Arcbound Ravager


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Darksteel (DST) Rare

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Arcbound Ravager

Artifact Creature — Beast

Sacrifice an artifact: Put a +1/+1 counter on Arcbound Ravager.

Modular 1 (This enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. When it's put into a graveyard, you may put its +1/+1 counters on target artifact creature.)

Arcbound Ravager Discussion

scrotality on Affinity EDG

1 day ago

Marchesa, the Black Rose is a fun affinity/modular commander too. can do some broken loops with Grave Pact and Arcbound Ravager for example. also, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

Funkydiscogod on Athreos, God of Revolution

1 week ago

I think Blasting Station , Grinding Station , or Arcbound Ravager would be better sacrifice outlets.

And Myr Moonvessel and Cathodion would also make good sacrifice fodder.

MontaukMonster on New Format Idea: Shelf

1 week ago

Looks like this has lost some steam? Please allow me to inject some fresh ideas into it. Here's the rundown of a format that I used to host well over a decade ago and it was freaking amazing. I'd like to incorporate, or at least for you all to incorporate some of these ideas:

1) By call it 'standard at some point' you're essentially breaking the format. For one, not everyone remembers what 'was' standard at some point. For two, there have been numerous times when standard has had to be redefined; there was Ravager before Skullclamp and then clamp was banned so there was Ravager after skullclamp. You need to have a strict definition of what players can and cannot do.

Here's the proposal: that the format be formally defined by card pools, each containing a few sets and each with its own banned/restricted list. These card pools are engineered to coincide with standard rotations so the general theme of 'what was once standard' still applies but as a guideline and NOT a rule. The RULE is that players may choose from one card pool and build their deck entirely within the constraints of that pool.

2) Based on what I've read so far (admittedly not enough) I think the approach of deciding on what decks players can use is way off. Go back to the baseline rule and allow players to build whatever they want to build. Someone made a comment about narrowing the metagame, but this is exactly the opposite of what we want.

3) on Banned/restricted cards, you have to get away from the mentality of banning cards every time someone uses it to beat you. The only time a card should be banned is if it warps the meta in such a way that it's no longer fun. But the reality is that the strength of this format is it's self-correcting. Yes, a lot of people may play Ravager, so then the few people playing Stars & Stripes or Prosbloom will wipe the tables clean. Jitte is strong, yes, but then so is a lot of other stuff from a lot of other pools. The strength of the pools is such that it allows us to be extremely flexible. Just one example: in the (onslaught + Mirrodin) 2004 pool, you could ban Skullclamp and in the 2005 pool (Mirrodin + Kamigawa) you could ban Arcbound Ravager and all his friends. This would ensure players would still have access to some broken cards, but not necessarily be able to assemble them together. Here's another example: back in 1996, Mind Twist was banned in Standard. I've done some testing on this; it's really no that degenerate anymore. Not that it's not strong, but the rest of the pools are SO strong that we can afford to allow the 1996 pool access to Mind Twist without creating a degenerate metagame. Again, it's not the card but the context it's in that matters. Use of pools allows us to control the context.

4) on that note, why oh why would you limit the pools to the most recent sets? Dude! Go back. All the way back to 1996 and have a pool for each year. There are soooo many decks out there, some of them were broken then but weak now, some were nothing then but fare much better now. Give players the opportunity to find their own solutions. I promise you: the format will correct itself.

Boza on Which Marchesa deck works better ...

2 weeks ago

Well, given that 2/5ths of your budget are your commander with Queen Marchesa , the non-royalty one takes the crown.

With the other marchesa, you have so many ways to go - modular artifacts like Arcbound Ravager builds or undying builds with things like Geralf's Messenger .

PurePwnage on Mono-White Affinity

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the information, Infect isn't the primary win condition for Affinity, it's generally an alternative to simply flooding the board with cheap artifact creatures and pumping with Steel Overseer , Arcbound Ravager , or Cranial Plating . However, I removed Blinkmoth Nexus for the sheer fact Inkmoth Nexus presents another win condition, outside of the that traditional aggro beatdown traditionally offered by affinity. this time also isn't a traditional Affinity deck as it goes wide, and mid-range thanks to Tempered Steel and Servo Exhibition . Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Vman on Mono-White Affinity

3 weeks ago

Hello good sir. Im my local resident and veteran infect player here to drop some advice regarding Inkmoth Nexus .

The reason infect is so good is because you only need to count to 10, therefor good infect plays to count to 10 as fast as possible (Its why Blossoming Defense is considered inferior as it doesnt get to 10 in 2 turns over a +4/+4 and a next turn Vines of Vastwood )

Now in affinity Arcbound Ravager ravager leads to most infect kills turning inky into a 5/5 at minimum. You dont have thr luxury of anything smaller as a 3 turn clock is awful compared to a 2 turn one.

