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Commander / EDH* Control Infinite Combo Multiplayer Primer Superfriends Tokens



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This is my superfriends control/token flood deck with an explosive combo to finish the game. Idea is to deter aggro with token producing planeswalkers while assembling some utility planeswalker to lock up the board and win the game with a combo finish. This deck was tuned to thrive in a 75% aggrocentric meta and is reflected in my specific card selection. In my playtesting, it seems that having a bunch of tokens to act as chump blockers is an efficient and effective way of deterring aggro while letting me develop my boardstate which explains my choice of having half my walkers produce tokens. With the support of permissions and diversified removals, I can effectively play a game of draw-go without worrying about a massive boardwipe to reset my board. While there are several ways of building a superfriends deck including infect, pillowfort, or stax, I think that this build is a more fun and exciting way to pilot the deck while allowing the rest of the table to enjoy the game.


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Planeswalkers are powerful permanents that requires an immediate answer before they get out of hand. While there are specific removal spells like Utter End that can answer them, the usual way is through combat. The following points are a general guideline in minimizing the risk of deploying planeswalkers:

  • General assessment: What kind of colors/commanders are in the pod? Are they tapped out? Do you have a counterspell in hand to protect your walker from removal or permission? Is there a red player or Lightning Greaves (haste effect) in play?
  • Threat assessment: Are there creatures in play already? If yes, are they going to deal lethal damage to the walker?
  • Self-preservation: Is the walker self protecting? Can the walker produce tokens or neutralize a threat?
  • Immediate value: Does the walker benefit you immediately? Is it better to just wait for a Doubling Season or Deepglow Skate to deploy the walker to reap its immediate benefit?

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Here are some rulings regarding The Chain Veil that might cause some confusions:

  • You can activate TCV as many times as you can untap it, effectively enabling a slew of infinite planeswalker activation combos.

  • Once TCV is activated, it provides a new permission for all planeswalkers you control. This means that new planeswalkers cast after TCV was activated will still be able to activate twice.

My thoughts on pillowfort and superfriends:

  • Most pillowfort cards (like Ghostly Prison) doesn't stop opponents from attacking the planeswalkers thus making it a very unreliable and bad strategy for superfriends.

  • The most effective "pillowfort" cards are more akin to creature hate enchantments like Humility or token generation to block attackers.

  • I think that running more boardwipes and recursion is a better strategy than pillowfort for superfriends.

  • Stax is a much better alternative than pillowfort in superfriends helmed by Atraxa.

Hidden gems superfriends players ought to know:


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