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The Izzet Superstore: Mizzix EDH *Primer*

Commander / EDH Burn Combo Infinite Combo UR (Izzet)




Welcome to the Izzet Superstore! The place where you never, ever pay full price! This is my personal Mizzix of the Izmagnus deck, and it is the first deck I built myself. This deck functions under one simple principle: we never want to pay the full cost of our Instants and Sorceries. We use Mizzix’s ability to reduce costs to set up and execute a few powerful combos that aim to win the game in one turn. This is generally accomplished via infinite mana combos and X-spells, though this deck also features 3 alternative win cons. This is the deck that I play in my personal playgroup, and we all play on a semi-competitive level. We usually end up encountering a deck’s win con on turn 5 or 6, so our decks are pretty well tuned. I play most of the tutor cards in blue and red and run plenty of counter spells and removal.

My custom categories are as follows:

This is where all my Combo pieces go. I have two combos that all but win me the game in this deck, one involving infinite mana and one involving Guttersnipe shenanigans

This is where I put all the cards that answer threats in the deck. I've also put all the cards that can steal other peoples threats in here as well, as they are a kind of pseudo-removal

I have a good amount of ramp in this deck, and a lot of my rocks produce colored mana because that can lead to infinite mana with Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal .

This deck is already pretty quick on its own, but being able to copy our spells is both part of one of my win conditions and a great way to speed up the deck.

These cards either protect Mizzix, protect myself, or protect my spells from counterspells.

I've got a nice arsenal of recursion in this deck that can help my graveyard become a resource. It's mostly instant and sorcery based, but that's is the main theme of this deck as it is.

I run A LOT of card draw and tutor spells. Not only do these help me find my combos, but they're also a great way to build up Exp on Mizzix.

  • Mizzix is a powerful commander, and she lends herself extremely well to casting lots of instants and sorceries. Her biggest strength is the ability to reduce the cost of these cards, allowing stronger cards to hit the board sooner than cards of the same cost my opponents play. This also enables combos to function with much less setup.

  • The deck also runs plenty of threat removal and counter spells, making it pretty easy to stall the board and keep your opponents from winning or disabling you.

  • Card draw is rampant in blue, and this deck takes advantage of that. I run numerous cards that draw me cards, and one of my alternate win cons allows me to win by doing this. My hand is rarely ever empty.

  • I run plenty of tutors, which allows me to find the combo pieces I need much sooner than normal.

  • This deck also operates in a very subtle way. Often times, opponents don’t realize my deck is about to win until my turn starts, which is usually too late. Many of my win cons can be set up and executed in one turn, and I don’t field a huge board presence, which allows me to lay low for most of the game.

  • Finally, this deck runs plenty of recursion, so cards in my graveyard rarely stay there if I need them to win. Sometimes my deck can win by filling up my graveyard with spells and recurring them all at once.

  • This deck fields very few creatures, so creature-based strategies like tribal and zoo can give this deck a bad time. Nine times out of ten, I’ve only got one or two creatures on the board, and I usually don’t want to block with them.

  • This deck also doesn’t function well without its commander on the board, as Mizzix is enables most of the cards in my deck to function. Losing her can be a huge set back.

This deck’s main strategy is to win by pulling off one of a few combos. It utilizes tutors and card draw to quickly acquire the pieces of one of the combos and uses cost-reducing effects to assemble these combos in a quick and efficient manner. The main combo this deck strives for is an infinite mana infinite damage combo using Reiterate + Desperate Ritual + Banefire .

This deck needs its low-cost cards early on in the game. Generally, I mulligan hands that have cards with mana costs higher than three, and I always want at least 3 lands and/or 1 accelerant. I usually don’t go below 6, as I can draw plenty of cards without much issue

If things go sideways and the main combo is countered, Mizzix dies, or some other major setback occurs, the plan for this deck is to dig for one of the alternate win cons, of which there are several. It is usually best to keep Mizzix in the command zone if she gets destroyed for a turn or so, but getting her out before trying to combo off again is important. Any card draw or tutor spells I’ve used can usually be recurred, and that makes it less of a hassle to rebuild.

