Virulent Plague

Virulent Plague


Creature tokens get -2/-2.

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Virulent Plague Discussion

wallisface on Forbidden Art

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • Massacre Wurm feels a little too cute.., by the time you’ve reached 6 mana the game must surely be already decided? Does it actually help more than it hinders?

  • Mantle of Leadership feels risky as it’s an aura that doesn’t do anything special on entry/exit, so is likely to blow you out when your opponent kills your creature (losing you two card for the price of one). It also doesn’t appear to actually help you a lot here.

  • Idyllic Tutor is nice, but really slow… it gives your opponent too much time uninterrupted. If you need to ensure tokens are being penalised, running a few Virulent Plague should help. The Tutor just doesn’t feel like it’s going to provide enough value to compensate for its clunkiness

  • dropping the above cards probably means you can get away with 22 lands??

  • Ajani's Pridemate might be doing wonders for you, but it feels like a really strange choice, and one that i’m super skeptical of being the right card for this deck. Something like Hunted Horror feels like it should be more what you’re after?

Lanzo493 on MTG terms for the virus

10 months ago

Virulent Plague fits really well. Even the flavor text references people being sick with Covid are also very thirsty.

IrateWarrior on Welcome to the Grismold Family Vacation!

1 year ago

I actually like Phyrexian Plaguelord. I think if your going to voltron focus you should double down with that instead of the aristocrat style. As for the tokens I found these two card heavy hitters as end phase your at minimum giving him +2+2 Virulent Plague Illness in the Ranks. Also worth nothing Hardened Scales triggers off each token since it is a separate trigger each time.

TriusMalarky on What commander should I build?

1 year ago

Alrighty, thanks for all the suggestions!

So far, I'm thinking

RNR_Gaming on The Vegan Troll

1 year ago

So, I'm not seeing your commander actually show up. So, I had to look em up to be of help. You're gunna want to put CMDR next to his name so he becomes highlighted; it'll be easier for people to see and help ya with it. Oh, and as for suggestions Zulaport Cutthroat and Virulent Plague are awesome. It may seem weird to kill the tokens you make but with a few aristocrats and this going on things get nasty quick.

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