Lots of recursion through graveyard bouncing. Decent amount of mana fixing and ramp to get your powerful meanies out and causing angry looks around the table.

Mana Confluence Exhume Voyager Staff No Rest for the Wicked Magistrate's Scepter Grim Poppet Anguished Unmaking Unmake Time Sieve Time Warp Wild-Field ScarecrowFlowstone Sculpture Sliversmith


I have finally updated my Sharuum deck and I hope that it will still capture the same magic as my old version while having an even sharper edge. Many of the players in my playgroup have improved to a stronger level of play as well as increased spending on their decks to make the meta more competitive. I hope that this deck will find the right balance of power to always remain a strong contender in the group without drawing all the hate across the table.

+1s, comments, and suggestions welcome!

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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