The main win con combo is Reiterate + Desperate Ritual or Seething Song to generate infinite red mana, and then cast Banefire for infinite damage and copy it for each player again with reiterate. This combo has 4 main pieces. The first piece is making sure Mizzix is generating 3-4 mana discounts, as this allows the buyback cost of Reiterate to become free, and with 4 reiterate only costs 2 red mana. This means we can use two of the red mana we’ve generated from Desperate Ritual to cast Reiterate again, making us 3 more red mana. We will still have 1 red left over from our last Desperate Ritual, so we can continue to copy the spell into infinity. Then, once we’ve made our 12,932,408 red mana, we can cast Banefire to deal 12,932,405 damage to an opponent and since we've bought back reiterate we can continue to copy Banefire for each other opponent. This combo can be achieved at as little as 1 experience counter on Mizzix, but it is more optimal to have 3-4, as it allows for more room for error if something interrupts the combo. The combo can be achieved with other red X spells in the deck, like Electrodominance , Comet Storm and Invoke the Firemind , but Banefire is the preferred option. The best way to tutor for this combo is to cast Firemind's Foresight and grab all three pieces in one go, getting Banefire for your 1, Desperate Ritual for your 2, and Reiterate for your 3.

If the main combo doesn’t go off or gets countered, there is 1 alternate win cons in this deck, and it invovles Rite of Replication and Guttersnipe .

  • Guttersnipe and Rite of Replication combo very well. If you cast a kicked Rite of Replication on a Guttersnipe, every instant or sorcery you cast will deal 12 damage to each opponent. In a regular game, you will likely need a max of 4 instants or sorcery spells to cast. Before this combo goes off, I like to attempt to fill my hand up with low cost spells or have plenty of experience counters.

  • Rite of Replication can also be used to copy our opponents threats. For instance, in my home playgroup we have a Jodah, Archmage Eternal player. In one game, he dropped a Blightsteel Colossus and passed the turn to me. I then made 5 copies of Blightsteel on my turn, and proceeded to win that game.

There are two other cards that aren’t part of a combo necessarily, but that can enable combos or even win the game outright. They are Apex of Power and Expropriate

