Death's Shadow

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Death's Shadow

Creature — Avatar

This gets -X/-X, where X is your life total.

Chasmolinker on Death's Awakening (Help me Update!)

3 weeks ago

I agree with you on these points. Ballista is definitely a 1-of alternate win-con. I've not tried any hexproof in my build, But I can see why it's better than having a body to block. Especially since losing life is only making Death's Shadow more versatile as both a GY threat with Scavenge or a board presence threat as it continues to grow the longer the game goes on.

Chasmolinker on Death's Awakening (Help me Update!)

3 weeks ago

Nice deck list +1
I've built a similar deck BUG Scavenger using Birds of Paradise both as a ramp card to get Varolz in play earlier and also as an evasive threat thanks to flying.

I also like Lotleth Troll as my primary win-con since it already has trample and can be used to chump block/regenerate early on. It also gives you a discard outlet for Death's Shadow in hand.

I used to run Thought Scour to fill the yard, but I've really liked the addition of Life from the Loam and Otherworldly Gaze.

RockIV on Green Black Scavenge Deck looking …

1 month ago

been thinking alot how to improve it, decide to change some things:

added Leyline Prowler x4, to help me with the mana, also the lifelink and deathtouth may make them a good target to bulk with scavenge.

cut of the deck the Reaper of the Wilds x4 still love the card, but i think its not the best option.

Deadbridge Goliath didnt enter the deck , still thinking a wat to put it without making the mana curve to high ( will love some advice, who knows maybe they are not that neccesary now), same with Creakwood Liege

not shure what is better Golgari Charm can do lot of things and regenerate my creatures, Treasured Find return any card from the graveyard. Right now added the Golgaris, i think they have more uses. I may be wrong.

Also ive been reading all the help and all the advices from everyone and i appreciate it alot !. There where some awesome ideas on how to improve the deck, sadly, right now, i have no acces to all of those cards, like Death's Shadow for example. still thnks everyne that helped me.

All the other cards that i can add are in the Maybe tab. there are cards like Korozda Guildmage and Glowspore Shaman that i think there are awesome but i dont know if they fit in the deck. maybe i can add Glowspore Shaman and Treasured Find together.

also Jarad's Orders is awesome but will make my mana curve high i think

Help is always needed and welcomed, all advices will be read and appreciated alot :)

RockIV on Green Black Scavenge Deck looking …

1 month ago

ive seen that people use Death's Shadow in this kind of decks , but sadly i have no acces to it, so im using other creatures

Dead_Blue_ on Green Black Scavenge Deck looking …

1 month ago

Well ideally you’d want to use Varolz, the Scar-Striped to salvage stuff like Death's Shadow

Dead_Blue_ on farts for sniffing

2 months ago

If you’re running cards like Lightning Bolt and Death's Shadow these cards need to be full play sets. I’d personally go with the full Blood Moon play set as well

Flame Blitz is a sideboard card or meta call.

Hidetsugu Consumes All  Flip offers good utility but I’m not sure 4 MB is the right call. It’s just too slow

As for your mana base, cut the Mana Confluence, there’s no reason to run it in a 2 color deck. I think a few more black fetches should fill that slot. With you’re current setup you’re going to really want T1 Fetch Swamp T2 Fetch Swamp T3 Fetch Blood Crypt which doesn’t play well with double red demands and waiting til turn 4 to get your deck going is too slow. You should consider cutting the Voidwalker all together as it’ll give you a less demanding and more consistent path for your mana base requiring only 1 black mana source over 3 turns to get going

Some other cards that would fit well here are Dark Confidant and Street Wraith

Icbrgr on Scry With Demonfire

4 months ago

Oh this is very cool... I like this card a lot.... the artwork is amazing... I love everything about this card and would love to see it as a real card... my first instinct is to see what it could do in a Death's Shadow sort if deck.... very interesting card idea!

420MensRightsActivist on FNM - Fight Night!

4 months ago

plainsrunner: it was pretty handy rule to know when Death's Shadow dominated modern.

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