Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

tclaw12 on Kinda Izzet Beat-Down

17 hours ago

Monastery Swiftspear and Blistercoil Weird could be really strong here.

Distortion Strike could replace Artful Dodge.

CurdBrosBrewingCo on Jeskai Prowess Unblockable

4 days ago

ColdHeartedSith- It is true that if no creatures are available at the beginning of turn, that the rebound spell will fizzle. However, that doesn't happen very often. Also, given that Emerge Unscathed is often cast in response to a removal spell, it almost always has a creature target on the following turn. Another point on the plus side is that the rebound spells are free spells for prowess. I don't often kill on a single turn, but more death by a thousand cuts (slashes in this case).

I have tested Artful Dodge in the past and did like it in the deck. I like to run a very low curve/land count and I found that I liked the free aspect of the Distortion Strike in my particular build. I do think that if you are setting up a one turn kill with a more "all-in" style deck, Artful Dodge would be a better choice because you can control when you want the unblockable ability more easily.

I didn't play during the original rebound days in rise of eldrazi standard so I can't comment on how strong rebound was in standard, but I do know the new rebound cards in Khans were TERRIBLE. I was so excited to see that rebound was a mechanic in Khans and then they printed a bunch of way overcosted rebound spells. They basically reprinted Emerge Unscathed as Center Soul and Distortion Strike as Taigam’s Strike but just tacked on more mana to the cost. I assume they were overcosted because of their interaction with prowess, but I'm not sure.

I would love to see your list. I will check out your decks.

ColdHeartedSith on Jeskai Prowess Unblockable

4 days ago

one thing I wanted to mention is the rebound spells. If Your creatures are killed in response initially then when they rebound they have no targets. Rebound was always stronger in standard. Kind of thiking thats where my Artful Dodge and Assault Strobe will slot. What are your thoughts?

kriss_96 on Steamblast

4 days ago

I think I prefer Artful Dodge over Distortion Strike, I have a Similar deck Izzet - Hit Hard

steveoowns on I swing for "0" (Need Help)

4 days ago

I think you may want to try Distortion Strike over Artful Dodge just because you don't have to pay the second time around. The power bonus is useless but meh

BrawnSawyer on $5 Infect

2 weeks ago

In response to splashing blue, an alternative to Distortion Strike is Artful Dodge.

drthmnky: yes.

Demarge on Mission: Make Relic Seeker Work

2 weeks ago

Artful Dodge might be a tad too narrow for this deck, if anything I might want a higher number of Faith's Shield as it has a bit more utility.

Hoschie on Mission: Make Relic Seeker Work

2 weeks ago

you could use 1 or 2 Artful Dodge I think

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