  • Apex of Power can be used to great effect in this deck. Casting it from you hand gives you 10 mana of one color, and it then exiles the top 7 cards of your library, allowing you to cast them this turn. This card is a wonderful way to enable any of your combos, but it is especially helpful with you already have infinite mana. With infinite mana, if you are missing you damaging spells like Comet Storm , your draw spells like Blue Sun's Zenith , or any other piece of the combo, you can use Apex of Power to effectively tutor for your whole library as long as you are using Reiterate . Due to infinite mana already existing, you can copy Apex of Power as many times as you need to exile your library till you find your piece.
  • Expropriate is just a good card in any blue deck, but with Mizzix discounts it becomes extremely powerful. You can get this card cast early, and it gives you nothing but good stuff. You always want to vote for Time, because it is rare that your opponents will vote Time unless they are super confident in their board state. It also helps if you can copy Expropriate, because it will net you even more goodies.
  • Brainstorm is great in this deck, and it can be played on turn 1 or turn 10 without losing its effectiveness. It joins a slew of one drop spells that also serve the purpose of getting Experience counters early on for cheap. All around a great way to sift through your deck. - Drawn from Dreams is a cheaper version of Dig Through Time , and it should prove to be a great tool for deck thinning.
  • Dig Through Time is a panic draw button. I usually play it when I’m digging for combo pieces or trying to catch up to my opponents in cards. You are also likely to have plenty of targets for delve, but I usually opt to use as few instants and sorceries for this as possible since it is very easy to get them back in this deck. Mizzix discounts make this card even better
  • Fact or Fiction is a good card. It allows you to filter through your deck quicker and find your combo pieces. My only issue with this card is that your opponent chooses what goes in which pile. This can lead to a tough choice if you reveal a few of your more important combo cards. However, this card still does its job well, and it rarely betrays you.
  • Frantic Search serves the same purpose as Fact or Fiction, which is to filter through you deck to find your combo pieces. It’s a great way to dig, but it does have its drawbacks. However, with all the recursion in the deck it isn't the worst thing in the world to toss two cards away, plus this spell is basically free, and with 1 or 2 exp counters it actually nets you more mana than you spend.
  • Whispers of the Muse basically reads pay X blue and draw X cards in this deck. Once Mizzix is online, this card is busted and can quickly filter through your deck for you win cons. It can also combo with Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter to let you draw as many cards as you want.
  • Ponder serves the same purpose as Brainstorm , but goes about it in a different way. A great card for shuffling away a bad top of the deck.
  • Preordain serves the same purpose as Brainstorm , filtering the top of the library.
  • Prophetic Bolt should be in both Card Advantage and Threat Removal. It can be used to deal with a troublesome creature or just hit someone in the face, and it has the added bonus of a free Impulse affect. Great card for filtering
  • Rhystic Study should be cast ASAP due to its massive ability to generate card draw. Combine with Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel for huge hand sizes.
  • Tezzeret's Gambit is wonderful in this deck as it allows experience counters to stack up for Mizzix. It also draws you cards and can be cast for life instead of mana with enough experience counters. Great card.
  • Windfall is situational. I usually only cast it when I’m stalling, low on cards, or have a hand full of non-synergistic cards. It is most useful early on, as it lets you fill your hand back up after a successful opener.
  • Blue Sun's Zenith is a great way to utilize the experience counters from Mizzix. Each counter we have gives us another card to draw, and that can very easily help us dig through our library for the cards we need
  • Firemind's Foresight is probably the best tutor card in this deck. Now, on paper it seems pretty bad. Getting 6 mana worth of spells for a 7-mana card isn’t great value. However, not only does the cost go to a floor of two, but it also grabs all three of our infinite damage combo pieces! This means this card basically wins us the game if it resolves.
  • Invoke the Firemind is basically a Blue Sun’s Zenith copy that can also be used to sub in for our damage spell in our infinite combo.
  • Merchant Scroll is great because a large portion of our instants are either pure blue instants or red and blue instants. This card grabs any of them, including a lot of our threat answers, and it can even be slapped under Isochron Scepter.
  • Muddle the Mixture can grab about 20% of our deck, including a few key combo pieces. It’s great at filling in the gaps in our game plan.
  • Mystical Tutor is the quintessential tutor spell in this deck. Great way to grab any of our important cards

