Tribute to Hunger

Tribute to Hunger

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Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

Asyriel on vampire suck xD R/B

1 month ago

Lightning bolts Viscera Seer and bloodghast maybe add in a couple of Tribute to Hungers too

LupineShadow on Still a Better Love Story Than...

1 month ago

Shadow Alley Denizen instead of Vampire Lacerator? She is less aggressive true, but intimidate every time you play a creature can be lovely so long as your opponent isn't also mono-black. Also maybe Go for the Throat or Tribute to Hunger for more removal?

TheGamer on

2 months ago

Still dislike Devour Flesh, but it's still fine. I personally would run a Tribute to Hunger as I said, or even a Liliana of the Veil would be good.

TheGamer on Try and Stop Me [4x Split 1st@FNM]

2 months ago

The deck itself is good, i just dont know how viable it is honestly...

Like for example, there are some cards in here that are basically trash compared to other cards in Modern. For example, why play Dissolve when you could have Mana Leak? Why play Syncopate for the same reason? Devour Flesh just is a bad card. Even some Tribute to Hunger would be better. And even lands, instead of painlands play fetches and in place of some Scry lands play a few Esper trilands. Even some Celestial Colonnades or Creeping Tar Pit.

The last thing I'd say, is planeswalkers and board wipes are very bad in Modern compared to standard. In Modern, you wont need 4 board wipes in your deck. Usaully once you wipe the board once you will be good. And walkers, are just meh in general. Elspeth is a lot of mana to pay (getting Remanded really hurts). She isnt a terrible win condition, but in the end, all the bolts your opponent was savin just kill her immeditaly. Jace is just bad in Modern honestly. You usaully get one -2 off of him, and then Lightning Bolt comes down. And the +1 is pretty bad honestly.

And the deck just straight up is lacking Snapcaster Mage. You need them. They're arguably a better win con than Elspeth and AEtherling.

If your deck has really been doing as terrible as you say it has, than try out this list and see how it does. But i just strongly think that one of the Modern Esper lists you built would be better, just make some tweaks based on the meta.

I hope my idea didnt seem harsh :P

thewyzman on Sacs to the Thrax

2 months ago

Caharin, I do have both those cards, but not in the deck because they're too specific to a certain player, and my meta is mostly multiplayer, so they're not as effective as, say, Innocent Blood or Barter in Blood:

I'm definitely keeping those cards in mind if I find myself needing more sac cards, or specific creature-heavy players in my playgroup I wish to torture.

I stuck a Maybeboard into the decklist here, a short-list of cards on the brink of entry (that typically got cut to make room for other cards).

VampiricJace on 2015-04-20 update of Vampirism Isn't ...

3 months ago

Anji3739 I've tried things like Bone Splinters, but 'destroy' isn't as powerful as 'sacrifice' (hence Innocent Blood). Tribute to Hunger is too expensive and slows the deck down. Geth's Verdict, again, not as good as Innocent Blood. This deck strategically cast creatures, and Deathrender screws that up.

Damnation is an excellent (at least for sideboard) card, but ... budget reasons :x maybe later. Keep in mind, the gathering of these cards has been over three years.

Thanks though!

BlinkTwice on 2015-04-20 update of Vampirism Isn't ...

3 months ago

I agree with Grantley91 that Gatekeeper of Malakir should be added. They are too good to pass up, especially in a sacrifice themed deck.

Other cards you should consider: Bone Splinters, Tribute to Hunger, Geth's Verdict, Deathrender, and a lone Damnation to combo with Blood Artist and Kalastria Highborn for an auto win.

Shameless reference to my own deck that operates similarly: Play Like a Vampire

Duckling on

3 months ago

I feel as if you don't need the Archfiend of Depravity.. Your whole goal is to simple screw them up, by sending out the biggest baddest creatures as quick as possible using Dark ritual to get a turn 2 5/5 kind of thing. Generally, you're not against someone who, on turn two, has more than two creatures. So, I feel as if it's not useful in this situation. If you have it In there for the aggressive decks, use Bile Blight instead. The Phylactery Lich seems to be a pretty big part of this deck, I'm not 100% sure, but if it is, don't have 4 of them with only 3 artifacts in your deck, I'd recommend anywhere around 6. Another strong creature I do not enjoy playing against that can screw up an enemy's early game is Desecration Demon 4 mana 6/6 flying. Intimidation doesn't seem to do anything for this deck, because it doesn't seem you have to be worried about getting blocked. I don't think you need the Darkness, as it's not necessary. More kill spells would be fun :D Hero's Downfall works nicely, or maybe something like Geth's Verdict and Tribute to Hunger would suit your fancy? Anyways, good luck!

Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.08
Avg. cube pick 10.36


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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