Dust Corona


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos (PLC) Common

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Dust Corona

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and can't be blocked by creatures with flying.

Dust Corona Discussion

loricatuslupus on A Deal With the Devil EDH

1 month ago

I like this deck, it's a really neat Kaalia direction and the Shapeshifter/contract idea is a cool one! However, I agree with the other comments both here and on the forum with regard to getting earlier wins. Coloured mana rocks are an absolute must (whether you go with the signets or talismans is up to you) and Commander's Sphere will usually do work too. The key is casting Kaalia as soon as possible, because she gets everything else out for free, so quality mana production beats having more land - I second trying to cut down to 35, and while I get that 'lands are cooler' you're still only playing one per turn in Mardu. You also don't seem to have any ways to either protect Kaalia or give her haste, these are crucial considering she's only a 2/2 and getting a demon out alongside when she enters puts you a turn closer to victory. The classics are of course Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots , but I really like both Dust Corona and Reconnaissance . Razaketh and Vilis are strong additions that work excellently in concert and will give you some good cards advantage. I'm not sold on Mikaeus just because all you shifters count as Humans! My deck Still Better than Dan Brown... might suggest some more removal too, although I have gone the land destruction route and I wouldn't recommend that unless you actively want to lose friends...

FyreLorde on Kaalia's Inferno

1 month ago

subiskier: Glad you like it! Yeah, getting Kaalia swinging quickly is definitely important, though I'm not really a huge fan of Hanweir Battlements , Slayers' Stronghold , and most other lands that give haste. Effectively paying 2 or 3 mana is a pretty big tax on getting Kaalia out, and I rarely find myself in a situation where I'm really wanting to pay it. I used to run Flamekin Village in the deck, but I swapped it out for Hall of the Bandit Lord which seems to work way better as you're not really paying anything extra other than it entering tapped. As for Fervor , I've actually been looking into slotting in Dragon Tempest (which is almost strictly better in this deck) but I haven't really decided what I'm willing to take out for it yet. Swiftfoot Boots is definitely a good card, and worth running alongside Lightning Greaves , but at a 5 mana investment I'm not too fond of Whispersilk Cloak . Thanks for the comment, and good luck to you too!

loricatuslupus: Thanks! I agree, I love creature decks much more than combos and Kaalia seems like one of the few that is aggressive enough to have a consistent chance at outpacing them. In my personal meta it's rather rare for there to not be any player without a flyer that Kaalia can safe swing at, so I'm not really too concerned about preventing blocking or damage effects with things like Dust Corona and Dolmen Gate . However, I actually have been thinking about adding Reconnaissance to the deck for a while (and probably would've already if I could find a copy locally) due to it's amazing value in both giving Kaalia safe triggers and pseudo-vigilance to all of my creatures. As for Chromatic Lantern , I actually used to run it in the deck (most of the maybe board is cards I ran at one time but later cut) but I just found that it wasn't very helpful. My mana base is stable enough at this point that I very rarely am in need of it's fixing, and at 3 cmc it doesn't really help me ramp Kaalia out. The initial goal of the deck is always have Kaalia swinging on turn 4 at the latest (ideally turn 2 or 3), and 2 cmc rocks like Sphere of the Suns just do a much better job at accomplishing that. Dark Ritual has done pretty well for me, I think. It allows for some pretty explosive early turns in either getting an extra rock out or ramping out Kaalia up to 2 turns earlier. Even late game I can usually find some use for it to stretch out my mana for more valuable turns. While temple lands are arguable some of the better taplands, I personally would not run them if I don't have to as taplands significantly reduce the speed of the deck and are detrimental to my plan of getting Kaalia out as quickly as possible. I used to run Reya Dawnbringer but I found that she was often either stuck without a target, or removed before she could do anything. I cut her in an attempt to shift away from effects like hers where you have to wait a turn to get anything out of them, and towards things that give immediate value upon entering/hitting. Also there's already enough times where I have Animate Dead or Reanimate in my hand with no good targets that I don't really think I'm in need of more recursion right now. Never really been a fan of Adarkar Valkyrie as her ability seems a bit underwhelming to me, especially when you have to wait a turn to use her as well. They're both alright cards, but if I ran them it would be solely for the synergy with a couple of cards like Razaketh, the Foulblooded that you mentioned, and that's not really worth it for me. Thanks for the comment and suggestions, and good luck with your own deck as well!