  • Sol Ring , Izzet Signet , Darksteel Ingot , Commander Sphere, Arcane Signet , and Thought Vessel are all pretty straight forward mana rocks. They are super good in all decks, and really don’t need much of an introduction. Auto includes in my opinion.
  • Pyromancer's Goggles is great in this deck. It copies whatever spell its used to cast, which can make combos happen quicker. It can also copy spells like Expropriate for devastating effects. Great artifact in this deck
  • Primal Amulet   allows for both discounts early on and copying later. It functions in similar ways to Pyromancer's Goggles . Great card
  • Dramatic Reversal may seem like an odd inclusion, but when combined with Isochron Scepter , it can cause plenty of crazy stuff to happen, even generating infinite mana. Great card
  • Turnabout allows you to reuse all your mana, which is super nice considering it will also get discounted by Mizzix. Two blue to reset your mana is great, and that is the main usage of this card in this deck. I save it for when I only have two blue sources left.
  • Blasphemous Act Is a great board wipe. It usually only costs 1 mana by the time you cast it and does enough damage to wipe all but the biggest creatures on the board. Only issue is it also hits your creatures, but if you’re at the point of casting it you’ll probably lose if you don’t. Great card
  • Blatant Thievery allows you to take make potential threats into win cons for you. Great card, and you get any permanent.
  • Capsize combos well with Mizzix, allowing you to possibly return an entire board to a player. Useful for dealing with threats big and small.
  • Comet Storm can be used as removal or as our back up damage spell for our win combo. It’s great at removing multiple threats at once and it benefits heavily from our experience counters
  • Counterspell . ‘Nuff said.
  • Cyclonic Rift . ‘Nuff said.
  • Disallow is super good. It can counter plenty of abilities that opponents think are a give-in, possibly stopping a combo in its tracks.
  • Electrodominance is a wonderful way to remove a threat and advance our board state, and it benefits from our experience counters in a very nice way
  • Insurrection is a great card, and even better in my meta. We have two tribal players, so casting this card is bound to net you lots of gains. Don’t waste it though, they get their creatures back right away!
  • Mystic Confluence is a great utility counterspell, allowing you to remove threats, counter spells or draw cards. I try not to cast it just for the card draw, but in a pinch, it can be used as such. I prefer to use its first two abilities at least once.
  • Power Sink can shut down a turn. If you cast it before a person generates their infinite mana combo, they lose pretty much all chance of pulling it off this turn. Mizzix also combos well, making this spell just that much harder to avoid.
  • Scour from Existence shouldn’t be cast unless its free or close to it. When it is, its super strong.
  • Unwind is great, and with the discounts it can also gain you mana. Otherwise it’s a free counterspell, which is good enough as is.
  • Vandalblast is an auto include in red commander. It removes mana rocks, setting back your opponents and giving you room to breathe, and versus artifact decks its particularly strong.
  • Wild Ricochet allows you to turn a game winning spell for an opponent into a game winning spell for you. I try to save it for the last minute, usually targeting an infinite Comet Storm or something.
    • Mission Briefing is great! I love this card, and it is almost self-sufficient, creating synergy for itself.
    • Mizzix's Mastery is so good. You always want to overload this card, and it rarely ever lets you down.
    • Mystic Retrieval can grab back an important card. I usually grab tutors or card draw spells, but if I’ve been milled I go for combo pieces.
    • Past in Flames is basically a costlier Mizzix's Mastery . Good card, but it usually only gets you one or two cards back.
    • Finale of Promise is a great new card to this deck with a lot of potentially game breaking recursion aspects. I'll update this more when I've had the chance to test the card.
  • Boseiju, Who Shelters All protects your spells from countering. I use it on key combo pieces like Comet Storm or Expropriate
  • Darksteel Plate makes Mizzix harder to remove and protects her from most board wipes.
  • Lightning Greaves is great, but it can cause problems with other protection spells.
  • Propaganda and Dissipation Field are here to protect us from creature based strategies.
    • Thousand-Year Storm is a BEAST in this deck. It just wins games. With the discounts mizzix gives, I'll be casting plenty of cards in a turn, and imagine what would happen if a drop an expropriate after 3 or 4 spells? It's awesome
    • Isochron Scepter is a great way to generate value and repeat it every turn. It also can help us achieve infinite mana, so it’s a very important card in this deck
    • Bonus Round is just amazing in this deck, and its broken when combined with Thousand-Year Storm and/or Repeated Reverberation . This card really speeds up our deck and makes it easier for us to get to our win condition
    • Primal Amulet   is very helpful to our deck in both forms. Discounts are this decks bread and butter, but copying our spells is always a good thing. Wonderful card
    • Pyromancer's Goggles is a great mana rock, and it’s even more busted if we use it to get infinite mana with Scepter Reversal. But even alone, it can accelerate our deck a lot
    • Ral, Storm Conduit does about everything our deck wants to do. It does Guttersnipe ’s job, though less well, it helps us dig for combos, and it copies our spells.
    • Repeated Reverberation is an all-star in this deck, especially when combined with other copy spells like bonus round. With this card, we don’t even need to get our combos off all the way to win sometimes, and even if we just copy our card draw it’s still a win.

    Feedback is always appreciated! I am not perfect, and I am always up for some constructive C&C. Leave an upvote if you liked this deck!


    Updates Add

    Hello! I've made some changes lately with some War of the Spark cards. I've put Finale of Promise in and taken Volcanic Vision out as I feel Finale will perform better in the deck, and I've also swapped Baral, Chief of Compliance for God-Eternal Kefnet . Baral has been under performing in my deck, and I rarely use him anymore, so I figured Kefnet would perform better in that slot. Lastly, I've swapped out Mana Geyser for Desperate Ritual . I did this because Geyser isn't as easily fetchable. Desperate ritual can be fetched along with both other pieces to the infinite combo with one spell, Firemind's Foresight , targeting Banefire, Desperate Ritual and Reiterate.



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