Lets see how this deck counts,

Tempered Steel is +2 Signal Pest is +1 Steel Overseer is +1 (usually before it dies)

Assuming u only get 2 , steel+pest= +3. Alongside the inkmoth thats 4 damage. Thats not a 2 turn clock and not very efficient. Tempered steel doesnt count to 10 nearly as well as arcbound does. I would deffinately take this into debate when thinking about inky vs blinky

clayperce on Thoughts on UG Control?

3 weeks ago

Thanks much; I'll give your Kefnet deck a hard look, for sure.

heckproof and APPLE01DOJ,
Yeah, those are all good examples.


> weird mashup of ramp into semi-big threats with suboptimal control elements.

That's actually a great definition of what Ponza is all about! I usually describe the deck more like "aggressive ramp into bulk rares that you would never expect could be good in Modern, with an overlay of annoying mana-denial Control", but yours will certainly do. The thing is, it works surprisingly well in many metas.

> besides fetchlands, what activated or triggered abilities are you hoping to stop with Repudiate / Replicate

I actually laid that out in the deck description, but in case you missed it here it is again:

  • Opponent transforms a Thing in the Ice? Repudiate the triggered ability and our team stays on the field.
  • Opponent wants to make us sac' a creature with Lili, put a Terminus on top with Jace, or ultimate whatever random Planeswalker they have? Repudiate the activated ability and we've totally turned the game around.
  • Opponent tries to Modular a ton of +1/+1 counters onto their attacking Inkmoth Nexus, wipe our board with an Oblivion Stone, Equip a Batterskull, Crew a Smuggler's Copter, etc, etc, etc? Repudiate gives us answers (or at least options) we never had in 'normal' Ponza.

Here are more details though, looking at the top meta decks in turn ...

All that said, it's clear that in many cases a 2-mana counterspell (e.g., Negate or Mana Leak ) is better than a 2-mana stifle effect ... certainly UW Control has found that to be the case! What's not clear to me yet is if that's the case in UG Control as well ...

oberien on Metalworks V2

4 weeks ago

I liked the v1 list and played it at two FNMs. However I didn't find it complex enough being used to Hardened Scales, KCI and Amulet Titan (and Amulet Bloom back in the day). I love the solve the puzzle aspect of decks. The old version felt more like a "cheat 10/10 into play and beat the enemy down" with the infinite loop feeling more like a backup. The new list above seems to focus more on infinite loops, which satisfies my inner MTG player :)

I took the above list to the FNM with slight modifications and went 1-1-1 (could have been 2-0-1 if I knew the deck better). I didn't have any Conjurer's Bauble so I replaced them with Akroma's Memorial , Ghirapur AEther Grid and Karn, Scion of Urza . I really enjoyed playing the deck and slowly discovering more and more ways to win the game :) For those interested, I went for this sideboard: 3 Nature's Claim , 2 Dismember , 2 Abrade , 2 Firespout , 1 Engineered Explosives , 2 Nihil Spellbomb , 1 Grafdigger's Cage , 1 Sun Droplet , 1 Sorcerous Spyglass .

Infinite Combos

General loop: Metalwork Colossus (MC) and Scrap Trawler (ST) on the battlefield, at least {3} mana reduction on the battlefield (e.g. 1 Semblance Anvil and 1 Cloud Key ) and enough CMC for MC, a Metalwork Colossus in the graveyard (GY). Sacrifice MC and ST to the MC in the GY. ST-trigger of MC gets back ST, ST-Trigger of ST gets back any {0}, {1} or {2} mana artifact. Play MC and ST for free. We're back to the beginning but have an additional artifact in hand and increased the storm count.

Another possible loop if artifact reduction is only at {2} is to not sacrifice ST, but only MC and the {2}-mana artifact, ST-trigger of MC get back that artifact, play both. If artifact reduction is only at {1}, it's possible to draw some cards with Conjurer's Bauble (until there are no more artifacts in the GY) or to include Chromatic Star and draw infinite cards. There must always be enough non-creature artifact CMC on the battlefield to cast MC for free.

Infinite Card Draw: Get back Elsewhere Flask and play it (-> draw), then sacrifice it to get it back again in the next iteration. If there's a sac-outlet on the battlefield, it's possible to get back any egg and sacrifice it to the sac-outlet before sacrificing MC and ST to MC in the GY.
Infinite Damage: With Ghirapur AEther Grid in play, just do the most simple version of the loop and tap both to-be-sacrificed artifacts to grid before sacrificing them, dealing one damage. Without grid sac the Mortarpod token for 1 damage, sac Mortarpod and MC to the MC in the GY, ST-trigger of MC gets back Mortarpod . Rinse and repeat.
Infinite Mana: Tap Mind Stone for {1}. Sac MC and Mind Stone to the MC in the GY. ST-Trigger of MC gets back Mind Stone . Rinse and repeat.

