Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

DBCooper on Modern UG Infect

1 hour ago

Artful Dodge is a killer card here as well, but you already have plenty of unblockables. nice deck.

@ on Power-up

1 day ago

Titan's Strength not Banners Raised.

This deck doesn't need to be dual colored; switching out the blue will make it slightly more possible to counter but more reliable. Seeing how you are gearing towards a turn 3 win, it seems unlikely that they will have much in the way of creatures, so simply making it so they cant block with them or having trample will probably be enough. Some ways to do that: Mugging, Ground Rift, Messenger's Speed, Dust Corona, or Blinding Flare. Something else that would undoubtedly be awesome in your deck is Infernal Plunge. You could use sac flamekin and pull off another 3 spells.

Personally, I would recommend replacing Artful Dodge, Distortion, and Nivmagus Elemental with Messenger's Speed, Blinding Flare, and Infernal Plunge. There is even the possibility of swapping out Blistercoil Weird seeing how much you want Kiln Fiend only, and the rest are too weak for quick victory. Plus, then you will have more spells to buff up your dude with. If you do, then you would probably want to put in either Mugging or Rouse the Mob.

I actually forgot about Rouse the Mob earlier, so maybe you want to use that instead of Messenger's Speed. Messenger's Speed would probably do better multiplayer, as it would keep trample, but would help you quickly and effectively eliminate a single opponent. So, it's probably better to have both in there.

Dunquixote on Rock 'n' Mill (and a list of all MTG's mill cards)

3 days ago

I think you did an excellent job at explaining your strategy with this deck. I've been trying to build a deck, specifically a mill deck since I first started investing money into the game, which was about seven years ago; but I didn't have any idea what kind of strategy or themes I should focus on aside from the concept of milling itself. I just recently found your deck through google along with the other one, and built my own deck--after buying some singles that I needed; based a little on your deck and the other tappedout deck I had found. Since it was only just recently that I "completed" building my deck (could use some tweaking still); and found out that some of my friends now played Magic; I've only had two opportunities to try out my deck. In the one match that I won, the Artful Dodge + Consuming Aberration combo helped me win the match, which I would have lost on my friend's next turn. Anyways, your strategy was easy to understand and your explanations on why you picked certain cards for your deck helped me when I was constructing my own deck. Thanks for posting this and putting so much thought and time into explaining it. :)

TheDevicer on Tiny Leader Prowess Shenanigans

1 week ago

I have a pretty similar deck Bruce Lee's One-Inch Punch. I run more Preordain type cards, so I've noticed 16 lands is more than enough. Aqueous Form over Artful Dodge. Mystic Monastery is too slow.

Lame_Duck on Fun viable deck ideas?

1 week ago

Red Deck Wins is basically always a cheap and viable aggro archetype; aggressively costed red creatures like Rakdos Cackler, Stormblood Berserker and Hellspark Elemental with the curve topping out with something like Hellrider and backed up by efficient burn spells to clear out blockers or remove the opponent's last few points of health such as Lightning Bolt, Magma Jet and Searing Blood. You can see the decks tagged with "Red Deck Wins" and "Budget" sorted by score here.

You can also make a very aggressive artifact deck for cheap with metalcraft cards like Ardent Recruit and Galvanic Blast and free artifacts like Memnite and Ornithopter. My own attempt is Deus Est Machina.

For a more combo-y aggro deck there's infect, bogles and Kiln Fiend decks. They all very explosive, usually winning around turns 2-4, and work by pumping up a one or two creatures to deal lethal damage with a single attack. Infect uses the infect mechanic with creatures such as Glistener Elf, Plague Stinger, Blighted Agent and Ichorclaw Myr and cheap pumps spells like Groundswell and Mutagenic Growth. Examples can be seen here.

Bogles uses hexproof creatures and enchants them up to the eyeballs with auras; Gladecover Scout and Slippery Bogle with things like Rancor, Ethereal Armor and Spirit Mantle. You can read a modern primer for it here, which is mostly budget friendly already, I believe the only thing you'd probably want to skip is Daybreak Coronet.

Kiln Fiend is my favourite of the three, although it's presumably the weakest since both bogles and infect see modern play and I'm pretty sure Kiln Fiend does not; it is, unsurprisingly, built around Kiln Fiend and Nivix Cyclops and cheap instants and sorcery cards to pump them up; cards like Assault Strobe and Titan's Strength to increase damage, Artful Dodge and Distortion Strike to avoid blockers, Mizzium Skin and Turn Aside to protect the creatures. My deck is Killin' Fiend.

