Tribute to Hunger

Tribute to Hunger


Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.
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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

BlueScope on Edict and Dryad Arbor Priority ...

1 week ago

Whenever a player puts an object on the stack, or an object on the stack resolves, there's a round of priority for each player to cast spells or activate abilities.

What happens here is that they at some point pass priority so that you can cast Tribute to Hunger. they get priority to respond, and fetch (activate the land's fetch ability, no player responds, it resolves) a Dryad Arbor. Now that something on the stack resolves, each player gets priority - with Tribute to Hunger still on the stack. This is where - afer your opponent passes - you can cast Lightning Bolt to destroy the Arbor, and if noone responds to casting or after it resolving, Tribute to Hunger will finally resolve, making them sacrifice their Bogle.

If you have a sorcery-speed spell instead, obviously you wouldn't be able to cast it on their turn :) Otherwise, it doesn't make a difference - instant and sorcery speed only affect when you're allowed to put an ability on the stack, not how they're handled once they're on the stack. The only exception I can think of right now is Split Second (as found on Angel's Grace, for example), which prevents players from casting spells or activating abilities as long as that spell is on the stack.

jaysamson on Edict and Dryad Arbor Priority ...

1 week ago

Hello, I understand priority but not the finer details of it and I believe this is related. I have a question pertaining to instant speed edicts such as Tribute to Hunger or Foul-Tongue Invocation.

Suppose I have one of these edicts in my hand and another spot removal card such as a Lightning Bolt. And my opponent has a Slippery Bogle along with a Windswept Heath.

After I cast the edict, on their turn, my opponent responds by fetching for a Dryad Arbor. From what I think (correct me if I am wrong please), after the fetchlands' ability resolves, and the arbor hits the battlefield, the edict is still on the stack and my opponent has priority and I won't be able to remove the arbor before the edict resolves, allowing them to sacrifice the land.

So I want to know: Could I remove the Dryad Arbor before the edict resolves, if I cast it during their turn or during my turn?

What if the edict is sorcery speed, such as Cruel Edict?

If you can't understand my question, I can try to elaborate.

Thank you!

Mysterious_Anon on

1 week ago

I think that you are right about Astral Cornucopia.
But since you want to reduce the amount of the golem spawners Tezzeret's Gambit is a good choice to get your really good counter generators while generating counters itself. seems to be working in my playtesting at 2.

I have been using 2 Tribute to Hunger for removal and some life gain to offset Dismember and Tezzeret's Gambit.

Anyway, sure I'll try out For now it seems the server will not let me log in. I keep losing contact with server.

TheAnnihilator on What lifegain to use in ...

1 week ago

@TheDevicer Would something like Tribute to Hunger to come in against both Burn and Boggles be too cute?

Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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