I've bought the Urza and Mishra precons and I'm looking to upgrade them. I'm trying to keep it relatively budget, except for some expensive cards I already have such as Urza, Lord High Artificer, Hangarback Walker and Shadowspear.

Feel free to recommend things to add or remove, I'm trying to bring it down to the legal hundred cards. Regarding the cards in the maybeboard, either it's too expensive right now (WotC please reprint Mycosynth Golem dammit), or I'm not sure whether to include them or not. I'm also considering Biotransference, which would be super hot in this but which about 10 bucks right now, so my upper limit for key pieces.

I'm not really a fan of tryhard combos and instant wins in a fun format, so the only such combo is Mechanized Production + Masterful Replication. I mostly just want to play cool artifact creatures in a casual playgroup, I have Omnath me boi in case I want to get a little more competitive.


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