Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

Son-of-Mace on Budgetcoil Weird (Turn 2 win for less than $60)

14 hours ago

Artful Dodge and/or Distortion Strike should probably be mainboard, seeing that you have no evasion io trample on your guy

Fungreatmario on Budgetcoil Weird (Turn 2 win for less than $60)

21 hours ago

Dr_Moosh Matsi883 Thank you both for the suggestions. Just a couple of things to think about,

1) Budget: Ok, I know Faithless Looting(it is in my sideboard) is extremely budget, but Serum Visions and Manamorphose are out of my price range.

2) I prefer Aphotic Wisps over Artful Dodge because I get an almost unblockable Weird and a free draw.

3) I would add Sulfur Falls, Steam Vents, and Scalding Tarn to the deck if I could afford it.

farthernick on The Simic's Favorite Pet

1 day ago

So I was working on an edh deck and I came across some other cards that might be useful to you.

Artful Dodge : Given the low mana cost and flashback, it might be better than Taigam’s Strike. I'd run 2 if you could.

Increasing Savagery : I'm not a big fan of Give / Take. Again, given the flashback this might be a bit better.

As far as some other suggested changes:

Bident of Thassa -> Teferi's Puzzle Box : Will draw you more cards in the end, and outside of AEtherspouts and Polymorphist's Jest the bident doesn't really do much for you.

Polymorphist's Jest -> Propaganda : This saves you from weenie swarm tactics. Not to mention that as soon as it drops, your opponent's have the option of attacking with 1-2 creatures or casting spells that turn. Granted, not as good if your playgroup runs a lot of utility creatures.

Profaner of the Dead -> Psychosis Crawler : The only downside of this is that the crawler combined with the puzzle box will kill a lot faster than the squids. :( The Crawler will not die when Puzzle Box puts your current hand on the bottom of your library, before you draw. In the middle of an ability there is no time for state based effects to check the P/T of the Crawler so it never realizes that it was technically a 0/0 for a brief instant. 99% confident about this.

And as a parting word, remember Psychic Possession only affects 1 opponent, not all opponents. Good luck brewing, and enjoy giving your playgroup some friendly misery. :)

Skulloelegy on Glorious Technicolour

1 day ago


I've added Rogue's Passage and I could fit in Artful Dodge and Distortion Strike somewhere.

Yggdrasil60 on Testicular Fortitude - Need help for tourney

5 days ago

And of course, a card way better than Rouse the Mob : Artful Dodge

Minjahamster on Frostbite

1 week ago

Brute Force is a Giant Growth in red, which is much better than Bull Rush.

Apostle's Blessing can give protection to any color for fairly cheap, which is good in the event of spot removal.

Mutagenic Growth is a "free" +5+2 at instant speed, which is incredibly nice.

Pact of Negation helps as both a pump spell and protection for 0, with a negligible drawback as when it comes down it should mean the game winning push.

You'll probably want to max out Kiln Fiend, Nivix Cyclops, Artful Dodge, and Distortion Strike for conistency, but looks pretty fun with a little more polish!

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