Card analysis

I'd like to go through some cards:

  • Arcbound Ravager : I really like this addition. I was missing a sacrifice outlet to get the second Metalwork Colossus into graveyard before. Arcbound Ravager being fetchable with Sanctum of Ugin is just amazing and allowed me to go off in two games in the FNM which I otherwise couldn't have.
  • Grinding Station : I'm not sure about this card in general. I've previously played some variations of Krark-Less Ironworks lists ( Semblance Anvil and Grinding Station ). I see this card in this deck mainly for 3 reasons. (1) Milling the opponent with the infinite combo, (2) using it as a sac-outlet, (3) milling yourself to get a Metalwork Colossus into your graveyard when you already have one on the field to start the combo.
    I don't see the reason for (1), as we already have infinite card draw (eggs) and infinite damage ( Ghirapur AEther Grid or Mortarpod ).
    For (2) I find Arcbound Ravager better, as it can be fetched for with Sanctum of Ugin and doesn't need to be tapped (even though you can respond to the untap-trigger of Grinding Station by tapping it whenever an artifact ETB).
    For (3) I can't really judge that yet, as I didn't really try it out yet. I usually don't have problems finding the second Metalwork Colossus among Ancient Stirrings and Sanctum of Ugin . In longer matchups Inventors' Fair can also be used, even though I didn't need to crack any fairs so far. It might help against Blood Moon .
  • Mortarpod : This is the easiest and cheapest go-to infinite damage card. Even if drawn without a loop, it's still one damage that can take out a Snapcaster Mage to slow down the clock of an opponent ifneedbe.
  • Akroma's Memorial : I personally love this card in this deck. I've added it to the old version, and I also have it in my current deck. First, given {2} to {3} mana reduction, it's pretty easy to cast. It triggers Sanctum of Ugin letting you fetch Metalwork Colossus . If you have it deployed, and have any mana reduction on the field, MC is already free. Nobody expects this card. It adds another sort-of wincon. You can win with this card out of the blue. While I think it may be somewhat a win-more card, it has already won me several games single-handedly. I was able to fly over my opponent's elves. Giving Vigilance, it allowed me to attack with two MC against Spirits, which needed to block one, which left them without lethal and put me into a better spot. I just love this card.
  • Ghirapur AEther Grid : I think this card deserves to be a one-of in the deck. Against creature-based decks, it enables easy removal of the creatures. Control decks can barely do anything once it's deployed. And otherwise it still allows an infinite damage combo if Mortarpod has been exiled.

These are some cards, which may be good, but I don't see their effectiveness quite yet:

  • Greater Gargadon : As an earlier post suggested, this is a possible sac-outlet and threat. The problem is that we usually want artifacts on the battlefield to make Metalwork Colossus cheaper. Additionally, if we're able to get to 10 artifacts, we most likely already have a win condition.
  • Karn, Scion of Urza : I'm very unsure about this card. It gives us card-draw, but I don't think that's important in the current decklist. The only real reason for it I can think of is for the super-large token when we have lots of artifacts in play. But for that it might be too slow. It might help in grindy matchups, but in those MUs we'd just like to combo off anyway. And against control MUs it's not needed as this deck already has an amazing control matchup.
  • Salvage Titan : This card might be worth investigating, but I'm unsure if it goes well with the other ideas of the deck. We don't necessarily want to sacrifice 3 artifacts for a 6/4.
  • Silent Arbiter : This might be good against creature-heavy matchups and go-wide strategies.
  • Torpor Orb : Unsure if there are enough MUs which this card is good in.
  • Sun Droplet / Golem's Heart / Dragon's Claw : These might help against burn / fast strategies. May also help agaist phoenix decks.
  • Ratchet Bomb : Cheap (probably free) boardwipe. Helps against chomp blockers and tokens. Probably shouldn't be cracked for {2} :)
  • Engineered Explosives : Also possibly cheap boardwipe and a one-answers-all type card. Especially useful with Prophetic Prism .

Mana Base

I'm not sure about the landbase. I prefer utility lands over the Aether Hub s. I think that the old mana base fits better. This is probably mainly because I still like having Prophetic Prism over Elsewhere Flask . I haven't tested a lot with the landbase yet, so I'm not sure what the correct way of handling this is.
I often times lose against the deck itself just due to only drawing lands / having no lands. I'm not sure if this is just plain misfortune or if the number of lands is hard to balance between having enough lands on the starting hand and not flooding.



  • Through the Breach / Nahiri, the Harbinger : Alchemist's Vial completely shuts them off. Therefore, this MU is amazing.
  • Control: The Control MU is probably one of the best out there. Always remember having a sacrifice outlet for any Metalwork Colossus on the battlefield, be it Phyrexia's Core or a Metalwork Colossus in the graveyard. Whenever they try to exile one from the battlefield, get back one from the graveyard and get the otherwise exiled one in the graveyard.
    I even won two out of two games against Legacy Miracles (low sample rate, but we both felt like the MU is highly favoured for Metalworks Combo)
  • Very fast creature decks: This deck seems to always just be one turn too slow for very fast creature based MUs. In fact I lost 4/4 games against Sliver.

I don't have a lot of matchup data so far, and the above are mainly just estimates and gut feeling playing the matchup.

Please leave feedback on my observations so far, I really love this deck and it feels like it still has potential.

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Arcbound Ravager occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.09%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%