counter your Batterskull after they bounce it back to your hand after it came out from Unburial Rites on Godo, only to have to still deal with it when you get it back via Crucible of Worlds -> Academy Ruins. Coupled with Lingering Souls and other threats, you have this massive value engine that means your opponent gets 29,301,246-for-1'd every time they want to deal with something.

Where this deck struggles that other Gifts may not is in the lack of countermagic and answers to aggro. Aggro can have problems dealing with the 12+ removal spells in the main deck and boardwipes out of the sideboard, but sometimes you just run out of removal faster than they run out of gas. No counterspells makes Tron and combo difficult matchups. This build is more about beating a control-heavy meta with red-based aggro, while CoCo variants, Humans, Fish, and so on are harder to deal with.

Amberzenn on Muldrotha Lands EDH

1 month ago

Intuition would be an auto-include if I had one, sadly don't.

I dream of the day I get to put Gifts Ungiven in this deck, though im not holding my breath on it getting unbanned any time soon.

Flooremoji on Twiddle Storm > UR Storm …

1 month ago

Now, I can't say which is better, but here are some points.

With Gifts storm, resolving Gifts Ungiven with a manabear is basiclly GG. You won't fizzle. If you draw bad with Twiddle storm, you can go from winning to losing in the blink of an eye. This also gives G-storm a lucky topdeck that I'm not sure T-storm has.

Countering a crucial spell mid-combo can cripple T-storm if it cast Ideas Unbound while gifts can keep their hand.

People leave in removal for G-storm, which cramps their deck space furthur rather than just sideing in storm hate taking out creatures.

Probably missing some points but Twiddle storm is a cool deck! Glad more people are playing it :)

SynergyBuild on Lotus storm

2 months ago

Personally I would recommend dropping a Grapeshot for a Brain Freeze, as you want to be able to turn your Merchant Scrolls into a wincon when going off, additionally Cunning Wish is a huge help, you can toss a sideboard copy of a lot of tutor targets, and get additional copies of them, Bonus Round can also be huge if you want an insane engine that works well if you go for a red splash.

Now for the Past in Flames build, Intuition and Gifts Ungiven and a bunch more support the build well, and can use a stand-alone Life from the Loam to get back a tutored Lotus Field as well as having side-ways synergy with the deck's fetchlands and Lonely Sandbars.

ChickenBoy13 on Atemsis, the stealth bomber

3 months ago

Um, Gifts Ungiven is banned in EDH, just so you know.

Flooremoji on Modern-Legal Tutors

4 months ago

Well, lets see. Some of the ones not yet suggested are Gifts Ungiven (which has added functionallity other than being a tutor) all of the cards with transmute, if you aren't looking for Helix Pinnacle in particular you also have Merchant Scroll and Summoner's Pact.

abby315 on Gifts Tron?

4 months ago

It's not budget, but -Tron can be a Gifts Ungiven build. Not sure if it's better. Here's an example: Mono U Gifts Tron

TriusMalarky on Gifts Tron?

4 months ago

I want to brew a budget Modern deck, and I was wondering -- could Gifts Ungiven work in a tron build? Trash for Treasure would help a ton there, and Sundering Titan has solid synergies with Trash.

For example, what if you cast Gifts Ungiven and went to grab



You could really watch them squirm. You have options. Maybe you grab the one tron land you don't have and Scrying as well as a couple bombs. Let them decide what you get -- except Footsteps and Trash make it so that having creatures in your yard is bad for them, and of course they don't want to give you the actual creatures, and you can probably run a card or two to bring Tron Lands back from your grave.

What say you? Course, Wurmcoil Engine is the absolute best here(death trigger for Footsteps and if you want to sac it to Trash), but it's a bit pricey. So, could it work?

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