Hopefully you find something here you like the look of.

ecmmyers on Budget Lazav EDH

1 week ago

Hi there, I saw your post on r/EDH!

Here's a small primer/ theme deck that I run as my main EDH deck. I only bring it up so you can see a few good interactions for the cards I might suggest: Welcome to the Undercity. It started off as a budget deck and I gradually put some love into it. It's still not overly expensive but I can't call it budget with good conscience any longer.

Firstly, you will need to think about how you want to win, if that is your goal? With Commander damage, or with mill? I'm assuming a budget of up to $1-2 per card?

Some budget Voltron options are Artful Dodge, Trailblazer's Boots, Aqueous Form, etc. Notice that the focus is on getting in a reliable hit. This will help you effectively use threats like the Aberration and Szadek. It also allows Lazav to compete in the Commander Damage race. More cheap damage equipment are Bonehoard, Trepanation Blade and Nighthowler. These suggestions are for if you want to win with the classic Voltron style.

For more mill, I would add Altar of the Brood, who has a sweet interaction with Undead Alchemist and other mass mill spells. If you can spring for it, I love love love Mesmeric Orb definitely the most powerful mill card. It totally blows Millstone out of the water. Maybe also look into Hedron Crab or Altar of Dementia. The altar has saved me personally a few times. If someone is board wiping you while you have a 50/50 Aberration, or Szadek or Zombie token swarm, you can mill them for the combined power of your army as a last resort.

I prefer Dimir Signet over the Keyrune because it occasionally allows for a turn 3 Lazav.

I like Archive Trap better than Mind Funeral, personally. It hits for a reliable 13, where as even in optimal conditions you mill for a bit less with MF (i.e. On the tenth turn, an opponent having no additional draw, never missing a land drop, running 37 lands, and ramping for 4 additional lands over the course of the game, a Mind Funeral will mill for 13.5 lands on average). (92-10 drawn - 4 ramp/ (37-14) * 4). Additionally, there is nothing that says that you have to mill the person who searches, you can tutor for yourself and mill another guy for free!

Cemetery Puca is really lackluster in my experience. He only copies what dies, e.g it has to be on the field first, and then he costs 1 to copy... Maybe use a Royal Assassin or a Guiltfeeder or even a Crypt Ghast since your curve seems extraordinarily high with your mana base.

I would swap Diluvian Primordial for Lord of the Void for free creatures

Even if you take none of my suggestions, The five cards I recommend you cut (so you are at the 100 card limit)

Cut the plain Clone - He just doesn't do much that other clones can't. Cut Sands of Delirium, since you will seldom have spare mana, and it only hits one player at a time. No need to draw any more attention to ourselves, since players already give mill disproportionate hate anyway. Cut Nightveil Specter since he is overly match up dependent. You still have to pay for the cards he exiles. Cut In Garruk's Wake, since it is way too expensive and you don't want to be wiping too much since it takes a fair bit of work to get a board state with a mill deck. Cut either Mindshrieker or Wight of Precinct Six, since I always found them to be underwhelming. WP6 is still pretty vanilla - easily chump blocked by a token, and the bird costs 2 for a gamble and often you hit a land.

Good luck and Happy Milling! +1

CurdBrosBrewingCo on Jeskai/Geist Prowess Tempo (aka "The Jeskai Way")

2 weeks ago

Kage-no-Raito- I have some pretty extensive testing data and FNM results, but I don't travel or play any major tournaments. I will trim down the notes and results into something more concise and post it on here. Bascially the win percentage I have had against different archetypes. My local FNM or Tuesday night modern results are very good, but that doesn't mean much in the scheme of things. We have a testing group that tests each other's decks against what we call "the gauntlet" of the current best decks to get testing notes and experience. I will make sure to get something together for everyone. I am also planning on getting the cards on our MTGO account and playing dailes to get the deck more publicity (if I do well). I haven't really ever played on MTGO, but it's the best way in my opinion to get some attention for the deck.

LocketRauncher- I have been on the fence about testing with Ideas Unbound, but now I have to try it. I also agree with you about Artful Dodge. I have been testing with differing numbers of copies of Artful Dodge and Distortion Strike to see what the perfect number of each will be for the deck. I need to update my sideboard. I will do so shortly, but I have a copy of Twisted Image in my sideboard. I really want to get one in the main board given the increase in main deck Spellskites recently so I will probably find a card to cut to get one in the main and one in the side. Thank you as always for your help and awesome Killin' Fiend deck.

Globeking on 2015-02-18 update of Spellrush-- because ...

2 weeks ago

I have been playing this build a bit and my main issue is consistancy. I added Faithless Looting and Artful Dodge

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