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Meren Surgical Toolbox [cEDH 2K24]

Commander / EDH BG (Golgari) Combo Reanimator




If you end up with either Protean Hulk or Mikaeus, the Unhallowed stuck in your hand, Body Snatcher is the card you need to look for. Play Body Snatcher, let ETB ability resolves to discard Protean Hulk or Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, then sac it to reanimate either.

If any of your combo pieces are exiled, find a way to tutor for Riftsweeper, and reshuffle combo pieces into your deck.

It is usually a good line to follow after Mindslicer and Dauthi Voidwalker, but it can come up independently in late games. If the infinite combo line is somehow unavailable, tutor for Allosaurus Shepherd and start beating your opponents with its 2nd ability by transforming your elves into 5/5 creatures. The deck runs a total of 10 elves, most of which can be tutored by killing Protean Hulk once. It is very unlikely that you'll ever follow this game strategy but it's something viable in a late game where strategies from all players have been disrupted.


Updates Add

This deck has seen plenty of changes, but I feel it has reach the power cap in terms of how competitive it can gets. All changes are either swapping overall better cards that come our during expansions, or providing a more solid answer to the current cEDH meta.

  • In Haywire Mite ---> our Caustic Caterpillar: just a better card, if not the best art/ench creature removal out there.

  • In Null Rod ---> out Fiend Artisan: adding another response to the current Tresures and mana rocks dominated meta. Fiend artisan, while a sac outlet and a tutor, has resulted in being way too slow as a card and easily counterable (e.g., Opposition Agent, Aven Mindcensor).

  • In Culling Ritual ---> out Seeds of Innocence: while I do still think that Seeds is the best mass removal for artifacts out there for a Golgari deck, culling ritual's mana ability may result in a game-winning synergy when paired with Protean Hulk in hand and a sac outlet. It also removed general non-artifact stack pieces such as Drannith Magistrate, Hushbringer, Rest in Piece, and so forth.

  • In Utopia Sprawl ---> our Arcane Signet: tough choice, but given the current anti-artifact set up of the deck, best is to rely on traditional green ramp cards.

  • In Mirri's Guile ---> out Force of Vigor: the latter is a really solid card, but more of a 1v1 card than a multiplayer card. It certainly manages to block an opponent down in early game or remove stax pieces to go for a combo, but it's a high risk since, if countered, it essentially removes a card from your hand and gets you 2 cards less in total. Mirri's Guile provides a much needed way to manipulate top deck to avoid drawing into Mikaeus or Phyrexian Delver while also helping draw into cards that are needed.


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