Tribute to Hunger

Tribute to Hunger


Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Tribute to Hunger Discussion

mickalopagus on Dash

4 days ago

I would recommend Whip of Erebos for this deck, as it is the best black option you have for lifelink, is relatively cheap, and with a deck full of dash, you will need it. This deck is ALL offense, which can be a good thing.

I would also replace Lightning Strike with Lightning Bolt, something that you can probably get for free within our playgroup. Instead of Foul-Tongue Invocation I would go Tribute to Hunger as the mana cost is the same, and considering you only have 3 dragons, the likelihood of you gaining the 4 life is slim. With Tribute you are guaranteed life, and there is no ceiling. Butcher's Glee is great, in fact i like all the flavors of your instant cards - very disrupting to your opponents blocking scheme, and I can often see them just letting your creature through due to that uncertainty.

I would try and fit Berserkers' Onslaught, and/or Savage Beating into the mix. possibly in the place of Kindled Fury. If you dont already know, double strike is pretty much a game ender. Kolaghan Monument can be replaced with much better cards such as Whip of Erebos or Sun Droplet, both of which are invaluable in our format - droplet essentially being a budget way of telling your opponents to attack somewhere else. If you want to spend more money, No Mercy.

I dont think you have to worry so much about dual landing it, as most of your cards require more colorless than specific colors to cast. That is a benefit and money saver. Another great addition to this deck would be a wipe card, and red/black has plenty of options. Your best being Blasphemous Act, followed by Nevinyrral's Disk. Since your creatures all dash out, a wipe has almost no effect on you, while being disastrous to your opponents.

abby315 on Sultai Walker

1 week ago

I think Ashiok could work well in the main or side. Better than Bow of Nylea in the sb, maybe better than Tribute to Hunger since you already have a lot of edicts!

DrMooKdaSues on It Only Hurts If You Allow It To Hurt

1 week ago

GeminiSpartanX Thanks for the suggestions, I do think Lightning Bolt is a better choice over Annihilating Fire. Also I think I'll replace the Barter in Blood for 2x Anger of the Gods to get the exile effect. I personally see Dreadbore being more useful than Terminate even as a sorcery, they both cost the same and one gets rid of pesky planeswalkers. I like having Tribute to Hunger as means to get rid of indestructible creatures that help me stabilize my life total, though I could cut 2x Sever the Bloodline for 2x Go for the Throat and place the additional in the sideboard.

alexiasagd on Grixis Deck Wins: Bloodthirst 2.0

2 weeks ago

No worries on the response im pretty long winded so I understand x) Well for the moment I'll replace Magma Jet with some sort of kill spell in my collection. I have another Murderous Cut but honestly I don't want that many delve cards in this deck. As it's missing alot of the cantrips 'traditional' Grixis carries. I'll replace it with Doom Blade til I can get another Terminate. I added a small counterspell suite and another Kommand. Starting to look slightly traditional there. My reason going back to countermagic being that alot of the times if my ghasts or a tas are out by turn two. Turn three ends up draw-go often. This leaves me with options in my hand which Kommand and Snap-bolt seem limited being the only ones. Adding the option of 'Counter key spell' along with Kommand and Snap-block-bolt seems to be working great for me. Turn 4 can slam down kalitas if I'm coming up short against (other?) Aggro. Or if I have the upper hand I've probably discarded him and delved him away. Deck seems to have improved with the counters although I've only played against a buddies burn deck and mono black smallpox (my opponent hated my ghasts) play testing I went 50/50 with burn and wiped out pox (lol). It's also really nice against jeskai when they path your ghasts (good play on their part.) But u leave 1-2 in the yard until you can drop a kalitas. As they'ved ramped you up to 6 mana and there's counter-mana now for when they try to exile him! Also on the Tron matchup I switched to 2x Spreading Seas 1x Molten Rain and 1xCrumble to Dust the seas slow them down while digging. They'll side in enchantment removal but I'll have mana (and hopefully have dug for the card) to get either of my more expensive land hate cards out by then. I had to take Negate out. But I'm working to get it back in. Split between cutting 1x Rakdos Charm because 2 pieces of grave AND artifact hate seem more useful than one. Or Tribute to Hunger because in the matchups it IS good in. It becomes GREAT. Opinions?

