My Azusa is OLD. It was my second Commander (EDH at that time) deck I constructed and the only one that lasted from 2006 to this day. Why? Well because playing Azusa is not only extremely fun but she also wins games. My deck is not a battlecruiser style though but more of Turbo-land archetype with creature finishers and some control elements. Lands in this deck can do everything - draw cards, kill permanents (creatures included), enable flash and uncounterability, prevent damage and gain life, search library, produce armies and more. Sure there are some Eldrazis to wreck havok as well as infamous Avenger of Zendikar + Craterhoof Behemoth "combo" but the focus is to put as many lands with cool abilities as possible and make people jaws drop.

The key to success is to play Azusa as a tempo deck. The deck should focus on casting Azusa, Lost but Seeking Turn 2 or prepare ground on that turn for casting her T3.

Speeding Azusa T2 Show

T3 Azusa with T2 support Show

After Azusa is out and extra lands were played (starting hand should have a minimum of 4 lands) the next turn or two should focus on further ramping and after that we should be able to make attempt to win.

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There is also assortment of silver bullets that makes a game more unpredictable for opponents as well as allows for some cheesy plays.

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A note about Mana doublers. I don't use any as their effect is not immediate (unless I already have a lot of mana in which case doubler is more or less irrelevant) and waiting for a turn in more competitive meta can be met with removal, steal effect or just winning. If a meta is slower or light on removal then Natural Order for Nyxbloom Ancient or Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger can just blow out competition. Anyway Azusa is about playing more and more lands so doubler is not needed in most situations.

A note about optional cards. A Maybeboard is fully interchangable with main board and which card goes into main depends more on personal preference and meta than individual card power. For example a theoreticaly more powerful Natural Order is less functional than Eldritch Evolution if there is no Apex Altisaur or mana doubler in a main or one of opponents plays stax with Gaddock Teeg. Reshape the Earth and Nylea's Intervention is a choise between sheer power (at the high cost) of the former and speed + flexibility of the latter. All Is Dust competes with Oblivion Stone on a ground of needing less or more ways to deal with artifacts and interaction with Collector Ouphe.


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Both Brother's War and Warhammer did not bring anything for Azusa to include and Jumpstart doesn't seem so far either.

As for other updates I'm going to pardon with Yeva and ditch Defiler of Vigor which seemed like win more and wasn't a tutor target at any occassion.


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