loricatuslupus on Kaalia's Inferno

2 months ago

Nice list! Also a Kaalia player (shameless plug: Still Better than Dan Brown...) and I really enjoy the challenges she brings to the table. Being creature based always feels far more like playing a "fair" deck than some of the combo commanders, and Kaalia herself is a real Achilles heel that can countered/killed/ Imprisoned in the Moon . I definitely agree with subiskier about additional protection: Dust Corona , Reconnaissance and Dolmen Gate are all good picks. I see Chromatic Lantern in your Maybes, and honestly since it got reprinted there is absolutely no reason not to get a copy to replace Sphere of the Suns. On the topic of mana acceleration, how has Dark Ritual performed for you? I used to run it but found there was nothing I needed the triple black for except Necropotence and usually would rather see a mana rock. You're better off just upgrading the mana base so that it can deal with whatever you need to play, painlands and Temples are strong picks. Creaturewise I'd only suggest that as you already have Razaketh and Rune-Scarred Demon you add either Reya Dawnbringer or Adarkar Valkyrie for some serious #walue.

loricatuslupus on [[Primer]] Kaalia of The Vast EDH Aggro

2 months ago

Nice to see another Kaalia player. Out of interest, what decks have you faced in a cEDH setting? I found my Still Better than Dan Brown... deck got royally destroyed and I'm running more tutors, an optimal land package plus more ways to protect the general (which you seem short on, don't you find that as soon as you play her she becomes a lightning rod?). Anyway, while creatures are the heart and soul of any Kaalia deck I would go down a few and squeeze in lower CMC stuff like Dust Corona , Reconnaissance and Amulet of Vigor - especially spicy with Kaalia and makes your taplands into straight duals. Boros Charm is another all-star, especially if you fancy dabbling in land destruction because it saves all yours. Speaking of lands, your manabase is where you can make the most improvements. Getting Kaalia of the Vast out and swinging ASAP reliably is the most important thing you can do. If you can't afford the full dual/fetch/shock package the painlands and temples are excellent.

loricatuslupus on HEAVENLY INFERNO - Kaalia of the Vast UPGRADE

9 months ago

Always nice to see another Kaalia deck as she was my first (shameless plug: Still Better than Dan Brown...). Firstly, is that "sideboard" in fact meant to be your wants list? If so, just make your acquireboard public to avoid any confusion! Anyway I'd recommend losing Ancient Hellkite, Mana-Charged Dragon and Victory's Herald. Consider Angelic Field Marshal/Demon of Wailing Agonies/Tyrant's Familiar as you'll usually be getting them out with Kaalia. Speaking of, if you want to stop her getting munched take a look at Dust Corona and Reconnaissance, either of which might be better than Angelic Chorus or Exquisite Blood - good cards, but 5cmc is the spot where you can start thinking about hard-casting creatures and you don't really seem to have any synergistic plays with gaining life (perhaps introduce Krav, the Unredeemed/Regna, the Redeemer combo?). If you can upgrade your package to include Anguished Unmaking and Vindicate over cards like Wrecking Ball then do: unconditional removal is never a dead draw. Finally, Helm of the Host is epic with Kaalia.

Ps, I see you run Armageddon. Depending on who you play with, I would recommend either going all-in on the land destruction by getting more mana rocks and other spells like Cataclysm or dropping it entirely. It can make you very unpopular...

RedUndead40 on Akroma is here to smash face and win the arms race

1 year ago

I'm personally a big fan of Dust Corona on any red flying voltron commander. Essentially unblockable, plus a decent power boost for a fair price.

loricatuslupus on Kaalia's Vengeance

1 year ago

Love Kaalia, though my deck (shameless plug: Still Better than Dan Brown...) doesn't bother with the dragons as I feel you have to give them a bit more support if you want to make use of the firebreathing abilities lots of them come with. If you've not seen it definitely look into the Dominaria card Helm of the Host which is just filthy with Kaalia. The earlier suggestion of Gustcloak Savior is a good one but you can get a similar effect from Dolmen Gate, which will be out earlier and so can protect Kaalia from her first swing. Plus you still get to do some damage. Do you have any draw/search plans? I know tutors are expensive but you may find yourself with no creatures in hand which is a waste if you want to go down the extra combat phases route. Even just a Phyrexian Arena will greatly raise the probability of drawing a playable creature as the game goes on, or there's Ob Nixilis Reignited who brings creature destruction along with him too! Finally, as you're not heavily into Angel Tribal I'd consider Dust Corona over Angelic Destiny. Cheap and simple way to make your flying Commander unblockable without blue.

spacemunky on Locust Artifact Swarm

1 year ago

Looks good, makes me consider ordering a Locust God. A Dust Corona will make him nigh unblockable.

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