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Tribute to Hunger


Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

LtMiller117 on Mono Black Vampire

6 hours ago

I like it so far. But i feel as though you've got too much late game and no early game. If the theme is tribal vampires, I would suggest:

Vampire Lacerator Blood Seeker Blood Artist and maybe Captivating Vampire

I would also drop any non-vampire creatures(only if the theme is vampires).

Regardless of the theme, you should get a bit more removal heavy. I would drop all instants, sorceries and enchantments for Hero's Downfall Go for the Throat and Tribute to Hunger or Geth's Verdict .

Hope some of these ideas help a little bit. :) Let me know your thoughts on those.

LtMiller117 on Gray Arena

5 days ago

Looks good so far. A few thoughts come to mind:

  1. Vampire Nighthawk because he is almost one of the best cards ever printed. He's always a threat no matter when he comes out.

  2. Drop the temples. You don't really need them, also they are so slow and modern is not a place for slow cards. I would suggest a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in there for mana ramp.

  3. Either Grave Pact or Tribute to Hunger for destroy and life gain.

  4. Nightveil Specter for stealing win cons from other people.

  5. Sorin Markov because he decimates enemies.

Very good deck all suggestions aside, let me know what your thoughts are on those suggestion.

RogueArtificer on Zombies, Ogres, Dragons & Demons, Oh My EDH

2 weeks ago

Unhallowed Pact Wicked Pact would work. Damn shame you can't get Warped Devotion to be worth it.

Killing Wave can cause people to get stuck in a rock and a hard place. Especially those pesky token decks. They will pay tribute to Mogis, or else. Also, Decree of Pain Tribute to Hunger and Enslave

Basically, you'll want to cut things that fall in some of the lines of things like those, but don't quite hammer home the theme. Not quite sure about the Goblin Bombardment if you're looking for a sac outlet, you'd be better off with Ashnod's Altar or Altar of Shadows Carnage Altar or Phyrexian Altar

Oh, there are also Implements of Sacrifice and Sacrifice since Mogis would not be above such tactics.

And that's just looking at the black side of it...let's see what red can do.

FangedRamen on 2014-04-12 update of Do you ...

2 weeks ago

Patron of the Kitsune is not quite powerful enough unless your game has 5+ players, I would remove it. Feudkiller's Verdict is dumb for 10 mana and no long game value. Beacon of Tomorrows is kewl. Ordeal of Heliod , Faith's Fetters , Tribute to Hunger , and Riot Control are all BAD...REALLY BAD at least in EDH. Remember, just because a card has lifegain, it doesn't mean its good. I would add some staples, removal, board whipes, and ramp. I also suggest Ancient Tomb and Temple of the False God because they're two mana in one land. Not bad, but not good so far. VIEW Mythicmtgtech and Roxaboxen90's videos of the top 10 orzhov edh cards, edh artifacts, edh ramp cards, white edh cards, and black edh cards. Also visit this awesome decklist List of EDH Staples and Power Cards and this website:


P.S. Check out and help me with my new EDH Azusa, Lost but Seeking ramp edh deck! I shared it with you!

Graytrey on 2014-04-12 update of Do you ...

3 weeks ago

This deck is pretty sweet. I don't think you need more staples, you just need more lands. Your average CMC is over four mana and you are only playing 34 lands, which is like playing about 20 lands in a 60 card deck. 60 card constructed decks with 20 lands tend to have average CMC's of about 2. I would err on the side of too many lands as you have tons of ways to sink mana for lifegain.

I think this deck needs 40 lands, and I wouldn't waver from that. It seems like you are working on a budget, and really just more basics would be good. You could add the slow fetches like Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds to raise your land count and avoid taking out a second mortgage for Marsh Flats . Also, since you don't have a lot of early drops ETB tapped lands shouldn't be too much of a problem. You should be able to fit two in your curve somewhere every game while adding some versatility to your mana base. I particularly like the Urza's Legacy creature lands,Forbidding Watchtower and Spawning Pool , in this role as they can help protect you early. If you want to spend more Urborg/Coffers is obviously a sweet option, if a little overplayed.

