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This began life as an attempt to turn my ancient Pestilence deck Sick Leave into something suitable for Commander. It didn't really work, as most of Sick Leave's fun is based on tight interactions between a small number of cards, which is pretty hard to pull off in a 100-card singleton format. But there was a seed of a good idea there, and I also had an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic that I wanted to do something with. Put those together, and here we are.

The main goal with this deck is to play defense, gain life, and eventually drop some ridiculous win condition out of nowhere. Cards like Windborn Muse, Koskun Falls, and (as a big hammer) Glacial Chasm discourage attackers, as do a variety of big blockers. Angel of the Dire Hour, Awe Strike and the like are reactive, but also serve as deterrents once your opponents know you have them. With the walls up, you can keep gaining life (and drawing cards) with Oloro until you get whatever you need to win.

For win conditions, the Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond infinite combo is the dream, but either on their own provide a lot of synergy. Beacon of Immortality + Sanguine Bond can be a kill as well. Felidar Sovereign or Test of Endurance also win straight-up if you can keep them out until your next upkeep, and Storm Herd likely gives you 50+ creatures if the game is going well. If you can't pull any of that that off, you can also just go for attrition via Sanguine Bond, Baneful Omen, and the like, then turn those big blockers into attackers to finish the job.

The strategy here is partly political, in that you generally want to appear nonthreatening in the early game so your opponents will fight amongst themselves while you amass your resources. Many of the win conditions take at least a turn to go off and can put a pretty big target on your head, so it's best not to drop something like a Test of Endurance until you're ready to use it.


This deck is still early, but it's performed well so far. There's a lot in here that I haven't proven out, though, so I expect to continue refining it. Some current thoughts are:

  1. Azor's Elocutors and Strixhaven Stadium seem like fun things to play while behind a Glacial Chasm, but they also scream "Please attack me." I need to see if I can ever realistically win with these, or if they're too slow and counteract the "look nonthreatening" part of the strategy.
  2. I thought about adding Solemnity to disrupt counter-based strategies (and poison!) and keep that Glacial Chasm out for free, but it breaks the aforementioned Azor's Elocutors and Strixhaven Stadium. I might revisit this if I decide to remove those. Something like Energy Storm might be fun too if I can turn off cumulative upkeep.
  3. Demonic Consultation is extremely dangerous in a singleton deck; it's mainly there as a cute combo with Approach of the Second Sun. There are already enough sources of card draw that this probably isn't needed, but I kind of want to try it at least once.
  4. In general, the deck is short on creatures and has a pretty high mana curve. So far, acting unassuming until I can ramp up a bit has worked well, but I'll have to see how this plays out in the long term. It may need more cheap ways to discourage attackers.


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In: Wrath of the Skies, Nesting Grounds, Waterlogged Teachings  Flip, Contaminated Landscape, Razorgrass Ambush  Flip

Out: Nevinyrral's Disk, Shire Terrace, Creeping Tar Pit, Plains x2

This isn't an energy deck, so Wrath of the Skies is here just to destroy everything with mana value less than whatever you pay for X. The idea is that it can preserve Oloro, who has a fairly high mana value, while taking out token swarms and the like. I'll have to see if that's really better than Nevinyrral's Disk; the disk is supposed to scare off opponents as much as it's a board wipe--i.e., don't attack me and I won't use it--but tends to eat removal either way and not serve either purpose. The Wrath can be deployed as a surprise, so maybe that's better, but time will tell.

The rest are basically just lands with some extra utility. Nesting Grounds is here entirely as a means to move age counters off Glacial Chasmfoil, which is a pretty niche interaction but is fun to do. I think it's fine since it taps for mana anyway, though maybe I should be careful about too many strictly colorless sources in a three-color deck.


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