Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

Lightpulsar9 on Which G or U evasion ...

3 days ago

I've played infect for well over a year now (the non-budget version), and I personally have enjoyed Slip Through Space more than Distortion Strike. The 1 power boost is very rarely relavent, moreso because I have Noble Hierarchs for that. But I have found that in infect, the card draw is much nicer, since no matter what situation you're in, you could usually use an additional card.

Artful Dodge is similar to the strike since it works more that one turn, but is definitely worse because it offers nothing other than unblockable. Also, I personally wouldn't run Aqueous Form since it doesn't offer advantage, just a small amount of filtering. Usually i'd rather have the card advantage since infect is often on the aggressive, and would rather have the card right away, rather than in one turn.

I could see you running slip and strike in some sort of combination, like maybe 2 or so slip and 1-2 stike. But that would just be personal preference. I've seen a few lists that do this.

Hope this helps!

Pokemaster325 on Which G or U evasion ...

3 days ago

I have always been more drawn towards Artful Dodge as its technically 2 uses in 1 card. Then again it doesn't compare well to Slip Through Space because it doesn't replace itself or filter like Aqueous Form. It really all comes down to the personal tastes of the deck architect

rockyjs on Which G or U evasion ...

3 days ago

I need help choosing between Distortion Strike, Artful Dodge, Aqueous Form and Slip Through Space (or any other G or U evasion you can think of) in my infect deck:

Infect: On an actual budget

Modern rockyjs


Distortion Strike seems the most common. I like Aqueous Form the best personally just because of the filter and the fact that it is permanent. However, my comment section seems to be in agreement that I should use Slip Through Space because of the power of the draw. I'm just not sure which one I should choose.

frostdiggity on Fangor White-Blue Heroic

4 days ago

Also, Slip Through Space or Artful Dodge would be solid since you're playing blue.

mtgThaen on Infect: On an actual budget

6 days ago

There is a fundamental difference between Mono-Green infect and simic infect. Mono-G is built to slam hard and fast, and, as such, is not an appropriate home for main board Wild Defiance. You want to cram as much cheap pump as possible. It's much more a combo deck than simic. Simic, however, is much more resilient. Wild defiance shines here, blanking Lightning Bolt and Forked Bolt; spells that are common in this meta. I suggest Spell Pierce or Dispel main board, as a one or two of, for protection. Slip Through Space is a great card, and I prefer it over Artful Dodge and Distortion Strike- the card draw is that good.

RenagadeJedi on My Attempt at a Jeskai Deck (Feedback Please!)

1 week ago

for aggro, you need low mana costs, lands that enter untapped, and A F*CKTON of low mana draw power, cantrips and other 1 mana draw spells are a must have. here are some suggestions.

lands. ALL tap-lands are too slow. you will probably end up running 20 or fewer lands in total, with a minimum of 4 fetchlands (Flooded Strand is the cheapest, it can search for Sacred Foundry, Steam Vents, or Hallowed Fountain you're going to need all of them to color fix your deck). that being said, being mana flooded is a serious problem that I have run into while playing Jeskai prowess... so play around, and find a balance that suits you. But you will need to run the fetch/shock land combo to have consistent mana for your deck.

creatures are the way you win. this deck takes little weak guys, and turns them into big scary mofos. 4 Monastery Swiftspear. this is one of the best cards you can have in a prowess deck, 1 mana, haste, there is no downside to this card, and she's pretty... just one more reason to run her. 4 Seeker of the Way, a card you didn't have in your build, but is just too good. he will consistently hit for 3 or more, and give you back the life you will be spending on lands and more. 2 or 3 Monastery Mentor, this card is insanely good, if you keep it out for 2 turns it is game over. period. that being said, it will probably be at the upper end of the mana curve, as this deck will most likely revolve around low mana cost spells and creatures, with 3 or 4 being the max. 2-4 Kiln Fiend, it just hits very hard... it's pretty easy to kill, but it hits very hard. 3 or 4 Stormchaser Mage like Monastery Swiftspear, but trade one more mana for one more toughness and flying. Elusive Spellfist is a decent card, but he doesn't really do much for the deck, there are spells to give stronger creatures the same effect.the other creatures you were considering either cost too much mana, or don't really do enough for you to run them. this deck is about damaging your opponent first and foremost, not giving yourself life.

This deck wants to get past your opponent's creatures to kill them directly. there are two ways to do this, kill the creatures, or make your creatures unblockable. kill spells first.

4 Lightning Bolts- red deck staple. damage or removal... either way, triggers prowess. 4 Path to Exile- white deck staple. instantly gets rid of almost any creature, triggers prowess. 2+ Lightning Helix- like a bolt with lifelink, costs one more. ? Unsummon- optional card, blue mana gets a creature out of your face for now.

as for ways to make your creatures unblockable, there are options, each with their own advantages. whichever one (or more) you decide to go with is up to you. Distortion Strike marginally stronger, and you get it again for free next turn. Artful Dodge flashback (possibly using the same card to give two creatures unblockable in one turn) Slip Through Space gives you a draw. Gods Willing can't be blocked by specific color, and can't be targeted by that colored spells. scrying is also helpful.

Drawing spells will be your most important spells, mostly because your deck will die a horrible death without them. Serum Visions- 1 mana, draw 1 then scry 2... some of the best draw power in the game. Gitaxian Probe- 0 mana (2 life), to draw 1 and trigger prowess. Peek- Gitaxian Probe, only costs 1 mana. Divination- wins my prowess deck games. Expedite- haste + draw (important to note that it can be cast even if creature could attack without it). Anticipate- for when you need a particular card in your hand.

other spells to consider. Titan's Strength- simple pump + scry Boros Charm- all 3 of it's effects are useful, and have helped me win games. Assault Strobe- if you feel like boros charm costs too much mana to play. Dispel- for when your opponent tries to kill your creature before it damages him... hit him harder for trying.

These are the card that I would recommend, there may be other cards that would work well in your deck that I didn't think of, or just don't know about. I hope you found this helpful.

Adameus2012 on Gonorrhea

1 week ago

Ok, no one ever takes my advice on this but Unstable Mutation is an absolute beast in decks that want fast and efficient output.It's 6 extra damage (or poison) spread out over 3 turns for U. Also while Artful Dodge is not as cheap as Distortion strike, nor does it give a power bonus, you can choose when to recast it, which sometimes is a huge deal.

rjphilla on Budget Modern UR Prowess Delver

2 weeks ago

I'd throw in an Artful Dodge or two. The Flashback mechanic is great. One card two spells. Also you need four Assault Strobe double strike for one mana unblocked? Too good.


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Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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