Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge


Target creature is unblockable this turn.

Flashback U (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Artful Dodge Discussion

MoosemastheDestroyer on Rock 'n' Mill (and a list of all MTG's mill cards)

1 day ago

Hey man, always love to see mill decks in modern (I play one myself that's dimir colored and wins on turns 3-5). I don't really know if you're working with a budget or not but, if you're not... think about using Snapcaster Mage? It's an expensive way of saying to your opponent you're going to flashback your Glimpse the Unthinkable or Mind Funeral (which just happens to work very well for me if your match goes past turn 5).

You should maybe consider Archive Trap like CrimsonKing suggested because I highly recommend it. The amount of searching that goes on in modern really makes Archive Trap quite possibly one of the best cards for mill as you can cast it for 0 if your opponent searches early game. Also consider running the Archive Trap + Ghost Quarter combo as you can force your opponent to search as well (I personally love the combo because I've ended up many times in matches with 3x Archive Trap and a Ghost Quarter in hand turn 1 and it's just a very nasty thing to do to mill your opponent for 39 cards turn 1). If you're contemplating taking things out for this combo I would suggest maybe trying to take out your 4x Sunken Ruins and 2x Breaking for 3x Ghost Quarter and 3x Archive Trap. Sunken Ruins is nice for what it does but that's one Swamp or Island you could have spent tapping for something like an extra Glimpse the Unthinkable floating in your hand. You know what I mean?!

Fetchlands I'm not very fond of in dual-colored decks because you're better off using them in tribal-colored decks that use a lot of shocklands whereas in dual-colored decks you can use basic lands which are faster drops.

That Artful Dodge + Consuming Aberration combo nice and is always an old favorite. You have a nice shell for your mill. I hope I could enlighten you on some nice information man!

Necrotize on Ruhan of the Fomori Patriot control UWR

3 days ago

Someone said it earlier, but feel it is worth mentioning again. Cyclonic Rift is such a great spell that finds a place in all my blue edh decks.

Artful Dodge can enable you to get in two unblockable attackers with Ruhan, which is just one away from commander damage death with no other help. Distortion Strike can also help enable Ruhan.

Chaos Warp is a nice tuck spell that can take a troubling permanent out of the equation for a while.

monkeyofficeboy on Why do they always send the poor ? - Pauper EDH

3 days ago

Good work on the deck. I am just getting into Pauper EDH myself, and so I like the looks of yours, +1.

One suggestion I had could be Artful Dodge. I know you already hvae a flying commander, but making it unblockable too is never a bad thing, its a cheap to cast spell, and it has a cheap flashback cost too.

Xydroth on Delving Pyromancers

1 week ago

Yeah the Phyrexian mana cards are really good in this deck. I already run Apostle's Blessing in my sideboard. And I was thinking about Mutagenic Growth. And I think it will be really good in this deck. But I dont know what I should drop for it...

I think the idea of playing 'pacts' is really funny, but I dont know if I would do that because if your opponent plays something like Fog then you are kinda screwed. I would like to see your opponents face when you play 4 Gitaxian Probe, 4 Slaughter Pact. Then he must be like: "this is scary... But what an idiot! I just play my Fog. And then he loses, and I win". And then you play Pact of Negation. And you swing with one Kiln Fiend for one gazillion damage and a huge mana dept of 17 mana.

But you can do the same with the Phyrexian mana. In a playtest I did I had 3 Gitaxian Probe in my hand with two Kiln Fiend on the board. I made both of them unblockable with 1 Artful Dodge with flashback. And buft one even more with Brute Force. After that I also played the 3 Gitaxian Probe. Dealing 41 damage in turn four.

Xydroth on KilN It

1 week ago

I have a same kind of deck. But i am also running Delver of Secrets  Flip.

Delving Pyromancers Playtest

Modern Xydroth


I suggest dropping either Artful Dodge or Distortion Strike. I think one of both must be enough. And then i suggest adding 2 Vapor Snag and 1 or 2 Mana Leak. This way you will still be able to push through your opponents defences. And you are more capable to deal with you opponent his threats. I suggest dropping Distortion Strike because you can still use it when it comes in to the graveyard.

Also I dont think you need the back up Nivix Cyclops is needed, defenitely nof a 4-off. And a backup-backup is defenitely not needed. I would drop Wee Dragonauts and drop 2 or 4 Nivix Cyclops and replace them for 4 Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt is just too good. This way you can kill threats and clearing the field or keep poking your opponent even more. Also Monastery Swiftspear is worth playing 4 times.

I would also drop Mizzium Skin because al lot of times it will only safe you from threats that target only one creature. And you wont be protected from boardwhipes as Wrath of God. With Dispel, Spell Pierce or Mana Leak for example you are able to stop any of those kind of threats.

Also if you add counters like these you should be able to be deal with more kind of situations, such as kill cards, other counters, board wipes and sometimes even creatures.

Programmer_112 on Strange Utopia

1 week ago

I'm thinking that Treasure Cruise is better than Dig Through Time in this "archetype" (if you can call it that). It draws you more cards, and doesn't require you to get up mana to play. Steelshaper's Gift with Hallowed Fountain instead of Breeding Pool is probably better than Karametra's Favor, especially if you can get Flooded Strands instead of Wooded Foothills. Also Gelectrode gives you another way to combo, but you just won't realistically cast him on 10 lands. Replace with Manamorphose to let you dig through your deck faster and get up mana when you need. Serum Visions is also awesome. Lastly, Artful Dodge is probably good over Aphotic Wisps so you can get multiple casts for Weird (cast Artful Dodge, then flashback it for two triggers), and a singleton Flame Jab to get you basically 2 damage for each extra land you have would be great for consistency.

ShiltonCDXX on Golgari Infect

1 week ago

No Glistener Elf or Mutagenic Growth? No instant speed pump spells?? Are you sure this is an infect deck?

In all seriousness though, as a casual deck this would work fine.

Now if you wanted this to compete against other modern decks you would be way to slow. By turn 5 your opponent would have enough removal, counterspells and/or enough of a board presence to take care of your creatures. You would want to add some sort of evasion to the deck and blue generally offers infect the most in those terms Blighted Agent and Artful Dodge are two main players Apostle's Blessing is a great combat trick from white (and thanks to phyrexian mana you don't need plains in the deck).

One key I have found playing infect is not to bother with fatties, I used to run Putrefax and when infect was standard he was a powerhouse, in modern, he's a liability. The key is to use low cost unassuming creatures then with some combination of pump (I personally love Mutagenic Growth + Primal Bellow + Titanic Growth ) and win in one hit. I'll post a link to my infect deck if you'd like to use it for reference. I consider it a fairly competitive deck that wins by turn 4 at the latest.

As a side note, Wild Defiance was made for infect decks IMO. It is one of the only cards that will show infect players to extend into the long game. Seeing someone have to waste a Stoke the Flames to take out a Glistener Elf is awesome.

Infectious Decay

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