Death's Shadow


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Worldwake (WWK) Rare

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Death's Shadow

Creature — Avatar

Death's Shadow gets -X/-X, where X is your life total.

Death's Shadow Discussion

Icbrgr on Flavor of the Month

1 week ago

I think I can get behind any deck running/supporting Death's Shadow TBH. It certainly is a "risk it for the biscuit" high risk/high reward card.

There is certainly is a ton of synergies and support to have him fit into zoo like a glove... This might be a direction I go/explore later down the line.

Scarlet2009 on Riftfire

1 week ago

Skullblade248: i didnt miss anything. i never said tron was some aggro deck. you must have been confused by my "turn 3" statement. that was simply describing the earliest possible time that tron could play the Dark Petition . Stormfist Crusader is absolutely not modern playable, at all. how can you use "its a blocker" to defend it? 99.99% of creatures are blockers. you don't want to play cards that let your opponent gain advantage. thus, Stormfist Crusader is absolutely NOT "card advantage". the opponent gains just as many cards, therefore 0 card advantage. you're also flat wrong about Death's Shadow . that card was modern viable from the get-go. this deck just doesn't have as good of a late game as you think

Skullblade248 on Riftfire

1 week ago

You missed two important things Scarlet2009. Tron isn't some fast aggro deck. I would know, as I have tangled with it many times and won. Although you would probably call my tribal decks unfit for Modern or even Frontier (what they were designed for), I have beaten it. Generally, it requires an aggressive strategy. By going into Mono-Red, or even Rakdos, Wuzibo is opened up to cheap removal, and by going nearly creature-less, he could simply burn away most small creatures. He has a pretty good late game.

I'm not saying play Dark Petition on curve. No. You play it with spell mastery. Search for either Rift Bolt or Worldfire , depending on what you need. You get three black mana, which goes toward part of Worldfire's colorless cost. In one turn for 12 mana, you have the opponent screwed and with a near perfect way of assembling the combo.

Stormfist Crusader is card advantage and burn in one neat package. It's also a blocker. I wanted to suggest a way to draw into answers, tron, or the combo itself. It gives you an alternate way to kill the opponent. And by adding black, you can include hand attack for control such as Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek . And you say Stormfist Crusader isn't Modern viable? They said the same about Death's Shadow . Throne of Eldraine has been out for three days. THREE. DAYS. If I were you, I wouldn't put the card down yet.

I hope this explanation helps. It's one thing to make a toxic deck and another to call it bad, cute, or non-viable. I would know. That's all I was told when I started with my insane ambitions and look at me now. I can play decks made for other formats with Planeswalker decks inside and take first at FNM, an environment riddled with infinite combos, Tron, Infect, Affinity, Jund, and whatever the hell they call the deck with Wrenn and Six , As Foretold , and Progressive Stage IV Rhino Disease.

Sorry for rambling.

rubeerubin on Competitive Modern Mill

1 week ago

Sometimes a good defense is the best offense ;)

I'm not sure which build you're playing against, but the builds with Goblin Engineer assemble their combo and win on turn 4/5 almost every game 1 against your list. It was difficult to beat it, to be honest. Something less than 25% win percentage on game 1 and around 70% in games 2/3. Set Adrift and Surgical Extraction were the all stars and they were all stars in tandem. However, their sideboard negated a lot of it (permanent removal, Thoughtseize )

After the modifications, this deck matchup showed the most drastic improvement. the double Archive Trap , or more devastating, the double Surgical Extraction , along with the ability to bubble up these cards improved the win rate to around 50% game 1 and an astounding 90% games 2/3. Mission Briefing essentially nullifies Thoughtseize ! In fact, Mission Briefing is quite often the right choice to thoughtseize away.

If you've played against Urza, then you also might realize that that deck also has a plan A. Yet it still packs a few removal cards as well. You have to adapt to the meta!

part of the reason for wanting even a bit more defense was because there were other matchups (like Death's Shadow ) which needed just one more thing to slow them down to eek out the win. they just have so many fast weapons, you can't keep up. and they hit the board so fast. Set Adrift works great when you get it. But even then, it often wasn't enough of a delay to pull out a win. And oftentimes, they have the counterspell in their hand anyway. But having a reasonable removal suite on-hand feels like it's probably enough to pull out some wins. it's a bad matchup regardless, but I'll be testing with more main deck removal to see how it goes.

SwiftDeath on Cat Oven **Spicy Eldraine Modern Pox Brew**

2 weeks ago

I would definitely incorporate some form of self mill strategy. You don't want to mill out your ovens but I think it is more important to get the cat faster. You can use other cards as retrieval like Noxious Revival so you don't have to worry about mana fixing. It would also work really well with cards like Death's Shadow . Ashiok doesn't stop your opponent from searching with cards like ghost quarter or path to exile because they are your spells and abilities not your opponents. Ashiok can only stop your opponent from searching if it is from a spell or ability they control. You control the ability, they can search.

ZendikariWol on Mono-White Prison

2 weeks ago

Authority of the Consuls is pretty dece against burn.

Blind Obedience is similar and would probably stall Whirza out a LOT.

Nyx-Fleece Ram is stunningly strong, gaining life and being able to bounce off anything short of a Champion of the Parish or Death's Shadow .

Just some unconventional suggestions, maybe they'll help, probably won't. But hey, it's something.

grimcase21 on Varolz Counters EDH

2 weeks ago

Hi l0ry,

Varolz is probably my favorite deck that I've built so far, but the ideal route is to go with a elf ball shell. Play all the dorks you can find because 1) they are very early mana ramp, 2) you can sac them to protect your commander, and 3) you can scavenge them when you're done with them (nice thing is the elves usually pay for themselves, float mana, sac and use it to scavenge). Don't forget Birds of Paradise

That is step # 1 for consistency mana to do crazy stuff. Step 2 is either consistent mill, or consistent tutor, or both. For the mill plan, best card to use is Mesmeric Orb . Get that turn 1 with soul ring, and you're going places. There are a lot of budget options to mill. On the other hand, with the tutors you'll be more consistent and basically turn into an one-turn-kill with either Phyrexian Dreadnought or Death's Shadow on your commander or something that has infect.

Cards to think about, as they have work wonders for me

Enral on Cat Oven **Spicy Eldraine Modern Pox Brew**

2 weeks ago

Icbrgr: Thanks for the suggestion! This is definitely one of my most hyped brews since forever in modern. I do like Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai and will definitely test it out once I get my hand on one. I'm not sure about Death's Shadow in this brew but I think it's for another alternate brew without the cat-oven combo since you don't wanna gain life for shadow. Cheers.

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Death's Shadow occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.14%