Chief of the Nine

I've played MTG since Zendikar. I got my undergrad at a school that was literally called "Rivendell Sanctuary". Fast forward to 2023. This happens. Nuff said.
This deck is so much fun... Starting out, the commander pumps out Wraiths and ultimately buffs them. Playing the nine Nazgul enables you to cash in on a whole list of cards that would otherwise typically be useless in commander, a generally singleton format. Cards such as Infernal Tutor, Assembly Hall, Echoing Return, Mitotic Manipulation, and Secret Salvage become incredibly powerful when trying to ensure your Nazgul make it out in any given game and keep coming back. I play a slough of card draw spells to keep from running out of gas, and a hand full counterspells and removal spells to keep control, but intentionally don't overplay counterspells because I personally don't find them very fun to play. Other non-Wraith/Shapeshifter creatures included in the deck are Gothmog, Morgul Lieutenant, for some amas orc action, Orcish Bowmasters, because it's good... It's just that good, Sauron, the Necromancer for fun, Wonder to flavorfully give my wraiths flying as if they were on their dark flying beasts.


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