Tuktuk Rubblefort

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Tuktuk Rubblefort

Creature — Wall

Defender, reach

Creatures you control have haste.

StopShot on Is my custom card legendary …

4 months ago

@legendofa, Hello! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback a lot!

The creature typing really isn't a big deal to me as I'm describing what the AI artwork generated. (My art input was just water-color fantasy wall/barricade with red hues, and I picked the one that was the most fitting with MTG art-style.) Reach was also picked over flying based off of card art and it didn't seem off with recent red creatures such as Tuktuk Rubblefort, Brimstone Trebuchet and Weaver of Lightning. As for why have reach or flying, Sentinel of the Eternal Watch the inspiration behind this would be able to lockdown a flier per combat if it needed to and so this card would share that similar capacity.

"Protection from you" and +0/+2 are both used as a means to make combat less messy. Being able to block regardless of player you're attacking could be obnoxious if I slap on a pump spell on my wall or if I use protection attachments to deny enemy removal effects and the +0/+2 counterracts what combat damage the commander deals, so the opponent needs not factor it into potential blocking power. It makes the behavior of an omnipresent wall more predictable and less oppressive. Plus, it's beneficial if the attacking creature survives combat as it will be weaker due to wither making it an easier target for the opposing player to get revenge on during that player's next turn and thus giving me another opportunity to block. (Hence why its name implies it manifests spite. You snipe an enemy's creature, your creature gets smaller making it easier to be sniped back.)

I ran into some spacing issues with the second ability, and what I came up with was able to fit, but I didn't know it would turn a triggered ability into something that's half static ability and half triggered. I'll have to fix that before showing it to the group.

Provoke was given to tempt my opponents into attacking each other and sniping one another's creatures while my wall reaps benefits off of their fueds. Say I'm player A and Player B's 4/4 is going to provoke Player C's 3/3 for example as a "free trade." Kind of like a mini Invasion Plans or Master Warcraft. The problem with provoke is it snowballs hard if you have the dominant boardstate of creatures over everyone else. If I give their biggest creature provoke it can beat anything it wants furthering their boardstate advantage, but if I give their weakest creature provoke their weakest creature plus their stronger creatures can turn sideways and the smaller creature would be able to force the enemy's best blocker to block the smaller creature instead of the bigger threats coming their way. Skulk makes it a lot less of a "win-more" effect in a number of ways by (1) stopping the weakest creature from forcing a block from best blocker in times of all-out assault (2) allows under-developed boardstates to snipe small/mid-sized creatures more safely from the over-developed boardstates as skulk prevents big creatures from double blocking with the weaker provoked creature that's forced to block. Besides, the intent was never meant for the chosen creature to provoke my wall, as the chosen creature would also have haste and given my wall has protection from haste, it would be an invalid provoke target. By giving an enemy's creature both haste and provoke I'm making it more favorable for the chosen creature to attack someone else and less favorable for it to attack me if that makes sense.

I do like your version of my card and I will probably tinker around with it if that's alright with you.

pyyraus on Magar of the Magic String Cheese

5 months ago


-More mana ramp

-For an instant/sorcery deck, there are too many cards that synergize with creatures

-Getting this deck to a really good point is going to take a lot of testing and thinking to figure out the balance of several details; off the top of my head, effects that make your tokens attack better (deal damage, stay alive, gain double strike, etc.), effects that put such cards into your graveyard, mana ramp to activate Magar's ability consistently, protection for Magar, and actual 'payoff' cards

Cards I would immediately drop:

-Professor Onyx- has decent synergy with her static ability and +1 but apart from that doesn't do much; it's also 6 mana in a list that already needs a lower curve

-Waste Not: an awesome card in general but you play almost no effects that make your opponents discard cards

-Footfall Crater: synergies pretty much only with Anje Falkenrath and just has very bad rates

-Lightning Bolt: iconic Magic card but I am on the side that believes it is straight up not good in Commander

-Temple of the False God: I don't play this card anymore; it's a dead draw until usually turn five or six and at that point, it does so little especially in a deck like this where you don't desperately need a mana source producing two colorless

-Ignite the Future: a decent card in a deck where you cast it from the graveyard but you will rarely do that here; Magar's ability does not make you cast it from your yard and it just does not have a good rate

-Bone Shards: I see why you're playing it here (its extra cost can easily be paid with a face-down instant/sorcery you're done with) but in this deck you do NOT want your face-down instants/sorceries dying because you can repeatedly cast them when they deal damage; there are so many better removal spells in red and black that do not require such an akward cost

Cards that Can be Replaced with Better Ones:

