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Reaper King, Commander of all the little folk

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It has been over a decade, this deck has undergone massive overhauls and changes. I bring to you The Reaper King, My first and most loved EDH deck. Up-votes are always welcome, feedback is always welcome.

I am constantly updating this deck to be the most fun and competitive that it can be, I only play cards that I own in it and I am not spending money for original duel land.

The hardest part of playing a true 5 colour deck is making sure you never miss a play due to being colour screwed.

This deck has a huge target on it as soon you start casting stuff. Reaper King himself is a massive target and because of him being an artifact and a creature he is susceptible to most types of removal

Being a five colour deck it is hard to add in a bunch of good cards without having some crazy combos. So lets do a quick list of all the good stuff.


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