Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

4Ian.C1 on Green/Blue Infect

2 days ago

I think that 23 lands is alot of lands for a consistent infect deck. I get the idea of wanting to consistently get Blighted Agent onto the battlefield or make creatures unvmblockable with Artful Dodge and Distortion Strike but I think you should shave some forests and or islands. Speaking of lands.... Pendelhaven should replace two or four forest,because it is a forest, with an ability for blighted agent. Also, this is the first infect deck I've seen that doesn't run Inkmoth Nexus. Maybe that's because of the hefty price tag though, I don't know. Moving to creatures, I think that Ichorclaw Myr is better than Plague Myr for a couple of reasons. Same mana, 2-2 instead of 1-1, and how often do you need to tap for 1 colorless mana? Especially if you keep 23 lands! Livewire Lash is not as effective in infect type decks, because it doesn't do infect damage, it does two regular damage, which is useless. Groundswell is a much better alternative even after you shave lands. My last point of criticism is to add more Apostle's Blessing, and probably some Rancor or Become Immense to fill in the missing spots from taking out lands. Im not trying to be rude by making all these suggestions, and I would like to say that I love this shell, and even made changes to my infect deck based on this deck.

r_type_one on Gangreen infection

2 days ago

Artful Dodge and Aqueous Form are decent alternatives to Distortion Strike

-Logician on Devotion Beast Tribal Agro/Midgame

3 days ago

I have to say, icehit6 is correct that Affinity is competitive and would likely place higher in a tournament than the list you have here, and perhaps your matchup against it is pretty good, but how would your deck fair against the devastating control cards like Path to Exile and Remand?

The best advice I can give you for your deck is to consider a devotion strategy that doesn't limit yourself to just beasts, and try to drop your curve to something much lower. On turn 3 and 4, it's dangerous to tap out for some of the cards you're tapping out for. With the way your deck is looking, I feel like leaving up mana for fight effects like with Setessan Tactics, Pit Fight, or Dromoka's Command is imperative. The reason you really need the ability to kill an opponent's creature is because combos are very prevalent that include creatures, and most of those strategies will go off around turn 4. The last thing you want to be in that situation is tapped out. It's much better to not be tapped out and a Pit Fight in hand.

Considered splashing a second color? White offers you precious gems such as Dromoka's Command, Selesnya Charm, Path to Exile, Loxodon Smiter, Voice of Resurgence, Qasali Pridemage, Silverblade Paladin, and more cards that generally include pretty much all the hatebears and plenty of removal. Blue offers late-game gas, tempo, permission, flash creatures, and unblockable (which is a good form of inevitability) with cards such as Artful Dodge, Remand, Bounding Krasis, Invisible Stalker, Mana Leak, Day's Undoing, and Vapor Snag. Black offers the "Rock" deck playstyle, giving you access to an endless supply of removal and discard effects, as well as resilience in your creatures allowing you to play a deck where you try to beat your opponent with overwhelming attrition in the form of Thoughtseize, Duress, Go for the Throat, Abrupt Decay, Golgari Charm, Disfigure, Scavenging Ooze (Ooze doesn't require black, but because your deck specializes in removal, its value and effectiveness is noticeably very strong here), Lotleth Troll etc. Splashing red gives you access to burn spells, and a very fast creature base with cards like Lightning Bolt, Burning-Tree Emissary, Forked Bolt, Goblin Guide, Atarka's Command, Assault Strobe, and honestly a lot more that I can't think of atm because I'm honestly not much of a gruul player. Gruul is probably the color combo I've played least of all in my time playing magic.

In any case, Aspect of Hydra isn't too bad, but could be better. Some good alternatives are Groundswell, Might of Old Krosa, Become Immense, and Rancor for trample. Another strategy altogether could be to deploy a good-sided team of fatties, then use Overrun or Triumph of the Hordes to win, which to me seems like a much more powerful gameplan, because a single removal spell isn't going to be a total blowout. If the threat isn't mostly one creature, and is instead all of your creatures, then the game changes. They have to counter your pump spell to survive. To stop your opponent from countering your mass pump spell, you could use Grand Abolisher, Silence, or Boseiju, Who Shelters All.

As for lands you could add, obviously a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would clearly be nice. Also, Treetop Village is a community favorite, offering a cheap 3/3 trampling manland. Manlands are serious business!

Here's some other green cards just to take a look at. Some of these cards are mostly only relevant in devotion strategies with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.

ShokuYuki on Tap, Bounce, Burn and Double Strike for kill

4 days ago

You need to kill the enemy right away! That kind of deck must be fast. 3rd turn kill.

