Tribute to Hunger


Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

xGLaDOSx on Mono-Black Vampire Party

3 weeks ago

shinobigarth yeah i was afraid he might be too slow, i just really like the card and wanted to use him.. But i think youre right about Tribute to Hunger .

shinobigarth on Mono-Black Vampire Party

3 weeks ago

take out Feast of Blood and replace with the Doom Blade /Go for the Throat mainboard/sideboard combo which can handle any relevant creature you should face. there are only 6 black artifact creatures and only 1 or 2 are actually remotely playable.

what is Sorin really doing? this is aggro so they should be dead before you get him out especially at 22 land. you should have more Tribute to Hunger instead.

razvaniorga on Controlling Savagery (Jund control) [budget]

4 weeks ago

So much versatility in these colours; some more on-colour cards I found!

Creatures: Birds of Paradise , Llanowar Elves , Sakura-Tribe Elder (a strictly better rampant growth; chumps a creature before ramping/fixing mana), Satyr Wayfinder (ensures land drops, puts things in the graveyard for recursion, great with Murderous Cut too if that interests you), Wall of Blossoms (if you don't mind leaving modern), Utopia Tree , Tree of Redemption

Card draw: Read the Bones , Harmonize

Board control: Any red sweeper (probably sideboard, Pyroclasm and Firespout are easy to cast on time), Murderous Cut , Dismember , Putrefy , Tribute to Hunger , Consuming Vapors

Spells: Primal Command , Incendiary Command , Jund Charm

Artifacts: Coalition Relic , Chromatic Lantern , Sphere of the Suns

recklesspong on Blood Transfusion (creatureless control)

1 month ago

Great feedback, razvaniorga, thanks! I have been back and forth on Consuming Vapors vs Tribute to Hunger and in the end I decided with all the other removal the 3 drop was more versatile. I'm still torn though. There's lots of mana in this deck, but there's also so much to do with it. I feel like I get into situations a lot where I have four mana and I'm facing two Genesis Hydra and two Elvish Mystic and I'm holding a Tribute and a Tragic Slip . Having one Consuming Vapors instead wouldn't really help me that turn, although having a Vapors and a Slip and another swamp the following turn certainly would. I agree the value is worth the extra CMC, even if it hampers its versatility a bit. I might pick some up and try it out.

Damnation is definitely a card I'd like in this deck, but dropping $200 for a playset would keep me up at night.

I feel like I'm getting enough card draw out of Sign in Blood but I also feel like I'm drawing it out of luck every time I see it. More would be better, and I've been thinking about adding a couple more Signs, but your suggestions are a great idea. I wouldn't necessarily want to draw every single turn (since we're working toward flipping Chalice of Life  Flip ) so Underworld Connections might be a good addition, even though I lose the mana the land produces to gain the card draw. I've usually got more mana than I know what to do with by the mid game.

Dash Hopes is really just part of this other "dilemma control" idea that came out of this deck. It really started with Killing Wave and how much fun it is to play that card when it doesn't really matter which choice your opponent makes. The whole idea is that it's really only a dilemma for them, because you've got a next step either way. Them taking the counter with Dash Hopes is actually exactly what we'd want I think, but if they didn't it would still be exactly what we'd want because they'd take 5 damage and then we'd hit them with a Doom Blade or something. Anyway, it's a bit of a separate deck and I'm still collecting cards and putting together the strategy for it. Stay tuned!

And yes, the control match up. My friend group is very control-poor. Lots of midrange and token decks, but that's going to change I'm sure. The sideboard for this deck is very half-assed, mostly comprised of cards I'm waffling on. I'd love some suggestions from people. Off the top of my head I feel like the thing to do is construct a transformational sideboard that adds uB sources and swaps a lot of the creature removal out for hard counters, Cancel , Mana Leak , etc. Doing the same thing in BW gives me access to life gain but maybe not enough in the way of countermagic, which is clearly this deck's mode.

Something I've been working on in standard (the very unimaginatively-named Mardu Tempo Warriors) is the idea of triple casting burn spells using Howl of the Horde , and that might work really well here in a sideboard strategy that transformed the deck into a BR burn/control hybrid. Add a couple Howls, and then Lightning Bolt , Devil's Play , etc.

Anyway great suggestions. I really appreciate it.

razvaniorga on Blood Transfusion (creatureless control)

1 month ago

Hey, I was checking out your deck and think you did a great job on it. I was wondering if you had considered Consuming Vapors , Damnation , or Profane Command as fantastic MBC cards. I personally run Vapors in place of Tribute to Hunger ; I think the value you get out of that card is worth the 1 extra CMC.

Two other things I wanted to mention.

1) While Dash Hopes is a very interesting, unexpected card, from experience it never works the way you want it to. Whenever you want the opponent to pay the life, they'll take the counter, and vice-versa. It's one of the main problems with a punisher-style card, and unfortunately this card doesn't tend to have enough value on either side to make up for the choice.

2) While I love your suite of creature control, I guess you realize that this deck would unfortunately be dead to another creatureless control deck with more versatility, such as UR or UW control. Since I don't know the circumstances you're playing under (all your friends might just play creature-heavy decks, and in that case you've definitely got the right thing going), if you ever want to increase versatility in order to keep it relevant against ALL sorts of decks, I would swap out some of your pure creature destruction spells for either hand disruption (which is relevant against ANY deck) such as Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek , or use removal which is mainboard-able against any matchup, such as Gatekeeper of Malakir (although I do realize that it would kind of remove the creatureless control aspect, hehe).

This isn't meant to be criticism, just hoping I could make some helpful suggestions that you might consider! Fantastic job though!

TheLoneWolf227 on Master of Puppets (HELP WANTED)

1 month ago

thanks man that does help. i got Pillory of the sleepless i there as my removal. Im probably gonna run Tribute to Hunger or Bile Blight depending on the deck. I'll probably swap my Grim guardians, and Debt to the deathless for this

TwentyDollarDecks on Budget: Blue/Black Control

2 months ago

I totally agree with you man. Personally, I've never felt at ease with using one-of cards in a deck because of the statistical probabilities that work against you there, but the idea of the Transmute mechanic really got my imagination going here.

Many of the one-of cards in this deck are actually performing the functions of another card, but with a more specific purpose. Consuming Vapors is taking the slot for my fourth Drown in Sorrow , while Dimir Charm is my third Doom Blade , and Tribute to Hunger is my third Far / Away . Drawing these one-of cards instead of the main versions won't normally cause me any trouble, and having some specific answers to Transmute for later can really help the deck take advantage of special situations.

This decklist would look a lot tidier if I were to replace these special cards with their main counterparts, but it would also be much less flexible, and not nearly as fun. Toolbox decks like this one are enjoyable because they test your skill as a deck pilot, and can often be played over and over again without getting stale. These factors have made even tournament decks like Melira Pod very popular.

The shell here can also be heavily modified to suit your own needs, so tinkering with it is a really great deckbuilding exercise.

bushido111 on 2014-10-05 update of Infinite Life ...

2 months ago

Don't be so quick to toss out Tragic Slip it has the power to kill indestructible creatures. Tribute to Hunger also can kill a indestructible creature by forcing a player to sacrifice it, but your opponent gets to pick which creature he/she wants to toss out. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.09 $0.22 $1.1 $0.95

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.03 TIX 0.04 TIX
Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.99
Avg. cube pick 10.39


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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