Target creature you control gains protection from the colour of your choice until end of turn.

Draw a card.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Shelter Discussion

Grubbernaut on Aces in Exile

1 week ago

If there were specific cards you were trying to dig to (lock pieces, a combo, selection for removal/counters/whatever) I could get behind more draw - but all that Potion really reads as is "Discard this card and draw another one for 3 mana: gain 3 life" in this deck. Without a way to bounce it, or a way to use the lifegain, it's not actually doing anything to get you real value or advance your plan.

Shelter , Judge Unworthy (very on-flavor), or old faithful Bonder's Ornament could fit the same role a little better, potentially. Either that, or find a good way to put the extra life to use in your game plan, IMO.

Max121212 on Hot Women Card Collection

2 weeks ago

Nice added both, thanks.

Shelter does look like the poor girl forgot to put everything on in the morning.

I realy like Quirion Ranger , both the attitude and the skin to hair contrast. They must have put in a lot of work with the face.

Had to laugh when googling it and saw the old version :D

Quirion Ranger (there is some attitude)

irish_trunks on Hot Women Card Collection

2 weeks ago

Shelter and the new Quirion Ranger art are fantastic

acthompson on OG Akroma EDH

1 month ago

Update 6/9/21: Having played this deck several times, uneven play patterns started becoming apparent. First, turns were taking too long. This was not because of complexity but rather indecision. Should I play and activate Jayemdae Tome or play Akroma, Angel of Wrath ? Second, when Akroma, Angel of Wrath hit the battlefield I immediately became threat numero uno. Moreover, I couldn't maintain pressure without her. I had to rely too much on Akroma (although to be fair, let's all remember, it's OG mono-white so whatcha gonna do?). Third, while I could cycle though the deck it was at the cost of more impactful cards. Abeyance and Shelter are great but by themselves they don't do much.

Enter OG Akroma EDH v.2

Kebes on Angelic Soul Sisters feat. Spirit Tokens

6 months ago

Hey, I was thinking about your deck. By my experience, Angel of Vitality is not that powerful as she looks like. Maybe you should replace her with something that make better use of your powerful lifegain, for example Ajani's Pridemate , Speaker of the Heavens (he's in your sideboard), Light of Promise or Heliod, Sun-Crowned , to boost creature of your choice (You will have them plenty). Also, I was thinking about your final strike and those are my two propositions: Shelter (instead of Sunbeam Spellbomb ) and Angel of Destiny if you couldn't kill your enemy in conventional way. I m not a very experienced player, but I'm glad if I helped. Btw. I like your deck :D. Good luck with it ^^.

Meachman on

6 months ago

With limited card draw in your colors, it might be worth playing some more cantrips that buff Bruse and replace themselves.

Bestial Fury and Fists of Flame give much-needed trample. Blindblast, Panic Spellbomb, Panic, Rile, and Stun get past lone blockers, while Key to the City gets past anyone. Shelter protects or allows to get past certain colors of blockers. Dragon Mantle gives you a big buff. Burnout prevents tricksy blue spells in combat or counters against your stuff.

Mind Stone and Commander's Sphere give you mana early and card draw late. Scrabbling Claws lets you hate on graveyards and draw if you need.

And since you have two commanders, Tome of Legends is doubly good.

The_Fallen_Duke on Aura Storm

1 year ago

Good job in putting together a viable deck on a budget! I am thinking that a simple and cheap card such as Shelter could be helpful to have Bruna sneak through blockers and/or avoid removal when you swing I assume for lethal commandar damage, plus it replace itself.

Not a fan personally of Opportunity: sure, 4 cards are nice, but 6 CMC is really a lot to spend - it basically 2 Divination sticked together, with the advantage of instant speed being reduced by the need of having 6 mana available. Since your deck focuses on auras, maybe Ophidian Eye to get some value over time?

rumpy on

1 year ago

Hey there, you've got a pretty good thing going on here, especially for a first deck. A lot more cohesive than my first EDH attempt many moons ago, which was a horrible mishmash of netdeck and "super secret tech" that in fact did not work as intended. Your secret sauce of mild pillow fort actually makes sense!

That said, here are a few pointers that should help you smooth out some rough edges:

  • You should run all seven one-drop instant speed cantrips. They're just good, no matter your specific Feather game plan. You're missing Heal and Panic. They don't get you an instant card, but they're still good.
  • Dowsing Dagger  Flip is really good ramp that flips quite easily because Feather has wings, and you can make use of the big mana shot with your red-centric pump quite easily.
  • I agree that Scroll of the Masters is very nice for ending people with voltron damage, I ran it until taking it out recently to focus more on the whole storming out angle. This is a bit of a sad truth, but decks tend to work better when you zoom in on an particular angle of attack. In your case, keep an eye on how the cast payoffs work. You run quite few rocks, so you won't have obscene mana to keep a crazy number of spells in constant circulation. The token guys are still gonna be good for gumming, but the various Guttersnipe variants might end up lacking. I expect Aetherflux Reservoir in particular to do little for you.
  • Some voltron stuff I always thought could be good is O-Naginata and Leering Emblem.
  • Emerge Unscathed does nothing for you as you don't care about its rebound. You should have enough repeatable protection stuff to not care about Deflecting Swat. Sheltering Light is nice as it's a form of protection while scrying for 1 mana. Faith's Shield is like a second Apostle's Blessing in that it can also protect a non-creature in a pinch. Not sure how vital that will be for you. My personal protection suite is the one-drop insta-flickers (Cloudshift, Ephemerate), two-drop EOT-flickers (Liberate, Long Road Home, Otherworldly Journey), a few colour protection options (Gods Willing, Apostle's Blessing, Faith's Shield, Shelter) and a bit of indestructibility (Ajani's Presence, Ephemeral Shields, Sheltering Light).
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