Stubborn Denial over Mana Leak (cost 1, ferocious)

Hidden Strings or Artful Dodge over Icy Blast (You don't need icy blast if you're going to make your creatures unblockable, and hidden strings allow you to use your lands again, or tap whatever you want)

Peek or Gitaxian Probe over Twisted Image (better draw and more useful)

Mizzium Skin over Vapor Snag (more useful)

Add Gut Shot gives easy triggers for all creatures without costs. Titan's Strength or Brute Force would be nice as well.

HydraOoze on Infect

1 week ago

Instead of Artful Dodge I would use Distortion Strike.

ajacobik on Scion (ideal)

1 week ago

I'm breaking down my thoughts by card type.



1x Dauntless Escort

1x Grand Abolisher

1x Prophet of Kruphix

Your deck's playstyle should seek to be permanent-light, drawing little aggression and waiting for the right moment for an explosive turn that wins the game. These cards all telegraph your intention to do broken things in the following turns, and I think you'd be better served by trading Escort and Abolisher for Silence, Orim's Chant, or counterspells. Prophet should honestly just be more ramp. It's a huge lightning rod, and you're already walking the political tightrope with this commander. If you're looking for the untap effect, run Sword of Feast and Famine; if you're looking for the flash effect, Winding Canyons or Alchemist's Refuge will fly under the radar and rattlesnake you a victory.


1x Mother of Runes

She doesn't really telegraph anything sinister, lets you play politics well, and acts as a pseudo-Silence when you're ready to combo off. She even protects herself from removal. 10/10 choice.


1x Snapcaster Mage

1x Eternal Witness

1x Deathrite Shaman

Where are they? The first two are Sword-bearers who recur whatever you need. The third is just sick in this format rife with graveplay. Your own fetches can feed him and he ramps you really well.



1x Bear Umbra

1x Darksteel Mutation

1x Bower Passage

Bear Umbra is cute, but not necessarily good. Again, Sword is better, and there are many better ways of protecting Scion. It's a card you could easily justify running, but I don't think it belongs in your ideal list. It's a better Charger triggerer than Nature's Will, though. Darksteel Mutation wants to be Swords to Plowshares, plain and simple. Mutation is good, but it's a) not instant, and b) only better in the corner case of dealing with commanders, and only until someone boardwipes and they keep their commander and your removal is in the yard. Bower Passage is cute, and I have seen it do work, but I feel like there are cards that are probably better at doing the same thing. Artful Dodge comes to mind.



1x Sarkhan Vol

What does he do that Lightning Greaves won't do for a lot less? His ultimate is powerful, but not as game-winningly so as it is in 60. The creature theft is cool. I just feel like you have better uses for the card slot, but he is the most on-flavor walker other than Bolas and Ugin. Speaking of Ugin, where is he? I have this sneaking suspicion that All Is Dust is a good card.



1x Temporal Mastery

Just buy a Time Warp or a Temporal Manipulation. Also, where's your card advantage/filtering? Ponder et al are exceedingly useful at setting up your draws and digging past Dragons to get to tutors and rocks in the early game. This is where Snapcaster comes in handy again.


1x Maelstrom Pulse

1x Vindicate

1x Time Spiral

All very good cards, little needs to be said. Utter End can make a case for being better than Vindicate, but it's a toss-up. I usually prefer Vindicate for the ability to hit lands.



1x Swan Song

Countering their removal to give them a blocker seems like a bad plan. Arcane Denial or Flusterstorm are probably better.


1x Tainted Strike

Fuck yes; also, see Snapcaster Mage.



1x Commander's Sphere

Darksteel Ingot would like a word with you.


1x Scroll Rack

1x Chrome Mox

I'd run Divining Top over Scroll Rack pretty much any day. Yes, you can Rack back a Dragon to get with Scion, but in any other situation Top is 100% better. Mox is good. I dislike the exile clause, but whatcha gonna do? Maybe look into Mox Diamond as well.

Where the fuck is Crucible of Worlds?


Are you drunk?

5x Enemy Fetchlands

1x Strip Mine

The fetches are obvious, but in 5c pretty much required for maximum efficiency. Mine's a good card whether you go for the lock or not.

crexalbo on Budget U/G Infect

1 week ago

I'd personally recommend Distortion Strike over Artful Dodge, because you don't have to play its mana cost the second time, and the +1/+0 buff split over two turns can be quite relevant (+2 poison). Even though it's a couple bucks a copy, i personally think it's well worth the upgrade. Also, Thornwood Falls is a budget dual land that you may be interested in, even though it does come into play tapped.

Take a look at my take on infect, if you like, even though it's by no means budget:

Color(s) Blue
Cost U
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 11.33
Avg. cube pick 13.32


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Common

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