Apprentice Wizard

Apprentice Wizard

Creature — Human Wizard

, : Gain .

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Apprentice Wizard Discussion

ConsumingKiribo on Nicol Bolas, the Ravager commander

8 months ago

First of all: I'm not really the best person to give feedback on a type of deck that I've never played. I mostly mastered Esper colors, but red is a bad color for me to use.

Next, there are some basic things that a commander deck needs. You need Lands, Removal, Ramp, Draw, and Wipes.

EDHrec has recommendations for your specific commander and it's common playstyles. The site's flaws are any new cards that have only recently came out, and you might find some really good cards that are either relatively new or as obscure as f** due to the fact that the site is based on popularity.

Scryfall can find obscure or new cards perfect for your new commander deck.

As for the basic tools a commander deck needs, it all comes down to 36-37 lands (these need to generate mana. However, some have certain effects and count as spells), 6-8 removal spells (cards that counter spells or destroy permanents), 5 board wipes (Example is Wrath of God and Doomskar. Other options for Grixis are Damnation, In Garruk's Wake, AEtherize, Cyclonic Rift, Fade Away, Devastation, which you should NOT run in a casual deck with casual friends, I REPEAT NO IT WIPES LANDS DO-, and Blasphemous Act), 10 draw spells (Read the Bones, Notion Rain, for decks with unblockable creatures Sygg, River Cutthroat and Bident of Thassa, though there are probably other forms of repeatable draw found in your colors), and 10 forms of ramp. These can take the form of mana dorks which are creatures that generate more mana, like Llanowar Elves, or a blue version of it can be Apprentice Wizard, mana rocks, which are the second safest form of ramp and are most common. Dimir Signet, and Rakdos Signet, and also Izzet Signet are both really good. Sol Ring and Arcane Signet are found in ZendiCommander decks, or Zendikar Commander decks. Land ramp is the safest form of ramping and is most commonly found in Green, but Blue can do it as well due to the release of Planar Chaos. Expect more land ramp in other colors soon with the release of Time Spiral Remastered. Dreamscape Artist is that one single land ramp found in blue.

I recommend this video right here:

These are the absolute basics of a casual commander deck. Have fun!

Goblin_Guide on

1 year ago

For anyone interested in a budget version, here are some changes I would recommend:

Necropotence becomes Underworld Connections (or Phyrexian Arena I guess, but still a little pricey).

Baleful Strix becomes Dusk Legion Zealot.

Chain of Vapor becomes literally any removal spell, it's just in here because I own a Chinese one and I like the card a lot. (Plus it can bounce your own commander and sac a land to make it into a removal spell.)

Crypt Ghast becomes any mana rock; it could also become some mana dork like Apprentice Wizard or something.

Erratic Portal ... uh ... I dunno, maybe Barrin, Tolarian Archmage? Not a great option but it's cheaper.

Mystic Remora becomes any draw spell.

There are also a couple of randomly expensive mana rocks or whatever, figure it out.

King_marchesa on

1 year ago

I would probably take out Scrib Nibblers also I would add Apprentice Wizard for eldrazi ramp and Fleet Swallower for mill.

GoblinElectromancer on Budget Talrand Spell Slinger

1 year ago

Also take out Clear the Mind, Twisted Image, Prescient Chimera, Apprentice Wizard, Rakshasa's Disdain, Neutralizing Blast, Memory Lapse, Arcane Melee (It'l probably help your opponent just as much as you), Corrupted Grafstone, Grip of the Roil, and Hedron Crawler.

The deck should now have 99 cards in it plus the commander. Good Luck with it!

KongMing on Tap Dancing Wizards - Reveka, Wizard Savant (EDH)

1 year ago

Also, another fella who works well with untaps like Retreat and is great monoblue ramp is Dreamscape Artist. He basically turns any card in your hand into Harrow on a stick. And because the lands come in untapped, they can be used for mana immediately.

Apprentice Wizard is another cool monoblue rampy card you could exploit with your untaps.

Mystic Sanctuary is some good retrieval for you, and is actually cheaper than an Island (especially a Snow-Covered one).

Also, since you're running Tunnel Vision, Hinder and Spell Crumple are two options you could add or replace current counterspells with.

Kindred Discovery is another potential source of draw power for you. Usually it's better in blue decks that exploit bouncing rather than tapping, but the fact that you have 32 wizards means almost half of the nonland permanents you play can draw you a card from Kindred.

Also, not sure what your playgroup's commanders are like, but Peer Pressure can be a hilarious way to take other people's wizards. You have a fair number of humans too, so taking those is also a possibility. It's best used if other decks in the pods you are in have Wizard or Human commanders, especially if you can grab multiple creatures. This card is really dependent on the decks you play against - weigh it against Control Magic if you're not sure whether it if worth running.

FenrisBurgess on Mono Blue Control

1 year ago

Prepare for a lot of words.

  • If you want to make an "unstoppable" deck utilizing counters, you need to be aware of two things:

1. Counters are not a winning strategy.

2. You need to concentrate your strategy.

  • Your current decklist has counters, time walks, infinite mana, potential infinite draw, and large amounts of ramp.
  • You have no means to win by drawing yourself out, so infinite draw will not help you. In addition, your draw is already lacking.
  • Infinite mana will only help you if you have the combo pieces. This is mono-blue, so finding combo pieces that are creatures or enchantments is going to be very difficult.
  • Extra turns are always nice (except when they're not), but they will do very little if you need to tap out in order to get them. Currently, I see no advantage to taking any extra turns in this deck.
  • The deck looks to be reliant on ramp in order to cast larger spells. Early game ramp looks to be minimal. Even with a large amount of mana early game, there doesn't seem to be a lot you can do with colorless mana.

If you want to utilize counters, pick a strategy:

  • Tempo
  • Mill
  • Artifact Stompy


  • I would advise avoiding high cost spells for the sake of a single combo piece.
  • Deadeye Navigator is not a winning strategy and you're not likely to draw into it or be able to play it early game.
  • If you want to keep it for an Urza or Arcanis Combo, you really only need Peregrine Drake .
  • Make use of merfolk or drakes because they are cheap and let you deal damage earlier.
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner is good for both of these types.
  • If you want to use more wizards, Patron Wizard gives them a lot more utility.
  • Ramp can come in the form of Apprentice Wizard .
  • Find some means to make your creatures unblockable and disincentivize your opponent's from attacking you.


  • Time walks are good for mono-blue mill. You get more upkeep and draw steps, therefore you can mill more.
  • This strategy will require more prison effects, but you will still be able to use your counters to prevent yourself from getting murdered.
  • This doesn't seem like the strategy you want, however.

Artifact Stompy

  • Since you're running Urza already, you can combo everybody to death really easily.
  • You can put all the colorless mana you produce to good use.
  • Infinite mana is much easier to make with artifacts than "Deadeye Drake".
  • Artifacts can be manipulated more effectively and there are a wide range of uses.

In General

  • You need more draw.
  • A centered strategy.
  • A way to best make use of your counter spell theme.

Good luck. Have fun. Don't rob a bank.

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