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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Standard Brawl Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal


Enchantment — Aura

Enchant basic land you control

When Ossification enters the battlefield, exile target creature or planeswalker an opponent controls until Ossification leaves the battlefield.

BioProfDude on Mono White Vigilance

6 months ago

I think if you have the budget, you need to at least upgrade the mana. Include 2x Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire, 1x or maybe 2x Castle Ardenvale, 1x Shefet Dunes (you'd be surprised at how effective that +1/+1 thing can be at istant speed!), and maybe 1x Cave of the Frost Dragon as a place to sink mana for attacking if you get wrathed.

Guardian of Faith also nicely fits your theme and is an underrated card that can be extremely useful. I get that you're trying to stick with humans, but I think there's already a really, really good humans deck, so I would exploit the vigiliance and worry less about the humans aspect (see below).

On that note, Reidane, God of the Worthy  Flip would be a solid addition, if at least for the sideboard.

While it doesn't have vigilance when activated, maybe Smuggler's Copter? Ha! I know, we're jamming it in every deck to see if it will work, but in this type of aggro deck it just might and it provides you a nice way to draw some cards.

Last suggestions for the main are Brave the Elements and maybe something like Temporary Lockdown or Ossification in the main board. I get that you have humans, but I think these are just better than Sanctuary Lockdown or Collective Effort. Even Get Lost would be a great addition, or possibly Declaration in Stone in the sideboard.

Your sideboard should probably include Rest in Peace to deal with Izzet Phoenix and Amalia Combo, and probably should have Damping Sphere to deal with Lotus Combo. Containment Priest is also another solid sideboard consideration.

Oh, a fun card that might be cool would be Rally the Ancestors (or Return to the Ranks, maybe). For surprise blocking? Just a thought.

Cool deck idea! +1 from me!

Miromatt on Kyuubi

11 months ago

idfkgabe Not a bad choice; however my meta is 3-player 90% of the time so I use - Grasp of Fate . Comparing it to other control cards I find falling short of: - Soul Tithe - if you dont run this... you're missing out - Ossification -its an aura so it triggers light paws, and 1 less mana to o-ring - Darksteel Mutation Reprobation Prison Term - all trigger light paws, and can shut down generals (o-ring just puts it to command zone typically)

eliakimras on Menacing Aura

1 year ago

Hello! May I step in to give you some recommendations? Since you're on a budget, all cards suggested are 2 dollars or less.

Part 1: Ramp

In: You probably want aura ramp and cost reducers over standard land ramp: Wild Growth, Transcendent Envoy, Hero of Iroas, Jukai Naturalist and Stenn, Paranoid Partisan (choosing Enchantment). These will allow you to storm through your deck casting Auras ad nauseam.

Out: Elvish Mystic, Farhaven Elf, Arcane Signet, Nature's Lore and Cultivate are all great ramp cards, but you can do better (and more thematically) with the cards I mentioned above.

Part 2: Card draw

Just as important as ramp is card draw: Galea won't always be available to you.

In: Sage's Reverie, Enchantress's Presence, Satyr Enchanter, Mesa Enchantress.

Out: Coiling Oracle, Curious Obsession (unreliable), Curse of Verbosity (unreliable), Eel Umbra.

Part 3: Removal

Swords to Plowshares is GREAT, no doubt. But, in this kind of deck, you can spice it up with the great Auras that has for removal.

The objective is, then, to use the cheapest Auras that can hit more than one permanent type, with emphasis on "loses its abilities" in the text box.

In: Mortal Obstinacy, Ossification (synergy with your basic land fetchers).

Out: Reclamation Sage, Swords to Plowshares.

Part 4: Boardwipes

In: I believe you should run more boardwipes that leave your board mostly untouched. Austere Command is one such example. You almost always will clean all artifacts and the half of creatures that are more dangerous to you. Curse of the Swine is another selective wipe.

Out: Time Wipe (not one-sided), Plains.

Part 5: Protection and Evasion

In Voltron, tempo is crucial.

Now to the Auras:

Following the same logic as with removal, I'm using auras over instants to protect the Voltron.

Part 6: Tutors

Without Hammer of Nazahn, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith is just a more expensive Open the Armory.

In: Open the Armory, Heliod's Pilgrim, Moon-Blessed Cleric, Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice and Invasion of Theros  Flip (bonus that all those tutors also change your library's top card).

Out: Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith, Celestial Archon, Heliod's Emissary, Hypnotic Siren, Curse of Unbinding (7 mana is a lot for an Aura).

Part 7: Win Conditions

In: Since you're going all-in with auras, All That Glitters and Ethereal Armor do wonders.

Out: Bruna, Light of Alabaster is slow and telegraphed in this build. People won't let her stick to the field. Nissa, Steward of Elements is tough to protect in a Voltron build, while she only offers scry, which your lands can already do.

