Joiner Adept

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Joiner Adept

Creature — Elf Druid

Lands you control have "Tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

lightning_elf on Elf Girls

1 year ago

The Joiner Adept’s seem pretty useless as your deck is mono-green.

MusicGoat18 on Progenitus EDH

1 year ago

As for Cryptolith Rite and Jiang Yanggu, I will consider them. I might cut Joiner Adept for one of them.

loricatuslupus on Toxic MTG Player Starter Deck

1 year ago

Well I went over your lands before so won't again, suffice to say I think 35-7 is enough provided you get more ramp spells to find and get them onto the field and that the fastlands are cheap right now and rather flavourful. The bounce lands aren't awful either and I think strictly better than the basic taplands. I know you've got stuff coming so so don't what your planned cuts are but I wouldn't bother with the Anatomist or Viridian Corruptor - one chance to proliferate or destroy a single artifact on ETB isn't really worth it (especially when you could be playing Thrummingbird, an evasive cheap creature who lets you do it repeatedly and can act as a flying blocker if you need it too). Other creature cuts I would recommend Mycosynth Fiend and Vivisection Evangelist - if you can get them I'd say you probably want Dryad of the Ilysian Grove/Joiner Adept to help out with your mana or Yawgmoth, Thran Physician/Volrath, the Shapestealer to get some counters on things. Not convinced by Caress of Phyrexia - it's too expensive to get YOU cards earlier when you need them, you don't want to give an opponent three if they aren't going to die, and hanging on to it in the hope it'll finish someone off is a waste. Phyrexian Rebirth and Merciless Eviction are a bit overcosted and I don't think fit what this deck wants to do. I mentioned some rocks to you that might be a better fit than Sol Ring/Worn Powerstone/Signets/Talismans but see how they do for you first I guess (though I'd get a full set of all the talismans/signets that would go in A couple of other cards you might want to add could be your Phyrexian Arena (I think it's a decent investment for three, isn't nearly as game-warping as Rhystic Study and super flavourful) and Inexorable Tide. Oh BTW not sure if you're aware of it but you can make your aquireboard public so I'll know if I'm suggesting something you're already going to get, which is the main reason I've avoided suggesting stuff from the new set as you said you had some on the way.

lhetrick13 on Prehistoric Rumble!

2 years ago

Radiant_Draconis - I remembered that as soon as I posted so my bad! Marauding Raptor is great as it drops the cost of creatures AND you are running some enrage too! In my mind I was looking for Otepec Huntmaster or Kinjalli's Caller. Getting at least Kinjalli in the deck would provide you a 1-drop and make those 3-drop dinos playable on turn two. Speed things up a little bit. I am imaginging hitting Kinjalli turn 1...dropping Topiary Stomper for an extra land turn 2 which would open up the playbook on turn 3 as you could have potentially 4 lands out on the field and dinos cost 1 less to play. This brings up my next question, you every had trouble with draws? Seems like you are not running anything to keep cards in your hand so you would hit a wall around turn 3-4 even if you got an ideal hand.

Lastly, I am guessing you are going budget from the lands you are running and the presence of Joiner Adept?

TypicalTimmy on How do you build Karametra?

2 years ago

I had built my Karametra, God of Harvests with two main facets: The Landfall mechanic, and very massive creatures to put those lands to good use.

One clever trick you can do is loop Jeskai Barricade and Stonecloaker back and forth, bouncing each other. If you have an appropriate means of cost reduction, it becomes very efficient. For example, Oketra's Monument and Cloud Key would reduce their individual costs to a mere .

Each time one of these ETB, you bounce the other and tutor a Plains. If you have a means to have that Plains ETB untapped, or able to untap it, you can filter all of them from your library that turn. One method is Stone-Seeder Hierophant. Another is Amulet of Vigor.

These, in effect, allow you to cast Jeskai Barricade for just . Upon cast, you tutor a Plains. It ETB tapped and you either untap it with Amulet of Vigor or with Stone-Seeder Hierophant. From here, Jeskai Barricade ETB and you bounce Stonecloaker. Now, that Plains you just had ETB and got to untap can be tapped to add , allowing you to cast the Stonecloaker from your hand thanks to the cost reduction of Oketra's Monument and Cloud Key. From here, you tutor another Plains and repeat the whole process over again.

If you want lands that have , you can do this one of two ways:

Filtering into will assist you in getting green mana, but it won't allow you to tutor Forests.

However, what this will do is you can tutor Forest, and use the Forest to pay for to continue the combo mentioned above. If you do this, you can tutor every single land in your entire library in one single turn.

Unfortunately, Selesnya doesn't exactly have a means to give global haste. You'd want to rely on something such as Akroma's Memorial or something else. It gets pretty tricky and difficult and you're better off to try and secure the win via alt-wincon.

But, this whole setup is extremely flimsy. Just one piece being removed blows the entire combo up. Your table may not see what's going on the first one or two times, but they will catch on and the moment Jeskai Barricade drops for the first time, it'll be hit with a furious wave of removal. Once this happens, your entire deck is dead in the water.

That's why I no longer play Karametra. She definitely is a Timmy deck because she absolutely wants tons and tons of creatures slamming the field as quickly as possible... but she becomes super flimsy. Imagine getting 9 or 10 lands out by Turn 6 or 7. You drop something massive like a Desolation Twin and it gets hit with the first wave of removal. What happens is you become the biggest threat at the table, even when you have literally nothing. The reason this mentality sinks in is because your Commander has Indestructible, so most players are unequipped to handle her. Since her removal isn't an option, they hit your boardstate, instead.

You become a magnet for removal and hate, and you spend the rest of the game "catching up" and "doing nothing".

In my personal experience, she isn't fun to play because of this very reason. But... if you'd want to build her, that's how I did.

  • Landfall + that combo Stonecloaker can bounce itself. No need to even have Jeskai Barricade. Jfc I am the biggest of dumb.

Still, you need cost reduction + filtering + land untapping... it's still a cumbersome problem and, like I said, one piece of removal blows the entire combo apart.

r0Wn on 5c Bringer Deck

2 years ago

Personally, I would go Chromatic Lantern instead of Joiner Adept. Sure, you don’t get a blocker, but you do get to ramp :)

LeechBoy on 5c Bringer Deck

2 years ago

Hey AT23. Thanks for your suggestion. Do you think I should run both Chromatic Lantern and Joiner Adept? Or what else would you cut for Chromatic?

Thanks for your input.

The_Acid_Drip on Jodah, Friendly Archmage

2 years ago

You need Fist of Suns and some other artifact fixing.

Consider adding Chromatic Lantern any of the Obelisks from alara block are ok. The banners from Khans a great since you can also sacrifice for card draw in a pinch!

Some creature ramp could help but it's a bit more fragile. Cards like Joiner Adept are budget friendly which is what I think your going for in this deck.

Good list, looks like a lot of fun!

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