I was introduced by a friend to this game around RTR, but I rarely played until around DOM. Since then I've become much more invested into the game and am the player you see now.

My very first decks (built with the help of friends) were fliers, mill, and later illusion tribal.

Like many players, I started with casual kitchen table Magic, and over time became exposed to competitive Magic. I first became a Legacy enthusiast, then a short while later started with Modern.

Nowadays I keep at least a cursory eye on most constructed formats, and I tend to play limited at least once per set release.

I occasionally jam Commander games with friends when time and circumstance permit.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat about anything, Magic related or otherwise.

In Legacy, I was a miracles player, and the deck remains my conceptual favorite. However, I no longer follow Legacy actively due to format developments since WAR.

I originally started Modern by playing Eldrazi D&T. Since then I've transitioned into playing spirits, which continues to be one of my primary decks today.

As a nod to my history in Legacy, I also maintain control as my other primary Modern deck.

I also loosely maintain a Ponza deck for funsies.

My primary Pioneer deck is Traverse midrange.

I'm also currently exploring building some type of control deck.

  • Colors: ,
  • Planes: Zendikar, Innistrad, Ravnica
  • Planeswalkers: Serra, Narset, Sorin, Ugin, Nicol Bolas, Kasmina, Rowan, Wrenn
  • Tribes: angel, sphinx, bird, spirit, faerie, Eldrazi, phoenix, pirate, dragon
  • Keywords (combat): flying, first strike, prowess
  • Keywords (noncombat): miracle, storm, flashback
  • Card: Entreat the Angels

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I see this sentiment a lot. A few points:

  • Playing a deck well is very much a key part of the game. Sure, many decks are largely mechanical in execution once you're a decent enough player (insert tired joke about Modern Tron) but many other decks are far less linear and will require substantial experience.
  • Netdecking has been part of constructed since forever. This is what games are about - using the resources at your disposal. Are we to tell aspiring chess players "don't study openings, make up your own"? Are we to tell aspiring Starcraft players "don't study build timings, make up your own"?
  • A deck isn't inherently more interesting just because it's "unique". I'd probably be bored out of my mind playing ally tribal. Sure, it's not something you usually see in Modern, but when you pick it up and play it, you realize you're basically playing humans, just with much worse cards. I fail to see how this is fun or skill-testing in any manner.
  • Anything you come up with, someone has probably tried it and posted a list online somewhere. Wasting mental capacity on worrying about being "original" is pointless. The truth about constructed is that there are only so many good strategies, and they always hinge on good cards, good interactions between cards, or both.
  • A good constructed player usually looks up lists for inspiration and for guidance, and will make the tweaks they see appropriate to their playstyle/meta/whatever. I do this all the time with my own Modern decks. Making the necessary tweaks to an existing list is itself an expression of deckbuilding skill, even if it's not the same as building a decklist from scratch.
  • If you want an environment where good deckbuilding always matters and shows itself, play limited. That is fun and skill-testing in its own right.
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