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The Fat Red Line - Purphoros EDH

Commander / EDH Burn Hatebears Mono-Red



Purphoros, God of the Forge makes for a quick game. I may not always win, but in classic RED form, I will make sure I hurt everyone before I go down. Because Purphy is indestructible, and doesn’t generally ever reach creature status, he is hard for other players to interact with and gets to stay on the board pretty much the whole game.

I have run into issues with cards like Darksteel Mutation or Humility and the fact that one of the holes in red is enchantment removal. I have tried to offset this by adding Chaos Warp, Scour from Existence and the newest greatest Enchanter's Bane.

Seeing Norin the Wary in my opening hand is always nice. His bounce means that in one round I am doing 8-10 damage to everyone, depending on the number of players. Grinning Ignus is also a hero, as is Warchief Giant if I am playing against enough people (we usually play 4-5 players). I am hoping that Loyal Apprentice will be as good as I believe she can be.

By turn 7-8 I hope to be top decking; So, to that end I have added Temple Bell, Howling Mine, and Skullclamp. I figure with the fairly low casting cost of my spells, if I can play 2 spells every turn to the one extra big creature I am giving my opponents, I should be good.

I have also found that my playgroup has realized the quickness of this deck and have started to kill me first whenever it comes out. Because this deck doesn’t have good creatures to speak of cards like Meekstone, Crawlspace and Glacial Chasm will hopefully get me through the turns that it takes to kill everyone. I have also noticed the greatness of Thopter Tokens as blockers


I am open to suggestions and welcome input.



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For me, building a new deck was always about figure out 93 cards; because Sol Ring, Darksteel Ingot, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Swiftfoot Boots, and Lightning Greaves were automatics.

I have gotten questions before about why I love fetch lands; even in a mono color deck, my argument has always been that fetching a land out of your deck effectively changes the mix in your remaining deck so that the next card you will pull has a greater chance of being a non-land. I have realized though, that this deck plays very differently than any other one I have. I want the game to end FAST, so the mix of my future deck shouldnt matter, I need land that can be tapped right away.

I also realize that there are very few creatures worth protecting with the boots or the greaves; really only 2 Dragonmaster Outcast and Neheb, the Eternal, and nothing needs the haste to attack. Its not worth keeping 2 spots for cards that barely have a use (as much as I love both of them).


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