-Chainer, Nightmare Adept: the free, instant-speed discard ability is amazing, don't get me wrong, but the ability its activating does almost nothing for your deck; there are better (sometimes cheaper) free, instant-spped discard abilities like Zombie Infestation or Skirge Familiar

-Dark Ritual: I personally don't like Dark Ritual except in mono-black decks that really need it and here; it's an amazing card turns one through maybe four but after that, it is probably going to be a dead draw; a mana rock would be much better in its place

-Seething Song: same argument as Dark Ritual but this spell is best on a different range of turns

-Blood Money: this is a pretty cool card to get for free from Magar but I am not too sure how much benefit the tapped treasure give you; I am mainly saying this because I would run Blasphemous Act first but this is all pretty subjective

-Tuktuk Rubblefort/Fervor: these are two of your current three cards that give all your creatures haste; I think three may be a bit much and Urabrask the Hidden is definitely the best of them

KBK7101 on Wulfgar of Icewind Dale EDH - Extra Attack!

8 months ago

I don't know if Isshin is "better". Different, yes. Better? While Isshin does get you access to more colors, Wulfgar has Melee and access to green. Both are very cool, either way!

Since the deck hinges on attacking, you might want to add in some more haste enablers like Fervor or Tuktuk Rubblefort or something.

Looking through some of green's best attack triggers, thoughts on Pathbreaker Ibex (a bit expensive these days), Rampaging Brontodon, Blossoming Bogbeast and Hans Eriksson?

jarncards on destroy build destroy

1 year ago

id probably start with cutting Glorious Anthem, Duelist's Heritage, Strionic Resonator, Sunforger, Navigation Orb, Defiant Strike, Deflecting Palm, Night's Whisper, Rakshasa Debaser, Shakedown Heavy, Hoarding Ogre, Imperial Recruiter, Inferno Titan, Wingmate Roc,

Combat Calligrapher will get you killed ,

Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider is fair if you go the exalted route, idk about tokens,

maybe Tuktuk Rubblefort, you could always useUrabrask the Hidden instead

Throw in a random Tainted Strike. It probably wont be too hard to kill hit for 9 with a single creature.

thefiresoflurve on

1 year ago

You're in color for it, so: Harmonize / Colossal Majesty -> Rhystic Study. It's cheaper/equal cost, and usually nets at least three cards before getting blown up, or taxes 3 cards' worth of casting prevention.

Palladium Myr -> Growth Spiral Yes, your mana curve is a little high. It's still not advisable to run colorless mana sources in a 3-color deck without good reason (e.g. Ghost Quarter).

Your ramp, overall, is really weak, so there are some cuts we can make: The Magic Mirror -> Arcane Signet. Yes, Magic Mirror is kinda fun, especially when that once in a blue moon hits and you can cast it for free. But that's so unlikely... Also, you should remove 3 islands for: Gruul Signet, Simic Signet, and Izzet Signet. Tuktuk Rubblefort can come out for Farseek. (There are better sources of haste in red we can add in later).

There are a couple kind of unique interesting cards that I want to address the math of: First, Rishkar's Expertise. Right now, your deck has 48 valid targets for it. Of those, you're hopefully going to cast at least 3 by the time you get to have 6 mana up, leaving 45. Of those, you have 2 sorceries which are uncastable (not sure about Ancestral Vision - I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now). You also have 2 uncastable instants, leaving 41. Of those, 5 are some kind of counter/change target spell, which you can't really use at sorcery speed in a sane manner. Leaves 36 usable cards, so honestly I think it's fine. Now, Rishkar's expertise itself is going to be a dead card a lot of the time because you only have 18 creatures, soooo there's that. I wouldn't run it with less than 25, personally.

In a similar vein: Spellbinder. Super interesting, fun card. However, you have a few cards that are unusable with it: anything with X in its cost (3) and any counters/change target spells (5), leaves 19 valid targets, and you really don't want to bank on not getting your ramp spells (5) early.

those are just the changes I see at a glance that I'd make. I may think of more/better ones later. Happy building!

