Enchantment (2)

Garth explodes with call backs and flavor! BUT! Can it be broken? Well, with a haste enabler and a bit of elbow grease in the form of jesksi ascendancy we can do some degenerate stuff.

Have lots of spare cash OR Proxy

Well, just like any other degenerate deck we add in a ton of tutors, efficient countermagic and a land base that could be used as a down payment for a house - seriously though find a group that's okay with proxies to an extent; I try to add in acceptable substitutions to the sideboard and maybeboard but to appreciate this deck at full power proxies are the way to go.

So, just what are we doing with this call back machine?

Well, we're making infinite mana by creating infinite Black Lotus s and as many Shivan Dragon s as our greedy hearts desire.

Predominately, we're going to be using the Regrowth mode of our commander to get back a flicker spell like Cloudshift and going through a bunch of steps over and over again.


You're going to need a haste enabler, Jeskai Ascendancy and a flicker spell; Intruder Alarm is optional but adds to the degenerate nature of the deck

1) have a haste enabler out and jesksi ascendancy already out. Then, we cast our commander.

2) create a Black Lotus and crack it for 3 or 3 , Jeskai Ascendancy will trigger and untap all of our stuff and we get to loot

Step 3A requires Intruder Alarm

3A) now, if you have enough dorks you can make a Shivan Dragon and with Intruder Alarm out this would untap all of your creatures and you could get another activation off...float all the mana you can make then cast everything you're able to before flickering your commander (make sure you float mana between each activation/cast). After this point you're just rinsing and repeating this process than using the Regrowth function to get back a flicker effect like Cloudshift and go ham.

3B) if you don't have enough dorks to start spamming Shivan Dragon s...say, you only have 1 dork that makes any color or at the very least 1 , float the mana you can make then Cloudshift your commander - it's a new object cast another Black Lotus trigger Jeskai Ascendancy and crack the Black Lotus for 3 this time. Use the Regrowth mode on your commander to get back Cloudshift , Jeskai Ascendancy triggers - do all the modes you're able to do and be sure to float mana between casts of non-shivam dragon activations.

4) just rinse and repeat and swing for lethal with a bunch of shivam dragon tokens or alternatively Braingeyser each player to make them deck themselves ;)


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