Nylea's Intervention

Nylea's Intervention


Choose one —

  • Search your library for up to X land cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library.
  • Nylea’s Intervention deals twice X damage to each creature with flying.

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Nylea's Intervention Discussion

RiotRunner789 on Mazes End and what

1 month ago

I have a 5 color deck that just includes maze's end and all of the guild gates. It's a budget land base that works well and off the 100 ish games, maze won once.

I'd say it is worth it if:

You don't mind slow budget lands


You build around it with land tutors such as Nylea's Intervention

TheKamikazeBagel on Werewolf Commander Deck

1 month ago

I'm not sure if these are above your price range, but I run Druids' Repository and Bow of Nylea in my Tovolar EDH deck. A jank suggestion is Sight of the Scalelords, but I need to play test that more. I'm also testing out Kodama of the East Tree and Neyith of the Dire Hunt. I would highly recommend Nylea's Intervention alongside Reliquary Tower, and if you're willing to pay for it Master of the Wild Hunt is a great card.

Profet93 on Lost and Afraid

2 months ago

I took Bane of progress and regal force out of my deck sadly because upon G-wave entering, Bane destroys Akromas so you can't swing for lethal. Regal Force is a mandatory draw, so you deck yourself out unless you somehow sacrifice a Shuffling Eldrazi with a High Market, Miren Moaning well, or another sac outlet. Thoughts?

Greater Good - Speaking of sac outlets, this one draws you a bunch of cards and prevents stealing/exiling effects

Song of the Dryads - Removal, particularly on opposing commanders. If they play black or red, they are unlikely to have enchantment removal. Even more fun is using strip mine on their "land" in response to their removal spell on song of dryads.

Nissa, Vital Force - +1 is to untap cradle for more mana (usually after drawing a large part of your deck with a big board state to increase tempo) or to untap strip mine and destroy anyone (or rather, the person) who will inevitably try to destroy her. Her ultimate costs 6 and she starts at 5. Her emblem is POWERFUL, but that's not why she's here. Her -3 is almost like a third recursion effect. Ultimate is just another potential benefit.

Your list should add more non basics, I think your mana base could add 2-4 more non-basics. If you do, you should consider the following...

Nylea's Intervention > Sylvan Scrying - Higher ceiling, more versatility. I get you can't cast this Turn 2 and then Turn 3 Azusa but I feel the benefits far outweigh the negative.

Field of the Dead + Snow-covered swamps = Tokens! Since they are black, regal force doesn't work, but shamanic revelation does. Moreover, they are just blockers and fuel for cradle. Never underestimate thespian's stage copying field so each land you play brings 2 zombies, with Azusa thats 6 zombies per turn. With cradle + field, you can bypass the tempo requirement of casting azusa to get more lands into play. I see you have exploration, so perhaps that aspect might not be beneficial all the time, nevertheless, it is powerful.

I would add every land in the maybeboard except Homeward path. Cuts would be maze of ith (unless meta dependent) and Dryad arbor. Arbor almost always dies and sets you back. Given he can't be tapped for mana the turn it comes down, it's usually not that impactful. Even with Green Sun Zenith.

I would cut Beacon of creation. I get it's cool with Regal force, cradle and yavimaya green land, but I never was a huge fan of it. How has it been in your experience?

