Magister Sphinx


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Archenemy Rare
Conflux Rare

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Magister Sphinx

Artifact Creature — Sphinx


When Magister Sphinx enters the battlefield, target player's life total becomes 10.

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Magister Sphinx Discussion

CoryDean on Peekaboo!

3 weeks ago

Alrighty, so from the top.

To Iron_Cube: Restoration Angel and Cloudstone Curio seem like pretty solid options that I'm still considering, but I'm not sure yet what to cut. If I had to choose between the two I would go with just Cloudstone Curio. The land recommendations are good, but not my style. I can't bear to hurt myself to gain that mana, because I hate when I have all the colors I need and I'm still hurting myself late game. I also feel that you might bed horrified to learn that I just took Chromatic Lantern out. I did this because the mana has been really smooth lately. No one in my playgroup plays hate, but if they did no ETB would help. Ixidron can flip Hushwing Gryff and Merciless Eviction can remove whatever else. Reclamation Sage is a solid choice, but I already have 6 different (but spendier) ways to remove artifacts\ enchantments.

To JaceTheSwagSculptor: You're right, my mana curve is unfortunately very high. I rarely run into color problems, but I need to have a lot of mana to be able to do the things I need to do. Somewhere around 10-13 mana is when I get my elbow room. Regarding board wipes, in the early game I keep my hand full by playing things that help me and blinking/bouncing them, rather than playing more cards. When board wipes come up, I don't have a lot to lose, and/or I can frequently save them with Crystal Shard, Eerie Interlude, Flickerwisp, Ghostway, Mistmeadow Witch, Otherworldly Journey, Roon of the Hidden Realm, and Turn to Mist. This has frequently caused board wipes to backfire on opponents. And with Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer, the instants are retrieved. And the card advantage options I have work well for me, if I draw them of course. But I can easily topdeck a Temur Ascendancy, Cloudblazer, Coiling Oracle, or Eternal Witness and get 2-6 cards into my hand. As for the win-con, it's pretty unfocused. My strategy is rather drawn out, maybe painful. Opponents usually run out of cards, lose their permanents, and then I'll kill with Cromat or Magister Sphinx. I play a strategy that is perhaps frowned upon, where I just try to leave them with nothing. No hand, no permanents. Unfocused. However, I do win fairly often against a competitive playgroup, and it is very rewarding for me. Do you have any win-con suggestions? I haven't really seen anything that feels that conclusive. although Rite of Replication can sometimes be very conclusive.

To Alkadron: I'm glad you think it looks fun! As for the ramp suggestions you posted, Kor Cartographer appeals to me. I had forgotten about him because I only recently got the last 2 shocklands, both containing white. I already have 2 ways to fetch my forests, and it hurts me inside when I draw one of those after all my forests are out. So I don't want to overdo it. And Knight of the White Orchid is uncomfortably conditional. And those cheap dual-type lands are good suggestions, but I have the shocklands for that purpose already, and I've worked on avoiding lands that enter tapped, since originally all my lands did that. I know that this isn't ramp, but for the purposes of consistently hitting land drops, what do you think of Shard Convergence? Does anyone have experience with this? And I appreciate the advice about critically evaluating cards. Mindclaw Shaman is an example of a hit-or-miss card that sometimes has little value, sometimes is crucial. I'll keep my eye on those cards. Thank you for that advice.

To Snickles@EDH_only: Horde of Notions looks like a very fun commander with plenty of potential, but I consider that to be a very different deck, because I don't want to be limited to elementals. The deck is just too different.

I love the responses, and you've helped me to remember forgotten cards, narrow down some problem areas, and reevaluate wincons. Please keep it coming!

UpperDeckerTaco on In light of the recent ...

3 weeks ago

I think the current banlist is acceptable, and I think that Protean Hulk should be rebanned.

Some additions:

Seedborn Muse = Same argument as Prophet of Kruphix plus it is almost a lock with Static Orb and makes for very unfair games.

Sorin Markov/Magister Sphinx/Tree of Perdition = Not because these are overly broken, but because one of the awesome parts of EDH is having some life to work with, the fact that 1 card can just drain you for up to 30 or more, just ridiculous and are hated cards at least in the community I play in.

Paradox Engine = Just another issue with Static Orb plus allows for other ridiculous combos. Artifacts are usually some of the most busted spells/permanents and I don't think WotC has figured a way to balance the creation of artifacts.

Deadeye Navigator = As much as I love playing with this card, it is absurdly broken and needs to go. Either that or ban these other 2 cards...

Palinchron/Peregrine Drake = Infinite mana is too easy to achieve and it is basically game ending. I don't feel that the format would suffer with either of these 2 banned.

Rafiq of the Many = I know of at least 8 players who play this as their general, and too many times have I seen the Turn 4 kill with General damage. It's too consistent. I have also seen quite a few Turn 3 kills as well.

That's all I can think of for now.

Sgtpopnfreash on Nope.

1 month ago

Sorry I came off as a pretentious asshole in my first comment. It looks much better although I do have some cheap suggestions.

Lands; Replace the lands that gain you life and the guildgate with the templesTemple of Deceit. People underestimate how useful scry is, especially in longer games. Add a Command Tower because we are playing commander. Along with this I would add the pain lands Adarkar Wastes. The fact that they come in untapped and you only have to pay life for colored mana makes them very useful and they hardly ever make much of an impact in your life total.

