Elemental Mastery


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Elemental Mastery

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has "Tap: Put X 1/1 red Elemental creature tokens with haste into play, where X is this creature's power. Remove them from the game at end of turn."

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Elemental Mastery Discussion

onehitterquiter on Aurelia - Keywords & Combat steps

2 weeks ago

Cool deck! Mask of Memory and Rogue's Gloves might be good ways to draw more in here. Knollspine Dragon too. Masterwork of Ingenuity might be rad as well. Two Helms of the Host? Don't mind if I do!

I must implore you to play Stonehewer Giant most of all, for he can fetch two equipment (which enter and auto-equip for a mere 2 mana) per turn thanks to Aurelia. He also has vigilance, meaning he can swing and fetch at the same dang time what what!!!

Other considerations might be Tithe and Mistveil Plains (for use with Sunforger), Elemental Mastery, Gratuitous Violence, True Conviction, and Ogre Battledriver.

Kingtalk on Flipping Out and Flippin You Off

1 month ago

Crazed Firecat and Molten Sentry are just general upside for coin flipping and board presence. Elemental Mastery gives Okaun the ability to go pretty damn wide (potential win-con). Mana Clash gives you a good deal of flips usually, Fighting Chance flips a lot of coins for cheap. I'm actually brewing my deck tech for these guys as we speak, I like what you got!

onehitterquiter on NAYA--Samut, Voice of Dissent. All will be reigned

1 month ago

Reconnaissance!! Why? Because Samut has vigilance, so you can swing with her, use her ability to untap one of your other doods during combat, then untap her with Recon and remove her from combat. Meaning you get to untap her for free each turn. It gives all your dudes pseudo-vigilance too (use it at the end of combat step to untap all your dudes that swung). I would also have to recommended Elemental Mastery

WBG on Turn 4 Win 80% of the Time

1 month ago

Why did you take out Presence of Gond and replace it with Elemental Mastery? It costs 3, not 4, and if you run it as an infinite combo, either way you end up with infinite 1/1s, who cares if you get them quicker with X. Also, in your plan, you said turn 3: Elemental Mastery, but it costs 4.

Crivaro on Duk Duk Goose [Valduk Voltron]

2 months ago

Think about both Crown of Doom and Elemental Mastery, maybe they are for you =) +1!

Dorotheus on MagicalHacker - List of All 2-Card Infinite Combos

3 months ago

Elemental Mastery also works with Altar Golem.

OH here's a really esoteric one: Life and Limb + Sporemound , and I previously mentioned Illusionist's Bracers + Tidewater Minion on the forum page also, as mentioned above Aphetto Alchemist also works in that.

jjp16 on Sek'kuar, Shaman Tribal Synergy

3 months ago


Thornbite Staff equipped to any creature that taps and produces tokens, such as a creature with Elemental Mastery, or Kazandu Tuskcaller, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, plus a sac outlet ensures that the tokens produced can be killed off, untapping the creature with the staff who made the tokens, allowing more tokens to be made. You can also use Rakka Mar but the sac would need to be Phyrexian Altar to keep making the red for tapping her, its still a valuable play without being infinite with a few red mana open. With Elemental Mastery this can used to overrun the board since you're making more than 1 each time most likely. The main effect is gained when this happens and something that likes ETBs is already on the field Purphoros, God of the Forge, Impact Tremors, or something that likes death/leaves the battlefield triggers is in play, Rage Thrower, Goblin Bombardment, Zulaport Cutthroat, Blood Artist, etc.

I realize that this all requires several pieces to be in play and is quite obviously not a fast and sure thing, but this deck is more focused on value and fun plays rather than CEDH type stuff. Its actually not that hard since you usually want to have things like Purphoros and Impact Tremors in play before the deck really does its work anyway, so you'll likely have it at some point in the game and these interactions can be used as a win condition rather than relying on things just dying over time.

StonedJesus on Sek'kuar, Shaman Tribal Synergy

3 months ago

Elemental Mastery doesn't seem necessary, but Birthing Pod does. Nice synergies though +1

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