Target creature you control gains protection from creatures your opponents control until end of turn. Untap it.

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Crypsis Discussion

SpartanCEL on Mind Claws Rampo

3 weeks ago

Ah I gotchya. I did a search and I'd say Ranger's Guile is probably your best bet. Others would include Crypsis Disdainful Stroke Icy Blast Reality Shift Turn to Frog Void Snare and Winds of Qal Sisma and there's more i left out some but those I just looked up <=2 cmc no creatures if you wanted to on gatherer. Also maybe Wild Slash I'm just throwin ideas out you probably don't like hard counters but they are nice.

Sb try Kiora's Dismissal

Also I'm going to bed so I'll check on this tomorrow later, and I now realize I suggested a bunch of blue stuff haha oh well my b. The mana base can always be tweaked

Olsen on New infinite Combo Felhide Spiritbinder ...

3 weeks ago

I was looking through the magic card search and in the results Felhide Spiritbinder and Flamerush Rider were next to each other. I looked at their abilities and holy something, i saw an infinite combo. Here is how it could work.

1- Attack with Felhide Spiritbinder + Flamerush Rider

2- Flamerush Rider makes a copy of Felhide Spiritbinder, the token attacks.

3- cast Triton Tactics or Crypsis to untap Felhide Spiritbinder.

4- Pay 1R (from Felhides ability) to make a token of Flamerush that attacks and makes a token of the other Flamerush Rider for infinite Flamerush. Each token copies another which attacks and sets the chain reaction off.

Question: Does anyone think this can built into an at least okay deck? It sounds fun.

ellis on Mindreaver combo ???

1 month ago

So far I've only built a couple aggro pumper decks but was considering trying to make a control deck that chopped at the other persons deck. Was thinking about using Mindreaver and Evanescent Intellect for that while using the Vortex Elemental to throw the creatures they manage to get out back to the decks or use Daring Thief to gain control of the bigger stuff they control I let stay in play to use against them. Obviously sticking lots of counter stuff in there but I figure I can save them later in the game for the bigger stuff once I get the mindreavers spring loaded to counter some stuff too.

Planned on using instants like Refocus and Crypsis to set off the midreaver ability or reload the evanescent intellect for another swipe. Maybe throwing a couple Whisk Away in there to target the ugly creatures.

Also thinking of maybe using Altar of the Brood to help and a Ugin's Nexus to give me an extra turn of deck milling.

Any advice or comments?

Spencerbot15 on Heroes of Azorius (1st @ FNM and $20 Budget)

1 month ago

It wouldn't ruin the deck, but if you are going to put in a card like Crypsis just put in Triton Tactics. I do agree that Stratus Walk needs to be replaced though.

xhatredsucksx on Heroes of Azorius (1st @ FNM and $20 Budget)

1 month ago

Hey, I really like the deck and plan on building it, +1 from me man.I was however wondering if I could replace Stratus Walk with Crypsis or would this ruin the deck?

davebot on Patient Cruelty

1 month ago

I like it. Nice way to have multiple wincons. Perhaps you may find use in the following cards. Each of these will either protect your creatures, gain you life and cause them to lose life, or make your dudes unblockable.

Mizzium Skin

Shadow Rift

Aphotic Wisps


Dance of Shadows

Hearth Charm

Distortion Strike

Suffer the Past

Syphon Life

Dirge of Dread

Ebony Charm

Profane Command


Crypt Incursion


Veil of Secrecy

buildingadeck on Budget Blue: Angel of Elusion (2nd FNM!)

2 months ago

Yes, so far the cards I want to add to my sideboard are two of each Singing Bell Strike and Disdainful Stroke. I'm not thoroughly convinced on Icy Blast as a card that is reasonable given my low mana count. Triton Tactics is interesting and could be a good swap for Crypsis; I am considering it. Hour of Need is awesome, and it was another card I liked a lot when looking at mono-U.

5h4m3 on Blue Envy (Budget)

2 months ago

Yes you cant use the helix the turn you play the thief but can make for some nasty plays after he is established. So maybe it would be worth it for 2 and 2 with the helix and snare? And if you can find the place and it does cost an extra mana but Crypsis is another blue untap tool to besides tactics so you can have more than just one card to do the trick besides tactics and it also protects him. I will playtest with both snare and crypsis without the ensoul element to see how it does. But this looks like a blast to play with.

Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.21
Avg. cube pick 11.46


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Common

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