Also what do you use infinite mana for other than really expensive things like Planar Bridge? It seems unnecessary. I would bail on Pili-Pala, Grand Architect combo along with Planar Bridge and replace them with the Sensei's Divining Top, Future Sight, Etherium Sculptor/Foundry Inspector. the top just got banned in legacy and the price is lower than it has been in a long time and each of those cards are extremely useful. I would also bail on Peregrine Drake and Deadeye Navigator and Magister Sphinx. I know the sphinx is good but unless someone you play with is getting more than 50-60 life a game its not that great for multiplayer commander. If you want something along the same lines try Sphinx of the Steel Wind.

I would also remove Sphere of Safety. Since you only have 7 enchantments your not getting great value from it for 5 mana. Capsize is cool but its alot to buy back I would try Boomerang or Dissipate.

Darksteel Ingot is considered to be a fairly bad card as far as mana rocks go. I would put in Azorius Signet

Fuklaw on Oloro Triskaidekaphobia

1 month ago

Not a bad list. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic was my first commander.

In time I've found the deck to be not too suitable to my playstyle and moved on to play Brago, the king who says Ni and Kemba kit-kat. I still have my Oloro deck but I am rebuilding it so I can't link you to a deck unfortunatly.

The advice I can give you is add more win cons.

You already have Sanguine Bond add Exquisite Blood for infinite combo.

Bloodchief Ascension + Mindcrank is also a win con

Test of Endurance No need to explain

Felidar Sovereign same as above.

There are some useful creatures you can add, but I'll leave them to your judgement:

  1. Drogskol Reaver
  2. Magister Sphinx
  3. Obzedat, Ghost Council
  4. Karlov of the Ghost Council
  5. Ghost Council of Orzhova

There are more cards I used to use, but I don't want to over do it.I hope this helps, and if you need any more help feel free to ask.

Almost forgot, the Kaladesh weapon of mass destruction Aetherflux Reservoir ;)

WeruniaB on Breya, the Infinite Whining Generator

1 month ago


I used to run Unwinding Clock and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I usually don't attack with my creatures and only few of my artifacts (accept for mana rocks) tap, so I took it out. As I said before I never attack so Feldon of the Third Path is pointless, especially because I usually can bring back creatures from the graveyard if I need them. Magister Sphinx on the other hand is a great card, but it puts me in a situation where I have to pick the player, and it draws too much hate. Conjurer's Closet would work well with Breya though, but CMC is waaay to high. Sphinx Summoner is just too expensive tutor. I also used to run Spine of Ish Sah, but it always ended up as a first card to discard. Thanks for your insight!


Goblin Welder is the only Goblin I run, so Krenko, Mob Boss wouldn't be a bomb in this deck. Purphoros, God of the Forge deals so much more damage when I simply blink my creatures. Eldrazi Monument got too high CMC. Thanks!

xrex479 on Breya, the Infinite Whining Generator

1 month ago

Unwinding Clock and Shimmer Myr work well together. Feldon of the Third Path helps bring back artifact creatures for a turn. Cheat out a Magister Sphinx to make their life 10 and Conjurer's Closet to trigger your enter the battlefield effects again. Sphinx Summoner is great search. Spine of Ish Sah combos well with Panharmonicon and Goblin Welder. It's best to find ways to cheat out artifacts.

jaeger_Konig on Breya's Bouncing beauties!

1 month ago

Well the main goal of the deck is search out pan, then copy it, then laugh all the way to the bank. Originally I had Magister Sphinx in to get all 3 of my opponents down to 10 hp in one move...I managed to live the dream and then took it out because its a very un-fun card for my opponents to play against. I fear merely just having an additional pan, which i generally have two or more of, won't be all the beneficial. I am severely lacking any win conditions that don't require infinite something to win. Any ideas as to good stuff/ETB cards that help me reach my goal? Currently I am leaning towards acquiring a Purphoros, God of the Forge, because he is literally godly in this deck.

fabiomarley on Oloro nice and cuddly

1 month ago

I created this deck to play with my friends, for fun, and combo-win don't fun me, in fact i don't play Exquisite Blood or any other combo cards. This deck is much funny to play and there are many mode to win, for example Serra Avatar and Magister Sphinx or the creatures with lifelink + Sanguine Bond to dealt a lot of damages to a player. There are Debt to the Deathless and Exsanguinate, they could be closures. During my last edh match (5 people) with this deck i win with Well of Lost Dreams + Alhammarret's Archive, they allowed me to have a lot of resources in hand, and my life points were always climbing through the field control, enchantments like Righteous Aura and creatures like Sphinx of the Steel Wind; and then i played Sanguine Bond --> Sphinx of the Steel Wind dealt 6 damages, i gain 6 + 6 for Alhammarret's Archive and dealt other 12 damages to a player with Sanguine Bond. it was a great play, but especially, it was fun! Anyway, Felidar Sovereign is another "finisher" if you are able to keep it alive on the board (XD). So, this is my "style" -> a great play is a fun play (of course, in my opinion) then, no combo like Exquisite Blood+Sanguine Bond. Thank you for your comments, i will wait your suggestions/other questions. =D

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