Chancellor of the Tangle

Chancellor of the Tangle

Creature — Beast

You may reveal this card from your opening hand. If you do, at the beginning of your first main phase, add {G} to your mana pool. Vigilance, reach

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Chancellor of the Tangle Discussion

Mortlocke on New hubs to be added

2 months ago

Hello legendofa,

I propose a new hub to be added: Phyrexian. During Modern Horizons 2, 225 creatures were retconned into having the Phyrexian creature subtype to join Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider . Additionally, there were a smattering of Enchantments, Artifacts and etc that ether have the Phyrexian subtype or create creature tokens that do. Thanks to this retcon I now have a deck that has a Phyrexian tribal theme. For your reference, below is a full list of spells that were affected by WotC's Phyrexian errata.


sergiodelrio on Turn 1

6 months ago

The only other way to get an extra mana T1, beside Gemstone Caverns, is Chancellor of the Tangle

Magic_Aids on 【Valakut】SPEED【RAMP!】 KHM 【AFTER B&R!】

6 months ago

Let me know what you guys think of the deck! Was Chancellor of the Tangle good enough? Or is Simian Spirit Guide still the OG? ;)

chrisiver on In search of leylines

7 months ago

An enchantment prison deck is a really interesting idea with In Search of Greatness . If Sphere of Safety is too slow you can try Ghostly Prison to slow them down early. Also maybe run Reverence in the sideboard. Chancellor of the Tangle is really good if you have In Search of Greatness in your opening hand, but just bad without it. Instead I think Chancellor of the Tangle should be some sort of hand disruption, or maybe a board wipe. Cool deck

TriusMalarky on Should Tybalt's Trickery be Banned?

7 months ago

Cascade is why Trickery is good in Modern. That mechanic is solely responsible for several weird gameplans.

Actually, DuTogira, if you hit Trickery off Trickery, you then target your own Trickery and continue the loop. MagicAids and MerynMTG both made videos covering the deck, and the absolutely worst thing you can hit off Trickery in Modern is Simian and that's if you run it in your deck, which you probably shouldn't be. t3 Chancellor of the Tangle is a pretty good floor.

But hugsandambitions: no offense, but I don't think you know what 'mangle your deck' or 'is not consistent' means.

'mangle your deck' refers to the fact that, due to Trickery's wording, you have to build your deck in a very specific way -- one that will probably have 80ish lands in EDH. While it's not necessarily bad, it does mean that your entire gameplan revolves around Trickery -- you cannot use anything else.

Additionally, if you want to counter the consistency claim, you should probably pull up some math of your own. In my experience, people who discount the "isn't consistent enough" argument without providing any reasoning, or those who discount by saying '

Also, 'blue has a hard time' is a bad argument. Swan Song, Spell Pierce, Miscast, Dispel . . . Look at those cEDH playable 1cmc counterspells that hit Trickery. Oh, look, there's also 3 0cmc counterspells and also several red redirect effects that cost 1-0 mana that can screw Trickery over.

Also, what are you hitting? Craterhoof doesn't win cos you don't have enough creatures. Ugin's big, but can't ever win in EDH -- it just allows you to control the board really well, for a couple turns because it immediately dies. Even Emrakul can't win you the game on its own in EDH, and she's banned.

sergiodelrio on Forest of Illusion

7 months ago

Alright, as promised here are some more in-depth thoughts of mine which will hopefully help you make some directional decisions for your deck:

First let's look at your general strat. It's awesome. Combo-y. You have 2 very crucial engines in this deck that even have synergy with each other (Piper and Shaman) plus an early game ramp subtheme. Now, according to my personal deckbuilding philosophy, each and every other card should either 1) Directly support your engine pieces 2) defend them or 3) be part of a plan B. Ideally, those other cards will tick more than one box. A card that doesn't really tick one of the boxes should be considered a questionable pick, or a sideboard option for specific matchups.

