Hive Mind


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
2010 Core Set Rare

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Hive Mind


Whenever a player casts an instant or sorcery spell, each other player copies that spell. Each of those players may choose new targets for his or her copy.

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Hive Mind Discussion

ZomBee_Hunt on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

1 week ago

well if you have Hive Mind on board already and cast Enduring Ideal that should guarantee the win. First two cards I would get though are Arcane Laboratory and Possibility Storm. Those lock all players out of the game from casting spells anymore. But you get to keep using Enduring Ideal as it puts a copy on the stack and you are not casting it. if you get that out and there is no threats then you can get Luminarch Ascension and start getting some cratures. Also you can get Form of the Dragon and give it away. Hell you can attack with Zedruu commander damage depending on what the board looks like. Stranglehold would be a good one to keep those from searching for answers to stop you. Once you have enough enchantments you can get Opalescence then you use Homeward Path to get back everything you gave away and swing with a ton of enchantments.

carpecanum on Weird Science (My creation, Izzet real?)

2 weeks ago

very permanent-light. Thieves' Auction totally works in your favor.

Can you work Hive Mind into the deck? You would need to play something like Orbs of Warding or maybe Sun Droplet in?

Kilrane on Fun deck idea.

3 weeks ago

I was thinking about making a Braids, Conjurer Adept deck and began to wonder what I'd put in it. I then thought about all the really "fun" cards that move games along and are fun to play and play against, Dream Halls, Forced Fruition, Telepathy ,and Hive Mind to name a few. I'm not so concerned with a win con as I am making a deck that worth a few lulz at the table. Pretty much I want a board wide huggish deck with a small tinge of chaos that makes people play their decks in different, interesting, or hilarious ways.

Besides the Unglued series, what other cards would you recommend?

bushido_man96 on Help me turn my casual ...

1 month ago

Cool, thanks. I hope you aren't getting tired of me already. I'm asking a lot of questions about what most people likely see as basic knowledge, but its taking me a while to catch up.

Looking at Eye of the Storm + Hive Mind , it looks like you would play a spell, then the two bounce off each other. But Eye of the Storm requires a card, but Hive Mind doesn't. I'm missing something there. Does it make a spell go infinite?

I really like both ideas for Phelddagrif, but I think I like the Suture Priest and Dingus Staff idea more. If did one of each, that would be cool, but don't use too much of your time helping me figure out how to build decent decks. Take your time with it.

Arnaud on Rashmi Values

1 month ago

Hello 40hitter,

It seems that we are both under the effect of something Hive Mind or Collective Unconscious because after Tana and Thrasios i was thinking about a Rashmi deck :)

I think Rashmi is more valueable with Instant spells : even in duel, it doubles (at least) the trigered ability of your commander. I haven't built my version yet but i consider a more instant speed oriented deck, with exceptions like Eyes of the Watcher, Lunar Mystic or Talrand, Sky Summoner. I will give you my suggestions when my deck will be ok.

I have a question about "A single hit of mystical tutor at instant speed for a free time warp in the mid game " : when you say "for free", what do you mean ? Mystical tutor will just put Time warp in your hand (6 mana total).

Neotrup on If you copy a spell, ...

1 month ago

You are the owner of the copy:

111.2. A spells owner is the same as the owner of the card that represents it, unless its a copy. In that case, the owner of the spell is the player under whose control it was put on the stack. A spell's controller is, by default, the player who put it on the stack. Every spell has a controller.

It doesn't matter who's spell or ability makes the copy, it matters who's control the copy starts under (such as how Hive Mind can have you're ability create copies under opponent's control). Similiarly, as pskinn01 was pointing out, tokens are owned by the player who's control they entered under:

110.5a A token is both owned and controlled by the player under whose control it entered the battlefield.

So the owner of the Knight tokens created by Hunted Dragon is the opponent, not the person who played the Dragon.

Phaetion on The Dice Decide Your Fate

1 month ago

No love for the new Cruel Entertainment? Pair it with Hive Mind and watch the world burn.

Oh, and Planar Chaos is a card, too.

Card_Distiller on Sticks and Stones

1 month ago

Another manarock choice would be Everflowing Chalice as you would have the option to play it for 4 mana and it would then count as 2 mana rocks. Also comparing boomerang to path or remand isn't exactly fair as Boomerang can actually bounce lands off too. meaning that you can actually use it on scepter to stop your opponent from ever hitting 3-4 mana. You can also just use it to delay tron or Azusa, Lost but Seeking deck with their bounce land and stuff. It can also be tutored for with both Merchant Scroll and Muddle the Mixture. Also, you say that bouncing the board is irrelevant if you are just winning but it's actually another way to win. I mean, nobody,s gonna continue a game where they know that they can't place a permanent into play. Even if you don't show them the way you win right away. Beside, good combo decks in modern always have a backup, look at twin who ran a lot of bur an creature and could just win that way or summer bloom who also played Hive Mind. Also, I just don't see why you wouldn't run Celestial Colonnade and Glacial Fortress. They would make your blue and white mana (for sideboard stuff) more manageable and colonnade is another out to a long and grindy game. I mean, you do what you want but my suggestions are fairly cheap and not that unreasonable so I don't see why you wouldn't test them out.

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