MH2 UPDATED!! This is an Enchantress/Angels deck at heart, But I think Sythis, Harvest's Hand May Have just usurped Sigarda, Host of Herons for the Commander slot, I am going to playtest both ways. Normally, A hexproof creature comes in and gets enchanted to supply major damage beatdowns. There are enchantments for removal, card draw, and recursion. I have tuned this deck towards an Enchantress style deck because card draw is sooooo Important in this build, as it allows you to make a hexproof creature really big really quick, or dig for the answers you need!! There is always new sets coming out with cool new hexproof creatures, enchantments, and card draw options and as I like to see this as an Aggro deck for 1 on 1 matches, it still needs to survive the long game/multiplayer game, so ..... As always, I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback anyone may have to offer, Thanks and may the mana be with you!


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-1 City of Solitude side
+1 Destiny Spinner side
+1 Enduring Angel  Flip maybe
+1 Sigarda's Splendor maybe