Blade Historian

Blade Historian

Creature — Human Cleric

Attacking creatures you control have double strike.

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Blade Historian Discussion

wallisface on Speedy pirates

1 month ago

I posted some thoughts below. I don't know what your budget is, but i've suggested cards assuming you're after stuff on-par price-wise to what's currently in the deck. If you're looking for some more expensive goodies, let me know.

  • Blade Historian just doesn't seem playable... it requires 4 red, but your deck has only 11 ways to generate that color (or, only 9 if you're not naming Human or Cleric with Unclaimed Territory ). I don't see how you're ever casting it in a game - so i'd suggest ditching it.

  • Buccaneer's Bravado feels cute, but with the power of your creatures, is likely just going to be a complicated Lightning Bolt in 90% of situations. I'm not sure its worth playing

  • It looks like you're plan is to be aggressive and be swinging in with a lot of creatures quickly(ish). In that regard, i'm not sure Frantic Inventory helps you here. Playing it means you're not playing a threat to help you win... its not a particularly helpful card for a deck aiming to apply pressure.

  • You have very few cards at 1cmc - which is going to make it hard to apply early pressure. I'd suggest something like Daring Buccaneer , Siren Stormtamer , Spectral Sailor or Fanatical Firebrand . Other low-cost creatures worth considering are Dire Fleet Captain , Dire Fleet Daredevil , Dire Fleet Poisoner , and Rigging Runner . Generally, if you're wanting to be a fast deck, you want to be as close to the ground as possible. Dire Fleet Captain feels particularly good for ensuring you can hit hard when your board's getting wide.

  • I'd suggest finding a lower-cmc killspell than Hero's Downfall . Replacing it with more Heartless Act should be fine - though I'd personally think something like Bone Shards would work best (you can discard excess lands or bad draws to pay its additional cost).

  • With the above suggested changes, you should be able to go down to around 20 lands. That will help you truly shine as an aggressive deck.

legendofa on Speedy pirates

1 month ago

How reliable is Blade Historian ? It basically costs in a three-color budget deck, which I'm assuming means you're not diving into the shock lands and fetch lands. I also see a very low cost:land ratio, with only seven cards needing even one blue mana, so maybe drop two Island s for another Mountain and Swamp . Bloodline Pretender seems like it takes a while to become a worthwhile threat.

Cards I would recommend are Daring Buccaneer , Rigging Runner , and Storm Fleet Sprinter , Dire Fleet Neckbreaker , and maybe Headstrong Brute .

Boomchikin on Ragavan loves some treasure

2 months ago

jakeyuki12 thank you so much for bringing that up. I only recently gotten back into magic and commander so I have taken Blade Historian out and added Hour of Devastation . I did not have any of the other cards you suggested but will look into getting them and evolving this deck. Later today will be the first time I get to play it since building it.

jakeyuki12 on Ragavan loves some treasure

2 months ago

Howdy! Not sure how aware you are, but Blade Historian has a Red/White color identity, and thus cannot be played by official rules in a mono-red commander deck.

If you know this, ignore my comment :)

Blobby_Bobby on Wipe The Floor With Victory

2 months ago

My hesitancy on Blade Historian is only that things are tight as-is and it it neither Angel nor soldier. But that Double Strike... Still looking for wiggle room for a few things. Valkyrie Harbinger and Tithe Taker and Constable of the Realm especially. But still...

Optimator on Wipe The Floor With Victory

3 months ago

Blade Historian seems mandatory. Also, Esper Sentinel is a soldier.

bryanedds on Feather and Flame

4 months ago

Blade Historian might be considered a discounted on double strike... but maybe not... hmm...

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