Angels and soldiers kickin' dick with anthems and attacking with impunity.

There really isn't much subtlety to this one. Your job is to make soldier tokens then move on to big 'ol angels and just keep swatting at your enemies. With Brave the Sands and other vigilance anthems, Iroas, God of Victory allows you to attack with everything you have every combat with no consideration for "oh, what if I need to block next turn? How will my opponent decide to block? What can I afford to lose?" Nope, you just check your vigilance, declare attackers and let them figure out what to do about it, which I really appreciate.

It's all creature damage all the way, baby.

As time passes, I should probably take the "budget" tag off, as a $10 splurge-for-your-birthday gift card turns into a $55 thing, but I swear this was cheap when I started. Avacyn, Angel of Hope can easily be swapped out and Arid Mesa just gives the slightest edge on mana. Iroas is the truth as a Boros commander. The menace/no damage is no lie and even cutting the high-end cards leaves you with an aggro ball that can't be ignored. Chop the $20+ cards and replace then with angel trash and you'll still be sitting pretty.

Gotta replace Crusade now, probably just swap for Glorious Anthem but a very small price to pay for mindfulness.


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