alexiasagd on Rocket Science (Competitive)

2 weeks ago

Also on your comment on your Tron matchup - since you run Thoughtseize it is possible to discard their karns, yes? So consider Tribute to Hunger in the sideboard. It's instant speed and relatively cheap but Tron typically only has one threat on the board at a time. Less effective with Wurmcoil Engine but if you could seize those too you might buy time for Crumble to Dust. Tribute on emrakul I've never seen done but +15 life would be a big setback on their plan I'd say! Til they drop a threat next turn -_- (snap-tribute while beating with ghasts?)

metalevolence on Consumed by Darkness

1 month ago

I don't really know modern well but here's some random thoughts/suggestions

Skeletal Scrying, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

tormod's crypt over Bojuka Bog only makes sense to me if being able to activate at instant speed is important

Smallpox plays well with bloodghast (but not 6 drops)

tombstalker over Gurmag Angler or Tasigur, the Golden Fang?

Lashwrithe - cut shizo for a swamp if you play this. Actually, mutilate is probably reason enough that it should be a swamp. I think this card is possibly actually better than obliterator?

I'm kind of surprised at your lack of turn 2 plays. Relentless Dead is probably worse than bloodghast, but being able to block matters a lot when it matters. Bitterblossom also exists

possible things to help against aggro: Drown in Sorrow, Tendrils of Corruption, Tribute to Hunger, Consuming Vapors, or just more cheap removal probably.


Uri on Need deckbuilding help / advice ...

1 month ago

So I'm playing MTG now for almost two months, but I keep having one big struggle; making a deck that actually meets a decent strength level. Right now, my decks are constantly just 'looking' nicely (in my perspective...) but when actually coming into play, they are absolutely horrible. But hey, lacking is learning.

So what I'm trying to do, is actually build some themed decks. While my arsenal of commons/uncommons is pretty big, I do have to add a big sidenote that I'm definetly not gonna spend hundreds of euros into a single deck (I've already went pretty far on this hobby.) For this thread, I'm seeking for advice on a Vampire themed deck.

The vampire deck is majorly Black, containing some card-discarding spells to activate Madness. The other vampires usually do some strong damage, or buff other vampires. It also contains a tiny amount of zombies/skeletons that can be returned from the Graveyard, to feed the Indulgent Aristrocrats, as well as a tiny bit more healing.

Below are some cards that I have available, that are (i think?) suitable to play in a vampire deck:

Black:Heir of Falkenrath  Flip - Vampire Noble - Sinister Concoction - Murderous Compulsion - Grotesque Mutation - Macabre Waltz - Sanitarium Skeleton - Carrier Thrall - Kalastria Healer - Nirkana Assassin - Kalastria Nightwatch - Vampiric Rites - Stromkirk Mentor - Twins of Maurer Estate - Alms of the Vein - Farbog Revenant - Olivia's Bloodsworn - Indulgent Aristocrat - Falkenrath Noble - Tribute to Hunger - Barter in Blood - Mark of the Vampire

Red:Markov Blademaster - Stensia Masquerade - Insolent Neonate - Vampiric Fury - Bloodmad Vampire - Falkenrath Gorger -Rakish Heir - Voldaren Duelist - Tormenting Voice - Madcap Skills -Act of Treason - Traitorous Instinct -Burn from Within -Viashino Racketeer -Sanguinary Mage - Avacyn's Judgment

AwesomeSean on

2 months ago

You're not going to use the Mad one drop vampire or the new Olivia?

Plus the deck should have Tribute to Hunger in here for flavor and good use against Bogles.

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