Storm Cauldron


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Alliances (ALL) Rare

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Storm Cauldron


Each player may play an additional land during each of his or her turns.

Whenever a land is tapped for mana, return it to its owner's hand.

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Storm Cauldron Discussion

Vlad_The_Inhaler on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [BUDGET]

2 weeks ago

I've been messing around with different setups with cards I already own and I put Terrain Generator and Walking Atlas in and they both work as well as can be expected in the stead of fetches. I took out Thornbite Staff from mine because it wasn't doing much for me. I really like Storm Cauldron especially with Crucible of Worlds if only I had the crucible lol. I switched out Curse of Opulence and Commune with Lava with Krenko's Command and Dragon Fodder for some more tokens just because it's closer to my play style. I also switched in Ruby Medallion and Caged Sun for two mountain. I'm just messing with different combinations right now but they seem to be working well for me so far.

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [BUDGET]

2 weeks ago

Added Walking Atlas and Terrain Generator. These cards really do well in casual games where you don't use fetches, and the lands are in your hand as opposed to being taken straight from the library.

Also added Storm Cauldron to the sideboard. This card is a really strong Stax effect, but draws a lot of hate, understandably. The card basically reads "Every turn play two mountains, tap them and float two red mana, and in response sac them to Ib for two Goblin tokens. Repeat each turn.". It plays better with Crucible of Worlds, but it is definitely a solid late game play if your boardstate is already better than your opponents.

Sharky-Prodiver on A Michael Bay Film, Omnath: Age of Explosions! v3

2 weeks ago

No love for Manabond and Storm Cauldron combo? Maybe add Ashnod's Altar for sack and damage outlet

andymaul123 on fungkm-mtg

2 weeks ago

Hi fungkm-mtg! I've never played a hard combo-control lands deck, mostly because the precedent in legacy has lands decks grinding out long games with punishing fire or setting up a Marit Lage.

That being said, there are several options for a WUB based combo-control deck. The first thing that comes to mind is a Seasons Past loop with a tutor and Splendid Reclamation. You'll have do the math and figure out when it goes infinite for your needs, but it's a way to generate infinite mana and/or landfall triggers. Something like Ob Nixilis, the Fallen or Retreat to Hagra would end the game.

I've played with Storm Cauldron and Manabond before, and it's a blast (mine was in a Borborygmos Enraged shell). I'd highly recommend it, because it's incredibly disruptive. There's also Mana Breach and Land Equilibrium. I've always wanted to try this type of archetype, so if you do please keep me posted on its development! I have a foil Roil Elemental that I pulled back in the day that has sat in my box for years waiting for the right shell, and so I'm personally vested in this idea for you.

A lands deck can also feature the Dakmor Salvage and The Gitrog Monster combo. Skirge Familiar will get you lots of mana, as can one of my personal favorites Cadaverous Bloom. Traditionally Tasigur lists use infinite mana to loop Reality Shift to mill the table, but with a big-mana set up I'd run something with more flair like Villainous Wealth. If you're unfamiliar with the Reality Shift loop, a quick google should get you the basics.

You still have access to Dark Depths and a suite of cards to cheat it out in Thief of Blood, AEther Snap, Vampire Hexmage, and Hex Parasite if you want redundancy with Thespian's Stage. Having Marit Lage as a backup is always a good idea.

Walk the Aeons is a personal favorite card of mine, and it's not hard to figure out a way to go infinite with it if you have the support. Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Crucible of Worlds is enough to do the trick.

Lastly, there are the dark ways of Pox and Death Cloud if you want to try stax. I have very little experience in that realm, but figured I'd drop it in case it piqued your interest.

All this thinking about sultai lands has me wanting to build a sister deck to my main one now :P

Shiek200 on Mogis Trigger

1 month ago

He wouldn't have enough creatures to run Contamination effectively, but Blood Moon could be good. I would try Infernal Darkness instead. Price of Glory could also be really solid. Not sure how I like Storm Cauldron in this deck, but it's another option.

SufferFromEDHD on 5color death by lands

2 months ago

GorehoundABB thank you for the constructive criticism and the cut suggestions.

Amulet of Vigor "fixes" 22 manlands/utility lands and Splendid Reclamation. I feel it has a place in this list.

You have a very strong point with Storm Cauldron. I liked the synergy with Manabond but it is rather flimsy with all the removal that exists in my meta.

Gaea's Cradle has underperformed in this list and is getting cut.

GorehoundABB on 5color death by lands

2 months ago

This is pretty sweet list.

I would make it if it wasn't so damn expensive.

As for what needs to be cut, I think these cards can be cut.

1) Amulet of Vigor- None of the lands aside from the shock lands / man-lands need to come in to play tapped. The Amulet is more of combo piece for Primeval Titan and other fast mana combos. If really want untapped mana available for the deck fast and effectively, Mana Rocks seem to be a better alternative than the artifact.

2) Storm Cauldron - Its more of a STAX card and doesn't seem to fit in with a man-land strategy especially when you have to tap mana to activate said Man-Lands. I see the potential synergies with Manabond and Burgeoning but it seems like a risky line to play as it can easily backfire really easily with opponents artifact/enchantment destruction both very prevalent in EDH. The deck seems to get more value out of sacrificing lands more than anything else through Knight of the Reliquary, The Gitrog Monster and Titania, Protector of Argoth. If you are dead set on running a card that can allow you to play 2 lands per turn, Exploration seems like the go-to card here.

3) Gaea's Cradle - To be completely honest, I don't understand why you have this in the 99. With no token generation effects aside from Titania, Protector of Argoth and a lower than average creature count this card is pretty dead most of the time. If you are tapping to activate your man lands to activate the Cradle to get mana, you won't any return from that heavy of a mana investment. As a replacement , might I recommend Phyrexian Tower. It fits well with the minor sacrifice subtheme the deck has going for it and nets you mana. This paired with Sliver Queen as your commander to create some board presence in another wise uninteractive game can be a value engine fitting for that subtheme. I would also imagine that having Sliver Queen as a commander in a Lands build would throw some players in for a loop as far as what your deck hopes to accomplish over the long game.

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