Henchman31 on Notorious B: Ready to Die [Remastered]

1 year ago

Gattison: Thanks again for the tips on updating the decks. To celebrate getting out of quarantine, last night I took this deck to my LGS to test it out with the other Pauper players. I made some minor changes beforehand:

Lands: +2 Mortuary Mire, +2 Barren Moor Instants: +4 Deadly Dispute

Sideboard: 2 Nihil Spellbomb, 2 Sylvok Lifestaff, 3 Tragic Slip, 4 Dash Hopes, 2 Feed the Swarm, 2 Shrivel

We're normally a small group but that night we were only 4: myself, another Pauper regular, and two others who are very active in the competitive Modern league. We settled into 3 rounds and... oof: 5 losses, 1 win, and one undecided due to overtime. Here's how it went down:

Round 1: vs. BG Dredge/ Tortured Existence 0-2-0 Not a good matchup at all, I'm afraid. Spore Frog made the combat step irrelevant, Thoughtpicker Witch kept me drawing lands and exiling my answers, and saccing his chump blockers to the deck's namesake kept me from activating any beneficial death triggers. All my card-draw got shuffled to the bottom in both rounds and there wasn't much I could do until he got a couple Gurmag Angler out to end my misery. On a side note: I hate playing against Dredge almost as much as Blink or Tron--all of which are beloved in this local meta. Maybe it's just ze Germans -_-. I'm always on the lookout for answers against these.

Round 2: vs. UB Looting/Control 0-2-0 Things were looking hopeful while I was developing my board and he was just casting different versions of Preordain for the first few turns. His main beater turned out to be Shipwreck Sifters, which got uncomfortably swole thanks to repeatable looting. Dross Golem was a star in this round and almost killed him in the first match. However after sideboarding, his removal became much more aggressive and I wasn't even left with blockers. Missing answers and sigh card draw, he took it home with some beefy spirits.

Round 3: vs. Temur Cascade or Gruul Walls + Mulldrifter -_-' 1-1-1 This was a weird one: aggressively defending and ramping with Tinder Wall, Overgrown Battlement, and Tuktuk Rubblefort until he could cascade into Boarding Party and other beaters. By turn 3 he had at least 6 walls out, each with at least 3 toughness that brushed off anything I could turn sideways. We were both surprised when my card draw engine started working in match 2 and I could slap out my own beaters with multiple rituals and disputes in a single turn. While he was missing his and Winding Way, I managed a Soulcage Fiend and Mortis Dogs by turn 2. After taking the 5-life hit from Dash Hopes twice, I had him on turn 5; clinching it with Howl from Beyond. Although the last round was undecided and he was prepared to kill me with hasty Pirates again, I was still pleased to pull off the primary wincon at least once.

Overall thoughts: This was my first outing with the deck so I still need to play it more to see the clear differences between the inherent weaknesses and my own misplays. I like aggressive decks and when this got going, I was down to clown. All-stars of the night were Mortis Dogs, Dross Golem, and especially Deadly Dispute. So much value. Add a dash or two of Dark Ritual and Sign in Blood in a single turn? chef's kiss That being said, I still think some adjustments are in order: First, that Mortuary Mire got to go. It slowed down the deployment of creatures and messed with my draws. Silly me. Unearth is much better recursion hands down. Second, sadly the goblins and newts must make room for another 1 or 2 Festering Mummy and a full set of Shambling Ghast. The latter does the same thing as the others but gives the option to ramp--which is especially relevant in my meta where creature decks are scarce. Third, better quicker removal? I left out Innocent Blood this time but either that or the asymmetrical Geth's Verdict could work. Fourth, mass removal or damage-dealing ala Crypt Rats or Pestilence? Sure, it would kill our forces but isn't that the point?

After looking at some other Suicide Black lists, I've seen what makes this deck unique and I'm still interested in making it work. I like the focus on death triggers and I'd love to find more ways to exploit them. Other creature-based lists use beaters like Guul Draz Vampire, Dauthi Slayer, and Carnophage to drop that life total to the floor. Pumping beaters like these and/or giving them lifelink seems appealing, but I'd like to stay true to the spirit of this deck as much as I can.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to get this all out now while it was still fresh. I hope this proves interesting to you or any others looking to try this deck out.

JANK-TANK on Deadly Approach

1 year ago

Very clever utilisation of Dragon's Approach! How does this fare in games? Just wondering how you hold up, especially against early game aggression. I know you've not asked for help, but Tuktuk Rubblefort could be a cheap way to defend yourself, or Rage Nimbus.


trippy_mcfly on Ach, Goblins!

1 year ago

24 lands seems like enough. Aggressive decks tend to not run too many lands. I would say cut Tuktuk Rubblefort. You want to be the one attacking this game, so a 0/3 defender doesn't really fit in with the game plan. Fervor is also pretty redundant since many of your creatures either have haste already or will get it from a fellow goblin's ability.

Take a look at your mana curve graph on the right. See how skewed toward 3 it is? We want to make sure to use all of our mana efficiently in the first few turns of the game.

Depending on how aggressive you want your deck to be, I would add more Goblin Guides, bring back the Shocks, and heavily cut down on cards that cost 3 mana for those costing 2 or 1. If you want to try and have a bit more resilience, then I think you lean more into the producing a large board game plan and winning with Krenko, Mob Boss

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