Notorious Throng


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Morningtide (MOR) Rare

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Notorious Throng

Tribal Sorcery — Rogue

Prowl (5)(Blue) (You may play this for its prowl cost if you dealt combat damage to a player this turn with a Rogue.)

Put X 1/1 black Faerie Rogue creature tokens with flying into play, where X is the damage dealt to your opponents this turn. If Notorious Throng's prowl cost was paid, take an extra turn after this one.

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Notorious Throng Discussion

JohnnyCRO on A Song of Turns and Dongers (cEDH)

1 day ago

Sorry for the spam Allergy, but I have a story related to Clyde_Bankstons comment that I just have to share;

I recently played a game that boiled down to me and my Edric vs a friend piloting their Jhoira storm. He imprinted a Dispel onto a scepter hoping to stop me from going off. Next turn I topdecked a Personal Tutor , went for Notorious Throng that ended up winning me the game in the end without the need for me to cast a single instant.

( I play both Personal and Mystical, but this is a sweet corner case I just had to share)

hungry000 on Night Prowlers

2 weeks ago

You're welcome. I forgot to mention this, but is there a reason you're not playing Oona's Blackguard? It's quite nuts with Notorious Throng and the discard ability on it isn't irrelevant. You'd need more one-drops to make it really good though.

While I'm on the topic of good cards, Pestermite is one of my favorite rogues, and personally I think it's better than Latchkey Faerie. It has one less attack but makes up for it with more flexibility; it can untap a land which lets you play more cards, tap a blocker, tap an opponent's land, etc. Thieves' Fortune and Morsel Theft are enough for card draw, I'd say.

Wayneh73 on Yuriko Hidden Tiger

3 weeks ago

Notorious Throng works well with Ninjas and if you pay the prowl cost gives you the chance to swing again with a whole load of ninjas if you have already got Xenograft Arcane Adaptation or Conspiracy in play

Meekstone is another good card as is Thada Adel, Acquisitor

Check out my deck for some more ideas.....

slayingmatt1234 on Edric's Rogue Squad

1 month ago

Hey Man, I love making decks and I'd be glad to help out! Here are some suggestions: First, try to see if you can get more unblockable creatures with relevant creature types. Usually these are rogues so that you can use Notorious Throng and faeries because many of them are rogues and you can use cards like Spellstutter Sprite which also counters spells. Some elves along with Eladamri, Lord of Leaves works too, though I know that's out of your budget. Some creatures I see you don't have are Nightveil Sprite, Triton Shorestalker, and Jhessian Infiltrator. Also shoutout to Trygon Predator which removes stuff as well and Faerie Conclave which is a land that can become a relevant creature, which is very handy in case you run into a lot of boardwipes. Beastmaster Ascension is another win condition you can throw in. Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa are redundant effects for edric. Beast Whisperer is also a good draw engine. You also might want to change some of your removal spells as well. Counters like Mana Leak aren't so good in commander. Besides other counter spells, you can also use Rapid Hybridization, Beast Within and Reality Shift and the downsides don't mean much when all your creatures have flying! I also found some cheap dual lands to consider: Yavimaya Coast, Temple of Mystery, Thornwood Falls, Alchemist's Refuge. Finally, In terms of cuts, in addition to slowly improving your unblockable creatures when possible, I would remove some cards that aren't so in tune with your game plan. How often are Mind Control and Allosaurus Rider going to be useful in your deck? Sorry for the wall of text. Hope this all helps!

Mr_mono_man on Tetsuko Extra Turns

2 months ago

DarkStarStorm Yes, you are right, I do have some extra dudes in there who have built in evasion. My reasoning for this is that if Tetsuko is removed I need some creatures who are self-sufficient in using the equipment in my deck. On top of that, a couple of the cards I have can make mass 1/1 or 2/1 tokens. All of which I think you mentioned... Notorious Throng, Master of Waves, and Captain's Claws. So these tokens end up smashing for big damage come mid game. Last night I made 20 1/1 Faeries with Notorious Throng and at the end of the next turn after attacking everyone with 30 unblockable creatures I did 30 extra damage to each opponent with Throne of the God-Pharaoh :). GG.

I agree with many of your suggestions. I think I have half of those in my deck at the moment. Quietus Spike, bloodforged, captain's claws, and mask of memory are game changers and can slip onto my unblockable guys if Tetsuko is not in the battlefield. I have ran a couple of those other cards, but I found them a little bit lackluster. I like that Tandem Lookout though... that's a great card!

One other card that is a maybe in this deck is Cephalid Constable. It's pretty nuts, but almost always gets removed. Thanks for more of the suggestions, my friend!

DarkStarStorm on Tetsuko Extra Turns

2 months ago

I guess that my quandry is that most of the 1/1s you have already have built-in evasion. These are the only ones that you have that don't (discounting Timestream Navigator because it's not there to attack).

  • Eternal of Harsh Truths
  • Master of Waves
  • Raven Guild Master
  • Salvage Drone
  • Scroll Thief
  • Shorecrasher Elemental

A quick gander at EDHREC shows some cards that are crazy when paired with Tetsuko.

pisqnek on Ultimate Tribal Lords

3 months ago

I had a deck like this back in 2013 when Arcane Adaptation wasn't arround. These two were really good: Unnatural Selection Imagecrafter

Also prowl spells work with Ultimus as he is a Rogue: Notorious Throng Knowledge Exploitation

You are also missing 4 lands: Mishra's Factory Blinkmoth Nexus Elephant Graveyard Swarmyard

For bonus points I used: Sun Quan, Lord of Wu - best way is to finish them off with fish riding horses

Back from the Brink - this is the only? way to get creatures back in mono U

Artificial Evolution - you can change Swarmyard to regen Merfolks, Wizards etc.

I remember not playing with Scion of Oona as it disabled all my Regens and pumps from lands Higure, the Still Wind seems like a fun addition also


lamocomp1 on Yuriko, the Doomsday Shadow

4 months ago

Will add Equilibrium, its cheap and looks awesome, i think its better than Sleep almost any time, thanks for idea:)

Jonas_Poponas I agree, that 1-mana evasion creatures are better most of the time and help get turn 2 youriko, which is what this decks wants. What I don't agree with is playing 2-cmc guys that most of the time don't have anything but bad evasion.

Yeah, i get, that Notorious Throng is really good - but 50% of games you will not even get it, but your evasion guys are worse every game (and some just don't work against some colors). IMHO just swap Throng with Time Warp and try owls - they work really well in my playtests, you almost never hit lands with Yuriko triggers.

Dowsing Dagger is suuuper dope - gilded lotus, that is much harder to remove.

Does Vela the Night-Clad work out for you? 6 cmc is a lot for 4/4.

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