Pit Trap

Pit Trap


(2), Tap, Sacrifice Pit Trap: Destroy target attacking creature without flying. It can't be regenerated.

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Pit Trap Discussion

carpecanum on Emry: Things lost

9 months ago

Grinning Totem, Snake Basket and maybe Living Armor are fun artifacts your boss could abuse.

Pit Trap? Solemn Simulacrum? Gauntlets of Chaos?

Creatures with "Modular" might be fun since you have a ton of artifact creatures to get counters. I see the Crusher in there but the cheaper 1 or 2 mana guys might be more useful as chump blockers and free counters.

Mobile Garrison could give your boss an extra untap.

Kamerot on Lyra, Dawn Breaker Commander

3 years ago

Hey there, I like where you're going with this. A friend of mine runs an angel tribal that I loath, so I know with time, this deck will definitely be a monster. I do see that you have some inconsistencies for it being tribal. Like quite a few things that only target one creature whereas you want stuff that affects all of your divine beings.

So here's a list of things I would drop and some suggestions as well. Not knowing your budget, I'm just going to suggest anything that comes to mind. Take out:

So I know its a long list. Most of those cards don't do enough to help, have too high of a cmc for what they do, or don't fit the tribal theme. Add in:

A lot of the suggested upgrades suggested are designed to help your game plan you have set up, are better versions of cards you had, or just to help get your angels out quicker since they are expensive to cast and white has some of the worst ramp in the game. Here's a little k to my friends deck for more ideas: Angels in the battlefield Best of luck to you!!

Xx_WOLPH_xX on

4 years ago

Gavony Unhallowed + Eternal Thirst

Vampiric Link = better than death touch defense - creature can attack OTHER opponents, damage them and heal us (or attack us and immediately heal us).

Butcher Ghoul

Gurmag Angler or Gray Merchant of Asphodel + Undying Evil

Gempalm Polluter + Cemetery Recruitment = better cycling than Lance Armstrong

Pit Trap = Uncommon

There are a couple "exile card X in graveyard, get a 2/2 zombie" cards

Maybe splash a little blue for counters or some blue zombies like Armored Skaab Drowned or Zombie Outlander

My first deck is all extort white with life gain. Most of my creatures have big bottoms so they can withstand Pestilence plus there is some exile removal.

StopShot on I want to build a …

4 years ago

I want to build a trap-themed deck specifically in Selesnya colors, though I'd be open for expanding to a third color if there are interesting enough suggestions for it. Same goes for price unless I feel a card really hits home for flavor, so preferably nothing above $5 per card.

To get an idea for the sort of deck I want to build I want to use cards like; Pitfall Trap, Ambush Viper, Trip Noose, Quicksand. Maybe Pit Trap and Wall of Nets, but my play group uses specifically Modern cards, so I'd prefer to stay in that field if possible. (Do feel free to suggest non-modern cards for consideration.)

Also the cards I've been reviewing seem weak to fliers. So I was thinking maybe I might add in Deadly Recluse and Raking Canopy to counteract that. I just don't want to use straight forward spells like Pacifism or Lignify since that seems to go against the idea of setting up a trap.

Any trap-like card suggestions I should consider? Also what creatures do you feel like would best go for a trap deck like this? I kind of like the looks of Qasali Ambusher, and Advent of the Wurm, but I don't know what else would work well.

NiTRoBoX on Glissa's Necronomicon

5 years ago

griz024 Thanks for the suggestions, didn't know about Pit Trap and Powder Keg will think about them.

After the last changes I will need to test the deck quite some to see how it works and what doesn't. Overall the decks works great and the last few additions works well.