Contingency Plan


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Contingency Plan


Look at the top five cards of your library. Put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest back on top of your library in any order.

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Contingency Plan Discussion

Argeaux on Zombie Beat Down

1 day ago

You can't build a consistent Standard deck with only one copy of so many cards.

To start with, I would remove:

3x Drunau Corpse Trawler
1x Gisa and Geralf
1x Laboratory Brute
3x Stitched Mangler
1x Wailing Ghoul
1x Contingency Plan

Try to add:

3x Cryptbreaker
2x Diregraf Colossus
3x Relentless Dead
2x Fetid Pools
2x Sunken Hollow


4x Sunken Hollow if you have the cash

I would try to remove ALL the Sorceries and put in extra Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, and Turn Aside

Have a good look at this deck, as it's basically the best way to build Zombies at the moment, and should give you a few tips.

#1 Black Zombies

Standard Argeaux


Tethys on U/R Prowess Prototype (Bloo Variation)

1 day ago

Looks like it's coming along well. I have a few more suggestions for you:

-2 Contingency Plan
+1 Lightning Bolt (This card is too good not to run four)
+1 Serum Visions (Modern's premier organizational cantrip. Like Bolt, I think this card should definitely be a 4-of)

-1 Steam Vents
-1 Island
-1 Mountain
+2 Polluted Delta
+1 Bloodstained Mire

A refined land base is important in a deck like this. I would seriously consider the extra fetches.

Maaagic on B/U Zombie *budget* deck help!

3 days ago

Contingency Plan is good for graveyard things

Pinewoodboy0324 on Two Glass canons or One ...

4 days ago

i have things like Contingency Plan to search and Accumulated Knowledge card to draw.

JamminDecks13 on This Deck Never Gets Bant [Bant Midrange]

5 days ago

It is just as likely that you will cast this looking for something to do and dump things that are, at the time, useless and end up with a useful spell for your next draw (or next few draws) as it is that you will dump something useless. For instance: Let's say that drawing Eldritch Evolution will give you a great chance of winning the game. Casting Grapple with the Past and milling it would be painful. But what if it isn't in your top 3 cards? Maybe it is the fourth or fifth card and now you are going to draw it next turn or the turn after.

Statistically speaking, for every time you would mill something you need, there will be another time where it puts you closer to finding it. And on its own Grapple with the Past does a whole lot more than Contingency Plan. Its your deck though. Up to you!

JamminDecks13 on This Deck Never Gets Bant [Bant Midrange]

6 days ago

Contingency Plan seems much worse than Grapple with the Past. Grapple is an instant and gets you cards back to your hand (even if it is just a land because you want to leave your embalm creature in the 'yard).The Instant speed allows you to leave up censor on turn two and then do something with that mana if they don't cast anything for you to censor. Even late game Grapple + replay Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun is cheaper than just embalming Vizier and you can embalm him later when they kill him again.

Shadow29870 on Standardized Zombies

1 week ago

Hmm. For razelfalk, I'll need to think about Contingency Plan, I'll play it a bit before I put it here. As for Time to Reflect... I may drop it. The white will probably most likely hurt more than help, and I may just be able to find something better. ( Fatal Push is a bit expensive to have three of in terms of $$$) Also, Rise from the Grave so far has helped me a lot. And finally, Dread Wanderer, I'll think of as well. May replace my whit cards with it.

For devilslayer, Lilliana death's majesty is a bit pricey in $$$ regards, so that's the only reason for me saying no. And sure, I'll check your deck. Though I'm not the best with sideboards.

Flytrigreen on Whirler Thopterino

1 week ago

Ah, sounds fun!! Would something like Anticipate or Contingency Plan help get the cards you need faster?

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