That being said, let's look at your base layer here, lands and 1-drops. While the Arbor Elf/Utopia Sprawl + Forest shell is a real thing, I'm not sure it is the best fit in the context of your deck. Since you're playing Fauna Shaman, you probably want most of your cards to be creatures, if possible, so they can be pitched to it as a soft synergy interaction. At the same time you're worried about your life total and looking to stall the game a bit. If Utopia sprawl (which is a REALLY bad late game draw) and Arbor Elf were Elvish Mystic s and Llanowar Elves , you'd still have rampy 1-drops, but you could pitch them to shaman and you wouldn't need to commit your landbase to the 'forest' Type. More cheap creatures also means more chump block. Less inter-dependancy but equal/more synergy! A propos landbase. If you're worried about aggro and your life total, why are you playing (so many) Fetchlands? Resolving 3 Fetches means free Lightning Bolt for the opponent. I know deck thinning is a thing, but other than that, fetching doesn't help your strategy, as you don't need to fix your colors, don't need to fetch a specific forest like Dryad Arbor , don't have a landfall or revolt, etc., theme. At the same time you're passing up the mono-colored deck's strong opportunity to play powerful utility lands, which I'd advise you have a look at yourself (many great options like Cavern of souls, Gemstone Cavers, but be careful with legendary lands... I generally don't put more than 2 of each in my decks, with very few exceptions). A general rule of thumb to not overdo that I use is have at least 14 untapped land sources and also at least 14 colored (=green) sources (they don't need to be both at the same time).

Ok, now let's talk about protecting your combo. Spellskite it a great pick! Why? Your Piper is a 4-drop. By the time you play it, you already want the protection to be in place, not have reactive spells on top of that. I guess you were trying to achieve this with Scepter, but as I mentioned before, this is clunky. Consider Lightning Greaves , imho they have good synergy with your curve and are very flexible on their own... also, once you put your fatties in play, HASTE!

I believe another great synergistic addition imho would be Chancellor of the Tangle . I synergizes with Shaman (pitch it), with piper (decent fattie) and with Gemstone Caverns if you choose to play it (you can both reveal it for its effect, then pitch it to the caverns!).

Beast Within is a sideboard card. It does nothing for your strat and should be considered a nuclear option for something very oppressive you're facing.

Then, if you still have slots in your deck, you might want to look for cheap cards that filter your library for your engine pieces, and/or recover them from the grave, like Witness.

Generally, build your deck with an attitude in mind that always looks at the worst possible hands, situations, etc., not as if you always have your pieces active. "Does this help me when I'm behind?" - ideally, all of your cards should.

Ok, not sure I covered everything, but I think I've already dug too deep here xD hope it helps some. Pick of those tips the ones you agree with. Obviously this is YOUR baby and you should build it in a way you feel comfortable with... I'm not gonna tell people how they're supposed to have fun, lol.


Lowenstein on Kaldheim【TURN】【1】【LOCK!】▷ 2021 Combo Deck! ◁

8 months ago

Assuming this deck is consistent enough to ruin everything and they actually decide to ban something, what would it be? I feel like they wouldn't want to ban Tibalt's Trickery, just like they banned Mycosynth Lattice over Karn, the Great Creator. So maybe one of the dumb ramp things, either Simian Spirit Guide, Chancellor of the Tangle, or Gemstone Caverns. I think the land and Simian are also unlikely because other decks use those. I also play All Spells so that would make me sad. Maybe they ban the Chancellor? One of those things to make it less consistent.


Deasert_Nomads_be_godly on leyline deck

8 months ago

king-saproling, I dont really see where to put Chancellor of the Tangle or Elvish Spirit Guide as not much ramp is needed, especially not green mana! in response to Sylvan Scrying thats kind of what Crop Rotation is for and in my opinion its better. Teferi's Protection costs 4 mana while Greater Auramancy costs 2 and stays on the board. Once Upon a Time I have no creatures so this card is pointless with the small chance of getting the land I need, thank you for the suggestions though I love them!

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