Reaper King

Reaper King

Legendary Artifact Creature — Scarecrow

( can be paid with any two mana or with . This card's converted mana cost is 10.)

Other Scarecrow creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever another Scarecrow enters the battlefield under your control, destroy target permanent.

Reaper King Discussion

Vessiliana on March Inside

1 month ago

Thank you for taking the time to answer! In the end, my own "knights" deck is a changeling one run off Reaper King , with maybe two actual knights in it, so I can really feel you. Do you find Solemn Simulacrum to be more useful than something like Tithe or even Verge Rangers ?

SuitableFish on 5 Color Voting Deck

3 months ago

Why do you have Reaper King as your commander if you're not going to use Scarecrows? Wouldn't Kenrith, the Returned King or Karona, False God work better as five-color political commanders?

carpecanum on Everything Tribal

5 months ago

I was doing something like this with Reaper King as the boss. There are just too many good tribal cards. I would pick two or three types and focus on them. That would give you more room for actual changelings etc. Dragon Ninjas?

Noire_Samhain on What Makes Phyrexian Mana More …

5 months ago

Because the only life that matters in many decks is the last one, and many decks are willing to pay that life to get good effects for cheaper or even for free ( Gitaxian Probe for example- that sucker's banned in many formats for a reason). And they actively allow decks to play with effects from a lot of colors with no real downsides, something WOTC doesn't generally like.

Hybrid lets you CHOOSE between two different kinds of mana, and while some can break the color pie in minor ways, they aren't cheaper or free when cast with your choice. For the most part. Its harder to get specific pips over generic costs, so cards like Beseech the Queen or Reaper King are oddballs but make sense with that ethos.

K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth was only printed because he's only really good for EDH (one of only two formats that CAN use him). And even then, he's really good in mono-Black/Black-heavy decks.

FormOverFunction on None

5 months ago

Under some of this logic, would that mean Reaper King could be in any deck, because it’s castable though? I can see how that would work, logically, but it doesn’t seem to fit the intent of the format.

plakjekaas on None

5 months ago

I'm against it.

"as the entire point of hybrid cards was that they represented an "or" state rather than an "and" state."

If we'd extrapolate that, we'd be able to play Reaper King in a Hope of Ghirapur deck. Because its color identity is colorless, or mono white, or sultai, or... well anything you like. Meanwhile, the mana cost has undeniably hidden in it's cost. And it's a slippery slope. Phyrexian mana was also designed for flexibility to reach out of your color restraints. Should the colour identity of Noxious Revival be colorless too? I wouldn't be keen to explain the rules of color identity to new or inexperienced players: basically, it's the colors you can find on the card, either in the mana cost or the rules text. Except when the mana symbols look wonky, there's separate rules for those.

There's already the nuisance of having to explain that reminder text (italic, in parentheses) does not define color identity. Trinisphere is not a black card, and Blind Obedience is not an Orzhov card. Let's not expand that to the actual rules texts please.

griffstick on Top 10 colorless cards at …

6 months ago

Welcome back for another top ten at 6 cmc. Last time it was blue. This time its colorless. Only one more after this and that's gold.

Last time the users voted that the best blue card at 6 cmc is Deadeye Navigator . That list is here top 10 mono blue cards @ 6 cmc

Check out these other lists too

So the rules are to post a comment of a colorless card at 6 cmc and the people will upvote it. The cards with the most upvotes will get the # spot. I will update the top 10 list daily.

Your comment/comments should look something like this...

My favorite colorless card at 6 cmc is Brass Herald .

It shouldn't look like this.

My favorite card is this card and that card and also this card but I think this card is the best.

More rules.

  • If you want to submit multiple cards, comment multiple times. Only one card per submission.
  • Upvote whatever cards you agree to be in the top ten.
  • Dont be afraid to upvote multiple cards.
  • You may make comments on other suggested cards and you may talk about the top cards list. But keep your card suggestions separate.
  • X spells are excluded.
  • You may tag friends to join the conversation/debate.
  • Only colorless cards at 6 cmc will be considered for the top 10.
  • unless its the legendary cmdr of the colorless deck. Cards like Transguild Courier and Sphinx of the Guildpact are not aloud in a colorless edh deck, so these cards and cards like it will not be considered for the list.
  • Cards like Drowner of Hope will not be considered for the list.
  • You may talk about other cards outside of colorless and outside of 6 cmc but they will not be considered for the top 10.
  • Cards that have multiple colors on it or in it, will not be excepted. Including hybrid mana. Unless its cards like Ramos, Dragon Engine . Because they can be your cmdr. And they are indeed colorless. My rules
  • Cards banned in edh will not be considered for the top 10.
  • If the submitted card has the same amount of upvotes as another card. I will make a judgment call on witch one I feel deserves the higher spot in the top 10.
  • S stands for super. For the 1 card that I chose to represent the best card that's banned in edh.
  • If theres a draw. For instance. If a card has 5 upvotes, and another card has 5 upvotes, and one of them I have upvoted, and the other I have not upvoted. The card I have not upvoted counts as 5½ or 5.5 for those using the metric system.

Tappedout user results- sun, march 7th 2021

Edhrec results- sun, march 7th 2021

Maggi on People are Strange

7 months ago

I like this deck and changelings are one of my favorites, however I wonder if Reaper King would be a better commander choice and he runs well with your deck

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