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This is my superfriends control deck with an explosive combo to finish the game. Idea is to deter aggro with removals, boardwipe, and anti-creature walkers till I am able to get a game winning emblem or assemble some kind of combo. This deck was tuned to thrive in a 75% aggrocentric meta and is reflected in my specific card selection. With the support of permissions and diversified removals, I can effectively play a game of draw-go without worrying about a massive boardwipe to reset my board. While there are several ways of building a superfriends deck including infect, pillowfort, or stax, I think that this build is a more fun and exciting way to pilot the deck while allowing the rest of the table to enjoy the game.


  • Strong late game and inevitability

  • Ability to handle stax strategies

  • Unaffected by creature hate and pillowfort strategies

  • Generates immense card advantage, board presence, and value over time


  • Weak to early game aggro and fast combo

  • Slow early game

  • Mana intensive

  • Difficult to pilot (requires proper planning and threat assessment)

  • Draws hate from everyone (often resulting in archenemy)


Infinite Walker Activations

With one rock tapping for like Astral Cornucopia / Everflowing Chalice , I can have infinite planeswalker activations with the following:

Infinite Mana and Draw

The following combo produces infinite mana (can be filtered into Astral Cornucopia and infinite draw to assemble a win:

Deepglow Staff

This is probably one of the easiest and most broken one card combo you can assemble in a superfriends deck. The only creature I run is Deepglow Skate for the sole purpose of having a constant access to it via Proteus Staff . Every turn, I can tuck it at the bottom of my library only to have it come back again to double all my walkers' loyalties. In addition to that, I can also rearrange my entire library to stack it so that I will draw my other win conditions and combo pieces. It also gets even crazier with Rings of Brighthearth by quadrupling the loyalty counters instead! There are many times during the game where I would grab Proteus Staff over Doubling Season due to its ridiculousness. This combo alone with some walkers in play will just win games:

The following is a typical game-winning Proteus Staff deck manipulation arrangement. With and Deepglow Skate in play (setup the chain by sacrificing Atraxa or a token to get deepglow skate into play first), you basically draw and cast Tamiyo, Field Researcher and activate Proteus Staff to start the chain:

Emblem/Ultimate out of Nowhere

The following are cards that lets me get an emblem/ultimate walkers out of nowhere. Timing is key and has everything to do with the success of pulling it off:


Here are some rulings regarding The Chain Veil that might cause some confusions:

  • You can activate TCV as many times as you can untap it, effectively enabling a slew of infinite planeswalker activation combos.

  • Once TCV is activated, it provides a new permission for all planeswalkers you control. This means that new planeswalkers cast after TCV was activated will still be able to activate twice.

My thoughts on pillowfort and superfriends:

  • Most pillowfort cards (like Ghostly Prison ) doesn't stop opponents from attacking the planeswalkers thus making it a very unreliable and bad strategy for superfriends.

  • The most effective "pillowfort" cards are more akin to creature hate enchantments like Humility or token generation to block attackers.

  • I think that running more boardwipes and recursion is a better strategy than pillowfort for superfriends.

  • Stax is a much better alternative than pillowfort in superfriends helmed by Atraxa.

Hidden gems superfriends players ought to know:


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Updates Add

I've totally reevaluated my deck from the ground up and makes some massive changes and direction. The following are the changes:

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