For creatures I would try to get a Blood Baron of Vizkopa , he might be pricey now but this time next year I'd be surprised if it was worth more than 5 bucks. Suture Priest is also pretty nice, and maybe some extort guys. Crypt Ghast especially is pretty awesome. For spells I would add Tribute to Hunger , it is pretty sweet at instant speed, and maybe even Exile . Pristine Talisman is probably better than Chalice of Life  Flip in practice and I would make that swap. And Faith's Fetters is I think an upgrade from Recumbent Bliss

As far as cards to lose, I would cut Sunbond as it is not great with your commander. Words of Worship is funny with Well of Lost Dreams but is otherwise terrible, I would cut it unless you just really want to live that dream. Planeswalker's Mirth is probably not where you want to be sinking your mana. Celestial Convergence seems unlikely to ever work, and Victory's Herald just seems to weak for its cost too me. If you want to fit any other suggested cards I would just look at some of your high mana cost spells and think about how often you expect to cast them and cut the ones that don't have enough impact.

If you want to make this deck more competitive, you could go with some cheaper (CMC) tutors, like Enlightened Tutor , Vampiric Tutor , Demonic Tutor , Academy Rector , and Idyllic Tutor to try to get your infinite lifegain/lifeloss combos online quicker, but that will cost you. Beyond shelling out money, I think increasing your land count and shaving your mana costs is your best bet for a smoother more fun experience.

Good luck and +1

Rasmus on Count on it

3 weeks ago

Eg har folgende som ergo ikke trenger a kjopes pa nett:

Mikaeus, the lunarch

Austere command

Temple of the false god

Chromatic lantern

Coalition relic

command tower

opal palace

phyrexian arena

Overwhelming stampede

saltcrusted steppe

selesnya guildgate

selesnya sanctuary

terramorphic expanse

evolving wilds

Ellers hadde jeg noen kommentarer tidligere:Ta ut Ad Nauseam , den spilles bare nar man utelukkende har sykt billige kort (2 kost eller mindre).Bytt Tribute to Hunger med Reckless Spite .Det ligger inne 3 Phyrexian Arena na, det er litt i overkant ;)Carnifex Demon Eg tror ikke lenger denne er god nok. bytt med Krosan Tusker som er epic for a finne land tidlig.Phytohydra er ikke god nok, bytt den gjerne med Sun Titan .Vulturous Zombie bor inn.

Da er du pa 100 kort hvis jeg har regnet rett, og da tror jeg decket skal funke ok. Har en folelse av at det er litt lite boardwipe/removal, men det kan man fikse seinere, de er ikke sa dyre :)

Ellers ser det veldig bra ut :)

ezra125 on New to modern - please ...

4 weeks ago

If you want to run Dark Tutelage , you should probably top your curve out at four, so you have less of a chance of killing yourself trying to get cards. As such, it might actually be better to not run it.

More so, your curve is just really high for modern. a lot of these cards are more suited to a standard deck, since modern is such a fast format. That being said, I like that you've topped out your curve at five instead of going higher, and certainly some of these will help.

The removal package in your deck actually looks pretty good as-is. You might want to look at Wear / Tear in the side, since you currently can only deal with creatures, but you seem to have the bases covered there. The one suggestion I would make is to switch the Tribute to Hunger s for Devour Flesh . Three mana is a lot, but the max 4 life really isn't.

As far as planeswalkers go, Ajani Vengeant is great. Chandra, the Firebrand not so much.

As such, it's mostly just the creatures and lands that you want to be looking at. You have a lot of colour-intensive creatures, and not much colour fixing. The Vampire Nighthawk s are great, but require more black mana than you can consistently get right now. More copies of Dragonskull Summit and friends could help, without breaking the bank too much. Also, you might want to try out Lavaclaw Reaches . Sure it enters tapped, but it can be a guy when you run out of gas.

I definitely recommend Tidehollow Sculler , since you currently don't have any proactive plays before turn 3, and this also helps with control. You might want to look into more low-CMC options, such as Young Pyromancer .

Hope this helps!

LtMiller117 on Mono Black - Vampire Sacrifice

4 weeks ago

If hex proof is the problem, try cards like Tribute to Hunger and Devour Flesh . Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.23 $0.87 $0.99
Color(s) B
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 3.42
Avg. cube pick 9.36


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon