Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

_Minshakaa_The_Comb0ist_ on Blistercoil in Paradise

3 days ago

Wow I love it. But past in flames may be late game but it doesn't help cards like visions of beyone. And faithless looting you don't want to draw into that bad boy if it's the only card in your hand and you blister is low. Although it is a good land disposal.Sometimes you have to win fast and you need more win win cons. Have you considered Artful Dodge

Check out my decks including a blistercoil wierd deck just like yours. You may disagree with some of my decks but remember they are ment to be very budget some of them!


frusciante7 on Jund Deck Tech -- Need ...

1 week ago

Indeed, Master of Cruelties isn't designed to do well in modern. It'd require to build the whole deck around him. Grixis could be a solution though. Add Robe of Mirrors and things like Artful Dodge / Distortion Strike / Slip Through Space to make sure he won't be blocked. Then run burn spells for the finish (Gut Shot and bolt being the best IMO). Back him up with counterspells and you might have a shot. But that's a lot of effort for a clunky 'combo' ;)

Best interaction is in EDH : Kaalia of the Vast -> attack -> triggers -> lay down Master of Cruelties -> his trigger goes first if unblocked -> opponent goes down to 1 -> Kaalia deals 2 flying damages -> GG. :)

KungMarkatta on DJ Guttahsnipe feat. Burning Vengeance

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions :)

Slip Through Space was in my first draft, but I prefer Artful Dodge as it provides more triggers overall (and it's a really cheap flashback activation to boot). Thanks for pointing out Distortion Strike; I wasn't aware of it, and the cards look really similar.

Thoughts on Silent Departure? It looks solid, but I'm a bit wary of the high flashback cost.

JonnyG21 on DJ Guttahsnipe feat. Burning Vengeance

2 weeks ago

the nice thing with Storm Entity is that the counters stay on it, and if you go off and find one mid combo, you get all the counters from before you cast it.

Also, compare Slip Through Space, Distortion Strike, and Artful Dodge

Xinofos on Izzet a blitz?

2 weeks ago

I'm a little apprehensive on bringing in tapped lands. If i did, it would be Izzet Guildgate though, just for a bit of flavour.

For the rest, I'm thinking: -4 Artful Dodge -4 Hidden StringsAnd maybe -2 Brute Force

And bring in: +4 Ponder +4 Gitaxian Probe +2 Assault Strobe

Shadow_Tack on Izzet a blitz?

2 weeks ago

Alright. I'd recommend replacing 4 Island with 4 Swiftwater Cliffs. While you are probably on a budget, I think that the 4 Apostle's Blessing are more then enough evasion, so maybe turn the Artful Dodge into 4 Gitaxian Probe. Swap Hidden Strings for Ponder or Preordain, they allow you to just start stringing them together to ridiculous amounts. I personally run Temur Battle Rage over Assault Strobe, however I can see an arguement towards either since strobe is cheaper manawise. You are running one of the fastest tier one decks in the entire format, look for spells that draw you cards or allow you to hyper buff yourself to kill on turn 3 w/ kiln fiend.

Bloodveld on Quick and Unblockable!! Turn 2 wins

3 weeks ago

Heleg88 - Artful Dodge can be used twice in one turn to both double boost his guys and make two guys unblockable. +1/+0 is nice but it's likely you'll kill an opponent in a single turn.

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