Surrak, the Hunt Caller


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Rare

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Surrak, the Hunt Caller

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

Formidable — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if creatures you control have total power 8 or greater, target creature you control gains haste until end of turn.

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Surrak, the Hunt Caller Discussion

DarkLaw on You're killin' me, Walls!

16 hours ago

I think that Coco walls would be the solid competitive way to build this deck. It allows you produce literally infinite mana with Staff of Domination, and is very consistent (Chord of Calling is so good).

If you just want the style points with green legends, Surrak, the Hunt Caller allows your big Eldrazi to have haste. If you truly want to assert your dominance and go deep, Myojin of Life's Web allows you to turn 9 mana into an emptied hand at instant speed.

strick9r on G/W Double Strike

3 weeks ago

If you get a Hardened Scales out on turn one or two.

Arashin Foremost on turn 3.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller on turn 4.

Verdurous Gearhulk on turn 5, you can put some tokens on the Doublestrikers and swing big. Also the Gearhulk will get Haste from Surrak.

strick9r on G/W Double Strike

4 weeks ago

Yasova Dragonclaw feels a little out of place because you can't use its ability. Its also legendary, and you are running Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit. The 4 power helps out your Heir of the Wilds get its buff but thats about it. I wonder how Maulfist Revolutionary or Renegade Rallier would do in its place. Both of those are three drops and bring something different to the table.

MoonTurtle7 on Mono Coloured Deck Choices

1 month ago

I currently have a mono black Korlash, Heir to Blackblade deck that I enjoyed for a longtime. I still like it, But my LGS has stopped disregarding him. I've also gotten tired of going voltron. I would like instead to make some other kind of mono-colored deck. The color doesn't really matter to me, but I have the Caged Sun and Nyxthos so I can go pretty much any direction colour-wise. v

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief

Balthor the Defiled

Yeva, Nature's Herald

Surrak, the Hunt Caller

Stitcher Geralf

Jalira, Master Polymorphist

These are just things I've been spit-balling, My LGS is very competitive, but I care more for it to be fun.

Any insights or suggestions would be very welcome. I'm pretty indecisive so this really helps.

MattStar on Sultai Midrange

1 month ago

Hey, I like your build, it's a little bit different than other competitive sultai builds. You look like you have almost everything hammered into place.

If you're looking for some other ideas to consider, you might like Oath of Nissa for "card draw" and Surrak, the Hunt Caller for a late threat.

In early games the oath can dig three deep, get you a land, creature or planeswalker and fix your mana for the double color cost in your walkers. I know it doesnt get you your instant or sorcery spells, but its still pretty good early if you just want a land. It's probably better than traverse for you in the early game and in multiples they send each other to the grave to help out delirium and goyf. it's kind of a shame that the oath sends cards to the bottom instead of the grave, it's the only reason i don't run it in my graveyardy deck.

Surrak is a pretty decent top deck that will probably have haste when it drops onto the board if you have a goyf out or any two other creatures you run, and it gives any subsequent goyf haste just to speed out your threats. the only thing i could think to cut for it is baloth though, and i know that has good synergy with liliana but with only 2 in the deck, it's not like your gonna be capitalizing on that ALL the time. I think rolling out a hasty threat after some removal is a powerful play to consider.

Just throwing some ideas at you, good luck with the deck +1 :D

hoardofnotions on Radha, Butcher of Keld

2 months ago

Mj3913 Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm thinking about taking out all the nonvital artifacts/enchantments so adding Fires of Yavimaya is iffy. Anger is surprisely expensive, and though i think it's better than Surrak, the Hunt Caller that's what i have for now.

The 7 mana removal options kinda don't do it for me. I think the idea that your removal should cost less than what you're removing sounds smart, especially when we're talking about a 7 mana kill one thing. That's not great in commander, I think at least.

bushido_man96 I like your ideas!

Do you think Desert Twister or Rain of Thorns is better removal?

Crater Hellion is interesting. It's going to kill radha, at the very least, and I think I'd need to retool the creatures at least a little to ensure i don't lose too much.

Groundskeeper is good after a land wipe, but only in certain situations. The land kill spell almost has to be Epicenter, all the others kill it if it's out. I think it might be too slow right now, but I'll need more playtesting to see.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor Thanks for explaining your reasoning about Crop Rotation! I agree it's a good card, but it's not very powerfull by itself and kinda expensive($) so i think i'll leave it out for now.

Growth Spasm could go in, it's basically a 2 land ramp that has a least a marginal upside late game. Thanks for suggesting this one!

Argothian Wurm seems like a trap. It's just a big dude, and it might time walk me. especially if people are spitefull after a land wipe haha.

Ember Swallower seems so lackluster, if only it was a mini wildfire on monstrosity!

MagicMat on Stomping the ground

3 months ago

lagotripha 8-whack will always be faster, the way to beat it is through consistency with efficient creatures. Narnam Renegade is one of them, it can kill everything don't caring about stats and if revolted (rarely, it's true but happens) it can survive opponent's 1 drops, even some 2 drops. Kalonian Tusker can be better in some cases, I think the real problem is that I empty my hand faster because where classic stompy plays a 2 drop I play 2 1 drops so Lifecrafter's Bestiary maindeck can be useful.

dannecticut Thanks for help. Trigger Narnam Renegade's revolt is not so necessary, play it pre-combat to get devotion is totally fine as it still does its backup job.I treid Attune with Aether but it's too slow, play Greenbelt Rampager for would be nice but this is not why it's in the deck.I prefer Kalonian Tusker over Garruk's Companion due to more survivability and cause I'm not playing a playset of Aspect of Hydra.I've Surrak, the Hunt Caller and I like it, no time to try it but I'll do, same for Beast Within and Heroic Intervention.

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