Tribute to Hunger

Tribute to Hunger

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Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

blackrose32891 on Little Alesha

1 day ago

Instead of doom blade try getting cards like Smother, Chainer's Edict, Tribute to Hunger, etc. Just for decks like geist, ezuri, or other commander focused decks.

kiy251 on Fury of the Night

1 day ago

Temples seem just too slow for an aggro deck but maybe they work for you, I don't personally play it I'm just on the outside looking in.Tribute to Hunger seems too slow, Cruel Edict does what Tribute does but comes out a turn earlier (Can be pretty important, for example bloom titan that opens t1 amulet, t2 bloom, primetime. When the life pays off (Vs burn or another type of aggro) you're just not getting enough life to make it worth that extra mana.)

Curse of the Pierced Heart not too sure why this is in here but I'll just nod my head and go with it.

Tormenting Voice and Pyroclasm could be alright, depending on how you play the deck.

Taste for MayhemDust CoronaFuror of the BittenHammerhandManiacal Rage

All viable modern enchantments to replace it with and are pretty cool.

Hopefully this was kinda helpful

GeeksterPlays on Vampiric Link

1 day ago

I've been fine-tuning my own Red-Black Vampire deck for almost a year now, and I've gone through a lot of the cards you have listed in this deck at the moment at one time or another. Ultimately I've found that Vamps work best with about 60% creatures and 40% removal spells - everything else is just getting in the way of the goal, which is to hit them hard and fast and keep their board clear for your Vamps to keep hitting. If you want to check my one out, you can see it here: Fury of the Night

Things like Diabolic Tutor, Distress, Morgue Theft and Morbid Plunder need to go, you're not trying to control their hand, just hit them. You don't need to return creatures from your graveyard to your hand, there's always more creatures coming out of the deck or from your hand. Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood seem great on paper, but are best left to a deck which is trying to do that combo, not luck into having those cards or using a tutor for them (Diabolic Tutor to get Sanguine Bond means investing 9 mana over the course of two turns, for which you could play 3 creatures or kills spells, or combinations of those to get you 2 turns closer to victory instead).

Choose the creatures you like to best, get a playset of them, and scrap/sideboard the rest. Vampire Hexmage definately to sideboard, she's a nice Planeswalker killer or useful against Hydras and other counter-based strategies, but not worthy of the mainboard.

Creatures I'd suggest, staying mono-black:

4x Blood Seeker

4x Bloodghast

4x Gatekeeper of Malakir

4x Vampire Nighthawk

3x Vampire Nocturnus

4x Blood Artist

Removal I'd suggest:

4x Go for the Throat

4x Doom Blade

4x Dismember

4x Tribute to Hunger (excellent Vamp card)

and keep the 2x Blade of the Bloodchief

Drop to 19 swamp, you're mana curve tops out at 4 with Vampire Nocturnus, everything else is 3 drop or less, you may even be able to go to 18 swamp and add a 4th Vampire Nocturnus in.

Sideboard the 4x Murder so you can swap out for the Doom Blade against another black deck. Consider Murderous Cut as you will be filling up your graveyard quite consistently with the other removal spells. Spells like Cruel Edict are handy to side in against Hexproof decks which render your other removal useless.

Hope that helps!

OTBL on Tiny mans war

3 days ago

Took some stuff out added Boros Charm ,Hero's Downfall , Tribute to Hunger , Markov Blademaster , Stromkirk Noble , Path to Exile planing on picking up Boros Reckoner tomrrow not to sure what i should replace it with and considering getting Goblin Rabblemaster

shadow63 on Mono Black Devotion

6 days ago

get rid of Tribute to Hunger for downfall

psire on Tiny Tiny Toshi

1 week ago

I'd remove all sorceries, Toshi only works with instants so I'd play to that strength and include only instants. To do this, throw in a Fevered Strength for draw and pump, and since you're running so many creatures you should play Footbottom Feast and Gravepurge which are instant recursions for your creatures. I'd also include these kill instants: Devour in Shadow (another sac spell), Disembowel (a cmc up to 4 to kill anything your opponent throws at you and pay B to kill tokens), Eyeblight's Ending (destroy a non-elf), Go for the Throat (destroy a non-artifact), Murder, Tribute to Hunger (sac and gain life)

addaff on Sacrifice your opponents creatures

3 weeks ago

Act of Treason is another one you can use. Viscera Seer as a generic sac engine can work as well. Just my opinion, but i would add some burn spells and a few Tribute to Hunger

almerican on How to get rid of ...

1 month ago

Anything that doesn't target the creature but still effects it like mass destruction: Supreme Verdict, Damnation or End Hostilities

Or things that target the player controlling the creature like sacrifice effects: Tribute to Hunger, Crackling Doom, or Cruel Edict

Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.0
Avg. cube pick 10.38


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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