Shaffe_House on This Land is my Land

4 months ago

Part 2

Other Cards that you could consider cutting

  1. Ondu Giant => Seedguide Ash this card is one more mana expsive and has to die inorder to get the lands, but could be such a good upside. This dieing with your commander reads ramp 3 draw 3 cards and gain 3 life
  2. Soratami Mirror-Guard I get what you are doing here, but I feel like there are better payoffs for this
  3. Timbermaw Larva => Rampaging Brontodon trample is 1,000% better on this card
  4. Wakeroot Elemental 5 greens for a 5/5? way overcosted
  5. Wave-Wing Elemental again similar argument to Windrider Eel not that big of an impact
  6. Wild Wanderer good but could have better options
  7. Aetherflux Reservoir I know this is good in commander but why? No synergy at all, there has to be a better card slot here
  8. Elixir of Immortality I used to put this in all of my decks too, but it is counter productive to your stragay with cards like Splendid Reclamation and The Mending of Dominaria
  9. Wayfarer's Bauble There is better ramp than this in green
  10. I see why you have Jiang Yanggu but I feel like there is stronger cards than that. I cut the card to tutor Journey for the Elixir for him sorry :(
  11. There are a bunch of other better than Ranger's Path you could add, I'll show them in the recommendations
  12. Future Sight and Ominous Seas both seem strange here. I get future sight can draw cards, BUT I feel you should use mana sinks rather than off the top of your library draw
  13. Ghostly Flicker is on thin ice, like yes you have all the etb creatures but sometimes it is a dead card. meh at best?

Other Cards that you could consider adding

This is where the fun begins and your wallet cries

  1. You want Nissa, Who Shakes the World great card, it is a mana doubler ramp, and also you just win with the ultimate
  2. I heard you like ramp try Tireless Provisioner and pick up one for me while you are at it please
  3. Here is a gaint list of green ramp Harrow , Growth Spiral , Explore , Khalni Heart Expedition , Roiling Regrowth , Grow from the Ashes , Urban Evolution , Migration Path , Natural Connection , Nissa's Renewal , Nylea's Intervention , Spring / Mind , Animist's Awakening , Omen of the Hunt
  4. Keeping your life total at a high level Kazandu Nectarpot , Grazing Gladehart , Retreat to Kazandu , Jaddi Offshoot
  5. Mana Sinks, you are going to have a lot of mana, might as well do something with it Kamahl's Druidic Vow ummm.... yes? Kefnet the Mindful one of my favorite Gods, that doesn't have a place. I look forward to getting attacked by him Sprout Swarm it is really easy for this card to be "free"
  6. Win Cons Blackblade Reforged yes, all the yes Kamahl’s Will All the lands become creatures lol Crash of Rhino Beetles oh crap a 15/15 oh no Oran-Rief Hydra meh, but it could be good?

  7. Other just good cards Frilled Mystic , Trygon Predator , Plasm Capture Gush , Tragic Lesson , Simic Charm , Rampage of the Clans

That is all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more la

Crockosneef on Fun Commander

6 months ago

My all-time favorite is probably Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant  Flip. A deck using her plays rather different from most decks, and I like that. For this deck, I play a lot of cards that allow you to get lands into your hand, such as Winding Way or Nylea's Intervention . You can even run cards like Sylvan Ranger so that you're not completely vulnerable while you're trying to reach that seven-lands-in-hand clause. When you're able to flip Sasaya, you can use cards like Book of Rass or Abundance to draw into nonland cards that you can actually play. I like using cards like Goblin Cannon , Ant Queen , or Hydra Broodmaster to close out the game. Due to the fact that you're running more lands than you'd run in your typical EDH deck, the price of the deck is already a little lower. But yeah, this is one of my favorites!

Blacandrin on Elven Empire Upgrade

8 months ago

Hey there multimedia,

There is no budget for upgrading right now, even tough at the moment this deck is on hold since my Jodah (Jodah Archmage Eternal Budgetish deck is getting a few upgrades recently ( Rhystic Study and Thassa's Oracle so slightly expensive upgrade for that deck)

Copperhorn Scout this card used to be in the deck, but I didn´t really find much use out of it to be honest, but it is certainly in considering cards.

Thank you for your opinion, and I will certainly consider some cards. On card Staff of Domination I had my eyes already before a few times but I always forgot to order that one. So... maybe

Greatest problem this deck actually is going through is that there are no boardwipes and it struggles against flyers. I was considering Nylea's Intervention but that is also just among considering.

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