Target creature you control gains protection from creatures your opponents control until end of turn. Untap it.

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Crypsis Discussion

MagicMarc on Dance with Me!

2 weeks ago

Before my suggestions, +1 for Prognostic Sphinx. Fun card. And I like the deck. As a suggestion for mardu midrange what about Temur Sabertooth? It gets indestructible when it bounces something which survives blocking the butcher and anger of the gods. You can use it's ability at instant speed to return your Hornet Queen to your hand as a nice trick. Hornet Queen + Temur Sabertooth seems like it would help out. Even a singleton of it with all your dig. Another option is Quickling it has flash and can bounce your guys to save them after blocks are declared. Also tricks with Hornet Queen + Quickling . Another idea is adding Swan Song to counter the dooms. Mortal's Resolve is instant speed indestructible too. Also gets your sphinx toughness out of butcher range. Crypsis gives protection from creatures at instant speed. Another idea is upping your hydra count by adding in Nessian Wilds Ravager if it's tribute is not paid, can have it kill the butcher. if it was you have a 12/12 in play. You can also try Supplant Form gets you a butcher and gets rid of theirs, has utility all over the place and can target your won guys too. You can "Tuck" their butcher with AEtherspouts and put it on the bottom of their library. For some more control you could also try Vortex Elemental which would survive doom and the butcher. Or Thassa's Ire to lock it down. Serves double duty for untapping your follower for even more mana off Nykthos or for Yisan for more creatures a turn. Lastly, You could try out Singing Bell Strike. I hope some of these give you ideas for your deck. Even a single copy splash from sideboard could be a big difference.

umbron on 2015-04-11 update of Hydro Pump

1 month ago

Added some Nullify into the sideboard, although I don't see the point in having so much control in our SB.

Remember the goal of the deck guys: heroic/pump combos. Spells that target your own creatures will pump those creatures and/or draw you cards, which will win you the game. Any time we swap in a counter-spell, it takes away from the deck's ability to do this, and we lose our card advantage over the opponent.

I will test the deck with the sideboard as is next FNM. My hypothesis is that using my sideboard will put me at a bigger disadvantage. If I'm right, I'm reverting the sideboard and taking out Dissolve and Nullify for spells like Crypsis.

DeathChant17 on Need help/suggestions with this no-name deck.

1 month ago


Corpseweft + Risen Executioner work well together. I can remove cards from my graveyard so I can cast him out of it for cheaper, plus he (Risen Executioner) buffs up the zombie tokens put out with Corpseweft, Siren of the Silent Song, and Black Cat as they are both zombies.

Now I may be wrong on this, but, if I sacrifice Black Cat to Qarsi Sadist, I gain 2 life. You lose 2 life and get to discard a card because Black Cat died. If I do this with Ruthless Deathfang out, you now also get to sacrifice a creature on top of that. Granted that is later game, and I need more sac outlets than just Qarsi Sadist to make Ruthless Deathfang work consistently(hence I ask for help/suggestions), but either of those happening is awesome for me.

And yes, Siren of the Silent Song is an aggro card. I intend to swing with it. That way it untaps and triggers it's inspired mechanic. Same with Triton Shorestalker, I want to swing with him. Eternal Thirst on either of these creatures, preferably Triton Shorestalker, is very nice.

Triton Tactics and Crypsis both let me untap creatures I have swung, possibly triggering Inpired and now giving me blockers that are harder to kill on the opponents turn. They are instants and used as combat tricks.

So picture that you've swung. I previously had no blockers. Now I have 2 creatures to block with that I untapped and gave +0/+3 and I untapped a Siren of the Silent Song. You now discard and mill 1 card. I block and unless you got some big butt creatures, or somehow throw additional damage into the mix, mine don't die.

Once someone can help me find a suitable sac outlet in addition to Qarsi Sadist, Bloodsoaked Champion is my bitch. I sac, swing with say Triton Shorestalker, cast Bloodsoaked Champion back out of the graveyard. Repeat. This will help me feed Ruthless Deathfang consistently, making sure you keep sacrificing creatures, feeding Eternal Thirst, making enchanted creature bigger!

Whereas I want to be taking options out of your hand and options off the field, I need to take your life points down, so naturally I will be swinging creatures in the forefront and making it harder for you to play in the back.

Does it make sense now?

JKLawson89 on Need help/suggestions with this no-name deck.

1 month ago

Heres the thing, I dont see any synergies in the deck.

Ruthless Deathfang really only likes to punish your opponent when you sacrifice. I personally think if you play this, make an exploit deck around him, also Dictate of Erebos seems dumb with him.

I dont get the Black Cat here, I used to play it, but only part of a mono black control deck.

Gravepurge seems essential for an exploit deck, as you get to choose which order the cards go back to your library and yhen you get to draw a card. So basically that Sidisi, Undead Vizier you exploited or blocked with suddenly gets that much sweeter.

Triton Tactics I dont understand, it does save creatures from burn or to win a damage step, but you arent playing anything that benefits being targeted.

Triton Shorestalker seems more suited to be pumped up quickly to just wreck life points quick. Dont understand him here either.

Crypsis I only see it being ok if you are maybe blocking another flyer or something big with your dragon, as your other creatures are small and trample still goes through.

Bloodsoaked Champion Another aggro card.

The deck seems like two decks fighting for space. Bloodsoaked Champion Triton Shorestalker Siren of the Silent Song all are aggro beaters, use cards like Boon of Erebos Ordeal of Thassa etc with them.

Black Cat seems more wanting you to play Waste Not Dark Deal Mind Rot Duress Despise.

Risen Executioner likes free zombies to pump up from Waste Not there isnt a whole lot he doesnt like from Waste Not.

So thats my take. Good luck.

Rinne on Angels of Bant

2 months ago

Let's see, I'd recommend cutting:

Anticipate: Put in Impulse if you need a dig effect.

Crystallization: I'd prefer Faith's Fetters myself.

Crypsis: Not sure how much it actually does for you? If you want a pro-creatures effect, use Devoted Caretaker.

Mana Leak: I'd rather hard counters over soft in a format where you can get a ton of mana so easily.

Pressure Point: Doesn't do enough.

Radiant Fountain: I don't think this does enough in EDH.

Rupture Spire: Too slow in providing mana.

Winds of Rath: You don't have any enchantments that'd go on your own creatures, so this doesn't do much for you. End Hostilities or Supreme Verdict would suit you better.

You may like to also add Wargate.

Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.18
Avg. cube pick 11.47


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Common

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