Part 8: Lands



  • Thriving Grove, Thriving Heath and Thriving Isle are neat fixing, but the Temples are superior since they play into Galea's strategy.
  • Path of Ancestry is great if you're in a 5-color deck or in a tribal-heavy creature deck. This build is neither.
  • Lumbering Falls is good for suiting Equipments on, but Auras will just go to the graveyard when this land stops being a creature.
  • Azorius Chancery, because you don't run the other two bouncelands.
  • Razorverge Thicket. You'll soon realize that the later turns are more important than the early ones in EDH. This land is a beast in Modern, but it is far from worth it in Commander unless you're playing a turn-3 win deck.
  • Forest and Forest to give room for the two remaining Panoramas. (With all the land searching above, you're probably more likely now to have a target for Utopia Sprawl than before.)
  • Seaside Citadel. I know, I know: tri-lands are great and all, but, in this build, I'm trying to bake the top-of-library manipulation into the manabase so you have more free spell slots for your Auras, similar to what I did with Yennett, Cryptic Oddity (to a great success): each land in it has to either enter untapped somehow or change the top card of the library.

If you read this far, congratulations! Here is the list of the deck with all the suggested alterations, in case you want to test it: Galea, Menacing Aura. Good luck and have fun!

Apollo_Paladin on lifelink 1-1 chains

1 year ago

Personally I would add in at least some creature removal here. (Ossification is a great start)

Why? Because I know a LOT of builds that run Knight of Dusk's Shadow and/or Blightbeetle in their decks just because Lifegain/Countergain is so common and can be such an easy strat to shut down. If either of those cards hit the board Turn 2 you're dead in your tracks. You also might look out for some enchantment hate since Solemnity has a few uses in a couple of different builds, and it similarly would shut you down. There's also Tainted Remedy floating around in some decks, just because so many effects include some kind of lifegain bonus that it's easy to flipping it all to damage instead works against a wide variety of builds to varying degrees.

Light of Hope is good for enchantment hate in your case since (in the event you don't need Enchantment hate) the other 2 options are very useful for your build & keep with its synergy.

Further, I think Lunarch Veteran  Flip would serve you better in the slots in place of your Impassioned Orators. Not only are they cheaper to get out, they can come back into play if they're killed giving them a lot more versatility than the 1 extra pwr/tgh that the Orator gets you for that 1 extra mana.

Also I 100% agree with the above comment that Blue splash in here is doing you NO good at all (it's even increasing the number of 'enters tapped' lands you're running since you're using the guildgate; go straight Black/White with this puppy, either a Plains or a Swamp basic even would be better to draw in those slots.

Hope some of this helps give you some direction, and either way it's nice to see another fellow Arena player here using the site! +1 just for that!

kamarupa on

1 year ago

Not sure what your budget is, but Anointed Procession is basically the same thing as Mondrak, Glory Dominus, except a little more expensive to buy and not legendary.

Usually, when I think about tokens, I think of instants and sorceries. That said, I did put together a build recently that synergizes Tocasia's Welcome with creatures that can T: make a token. You might find some token ideas there (or not?) Halo, and Welcome!.

Ossification is a decent spell, but most the other enchantments aren't worth it. Classic spells are hard to beat. Path to Exile. Oblivion Ring. If there are threats those don't cover, Generous Gift covers everything. Since it looks like you're running a Poison counter wincon, if you're going to pump, instants are the best way to do it. This is because you should only need one or two spells to hit lethal. If you enchant, your opponent will know which to block, but if you instant a buff, you can dodge the blocker.

I think you should try to run 22 lands.

Try to reduce the number of different creatures you include to about 6, increasing the number of each so the total creature count is close to the same.

Mousemke on Mono W Taxation

1 year ago

mostly what wallisface said but

Soulless Jailer is cute but i think i'd rather just use rest in peace. harder to remove and ends all graveyard nonsense.

Against All Odds seems expensive but also worth noting, it being a sorcery instead of an instant is a big deal

Ossification is a but interesting but too narrow. for creatures i would rather use On Thin Ice or Skyclave Apparition. Other than that March of Otherworldly Light would be my go to more general removal

wallisface on Mono W Taxation

1 year ago

I’ve playtested Soulless Jailer a bit in my own taxes shell and it feels… awkward. It does stop some things the opponent can do but not everything you’d expect (they can still cast Gravecrawler or Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger from the graveyard, for example). Personally I was disappointed by this card - there’s better things we can do for 2 mana.

Against All Odds looks terrible/unplayable just due to its mana cost.

Ossification likewise just feels a bit weak when On Thin Ice exists

IHATENAMES on Mono W Taxation

1 year ago

Was looking at new cards. What do you think about these.

Ossification What are your thoughts on this new removal option?

Soulless Jailer new hate piece

Against All Odds small reanimation and blink. Potentially good

Have (1) oyianakis
Want (2) beesaurs , Thefrigidbagel