Argothian Elder


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle Royale Box Set (BRB) Uncommon
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon

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Argothian Elder

Creature — Elf Druid

Tap: Untap two target lands.

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Argothian Elder Discussion

Hexbringer0 on Sharpen Your Ears

1 week ago

There are so many combos it would be a big help for you to mention the ones you did get to save me quite a bit of time.

The main trick is to use any of the untapping artifacts and an elf and a board state that can produce enough mana to untap the elf and make at least one mana profit in the exchange. As soon as that happens you can gain infinite mana. Example Elvish Archdruid + Umbral Mantle + 3 other elves + infinite mana = Ezuri = win if combat damage gets through :) This combo has many variations in this deck.

Another example. Seeker of Skybreak + Illusionist's Bracers + Any mana producing elf = Infinite mana.

Another much more complicated combo.Maze of Ith + Argothian Elder Ok so you go to combat declare an attack with the elder. During that declare attack phase you then use Maze of Ith to untap the elder. You then use the elder to untap a forest or such and the Maze. Since this all happens in the declare attackers step you can then repeat the process as much as needed to once again fuel any mana dump, the most common being Ezuri, Renegade Leader

Another fun one Cloudstone Curio + Aluren + a haste granter + two mana elfs each with cmc 3 or less. Aluren lets you drop one elf for free. Tap it for mana. Then drop the second elf for free. Use the stone to return the first mana dork then tap the new one. Repeat as much as you'd like to. :)

I am sure i missed a bunch but i do hope this gives you an idea of what's in here kgreer And thanks for checking it out!!

Nietzsky on Float Like a Butterfly, Stangg like a Bee

2 weeks ago

Aww damn, I accidentally switched pages before my last comment was posted. I didn't elaborate enough on my last comment.

It's a little late, so I forgot to mention that Food Chain in-and-of-itself will only allow you to spend on creature spells... it's been a while since I ran red/green ... 1) Stone-Seeder Hierophant + Thawing Glaciers with a landfall token generator (such as Omnath, Locus of Rage , you'll be able to drop every land in your deck, you can swing out, or if someone tries to boardwipe, there are many situations where you can drop an entire table. You can also use Maze of Ith + Argothian Elder is one way to go infinite (but only on combat phase), ... you could certainly add Helix Pinnacle for an extremely jank wincon XD, or add Omnath, Locus of Mana to give you green infinite that would carry on past your combat step. Leave a red or two open to cast one of your burns, game.

Also, Parallel Lives is another token double that's more affordable, that you should consider, and Exploration is one of the best sources of early-game green ramp. And on that note, I'm off to bed, hope you found some of the suggestions worthwhile.

Pheardemons on Ramos, Storm Combo Engine

1 month ago

You need a way to continually blink Ramos, Dragon Engine. A particularly good combo is Isochron Scepter and Cloudshift with Paradox Engine. You should look at other cards to add counters such as Quest for the Gemblades. With Deadeye Navigator you should look into Peregrine Drake, Great Whale, and Palinchron for infinite mana to continually cast your stuff. Future Sight to manipulate the top card of your library. Sensei's Divining Top works wonders with it. Freed from the Real, Argothian Elder and any land that produces more than one mana such as Simic Growth Chamber.

Drakorya on Experiment Kraj, Friend to All Frog Mutants

1 month ago

Cool deck.

I've found in my Kraj deck that it's hard to resolve him, or protect him for long enough to go off. So I found some redundant ways to get infinite mana without needing Kraj on the battlefield:

Some other great mana creatures for Kraj are Argothian Elder, Bloom Tender, Karametra's Acolyte, Oasis Ritualist, and Viridian Joiner. I also like using Orochi Leafcaller to filter infinite green mana.

mati1703 on Ezuri leader of the woodelves

2 months ago

a nice cheap infinity mana combo is Maze of Ith + Argothian Elder you can only do it in your combat phase but with Ezuri, Renegade Leader you can pump infi time :D

miracleHat on Freyalise High Tide

3 months ago

I want to see more Voyaging Satyr pieces in this deck (i.e. Argothian Elder) to make the 'critical turn' more consistent. On this line of thought, ways to untap these creatures seems reasonable, Scryb Ranger comes to mind. I know that it has been suggested before, bringing it to your attention again: Rude Awakening (I can see it being to much win more).

I agree with hoard's suggestion of Rings of Brighthearth, for the above reasons and that it also works with garruk and Voyaging Satyr-type-abilities. I'm assuming it is not already in the deck for the same reason crucible of worlds is notably missing.

I'm not convinced of Wolfbriar Elemental, appears weaker than avenger and that given a choice you would rather dig further for avenger than play wolfbriar.

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