I'm trying to fill my Yard before Nintendo hits me with a Cease & Desist. Play beefy threats, or turn Coram into one & swing for faces.

The memory of Dampé's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour immediately crossed my mind when I first saw Coram. To me, Coram is Dampé if he was remade in some Unreal Engine 5 fan remake of Ocarina of Time; a grimmer & grittier Dampé for grown up fans. Coram also caught my attention because of the crow chilling on the gravestone in his art.

As of recent, I've been exploring Jund commander options (Ognis & OG Windgrace) to figure out which flavor I enjoy best. This deck provides me a more aggressive means to revisit Self-Mill with a Voltron-y twist.

Primer WIP

This deck utilizes some different flavors of Self-mill, including Dredge, to fill up its graveyard, as well as instant speed discard effects that can act as combat tricks. Now, the real matter at hand is to primarily get some self-mill in play to:

  • Treat the graveyard like a temporary hand extension, almost like an Impulse draw.
  • Put large threats into the yard to turn Coram into a beefy Voltron threat

Beyond Coram, the Undertaker's attack trigger & Mesmeric Orb, the deck does not utilize other means of milling out opponents. If Voltron damage is going to be a means for this deck to throw its weight around, then I'd rather focus more on self-mill, and avoid group mill that could benefit other graveyard strats around the table.


This section may eventually be phased out completely for cards that are more on theme. Currently, I think that the instant speed spells offer decent utility as means of removal, or getting a beefy creature into the graveyard for an unblocked Coram.


Excellent options that offer a variety of utilities in addition to their repeatable self-mill without much needed mana investment.

"Interactive" Mill

Mill effects that interact with opponents by milling them, or presenting them with a choice or consequence.

  • Altar of Dementia - Will be used to self-mill most of the time, but can also ding opponents & mess with top-of-deck tutors.

  • Mesmeric Orb - A cheap an quick means to fill up every graveyard. I currently see this being played in games where I am the only graveyard utilizing deck at the table. Although the timing of milling opponents on their turns doesn't quite work with Coram, this can still get him beefed up, especially with cards like Nighthawk Scavenger & Lord of Extinction.

  • Mindcrank - This card should add a clock to the table (and target on my back) in my fairly aggro meta.
  • Palantir of Orthanc - An effect similar to Combustible Gearhulk. The Scry can set up some mind games on reactions/information given to the table when presenting an opponent the option to allow a draw or mill and take some damage.
  • Combustible Gearhulk

Self Mill


Sometimes it can help to get specific bodies into the dirt.

This deck doesn't run any "true combos", but can utilize Mindcrank + Syr Konrad, the Grim as a means of pinging opponents for large chunks of damage, and milling them.

  1. Have Konrad and Mindcrank on table together. Optional to have another group mill enabler like Coram or Mesmeric Orb on the table.
  2. Activate Konrad's ability as many times as needed to add juice to the synergy with Mindcrank
  3. Konrad deals damage to each opponent for each creature card that hits their graveyards, and Mindcrank makes them mill for each damage they take.
  4. Repeat step 3 each time a creature hits the graveyard, or reactivate Konrad from Step 2.


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