Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Portal Second Age (P02) Rare

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Each player sacrifices four lands. Wildfire deals 4 damage to each creature.

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Wildfire Discussion

chilbi on Shrazik

1 week ago

Personally I've been around in M:tg for almost 20 years, starting somewhere between Tempest and Stronghold. Back then, Kai Budde won the PT with the mono-Red LD deck that could power out a Wildfire around turn two after having deployed a 5/6 Dragon on t1. Nothing short of sheer beauty if you ask me.

I've never really understood why land destruction has been shunted as a "non-fun" strategy since I feel like it's just one option among many denial strategies. Take a counter-heavy deck for instance, or Modern's Lantern of Insight-builds. Both are just trying to win the game by denying their opponent a cruial part of ressources (here: spells that resolve and attack steps and/or drawing relevant cards after all).

So no, you're not wrong by any means. LD is a perfectly viable and balanced strategy if need to be. I'll admit that I've cut Armageddon and the like from my Kaalia Commander Deck to make it less competitive but if people start throwing infinite combos in my meta I'd know what I would pack.. cheers!

SaberTech on Pattern Recognition #91 - Mana ...

2 weeks ago

I think that the last land-destruction decks that I remember being viable in Standard were the U/R Wildfire decks of Kamigawa standard. Cards like Boomerang, Eye of Nowhere, Stone Rain, Annex, and of course Wildfire made it an extremely punishing deck to play against. I also think that deck is why Wizards seems to have restricted bounce spells from being able to target lands. Playing first and being able to bounce an opponent's first land on your second turn with Boomerang is a ridiculous tempo advantage.

The original Mirrodin standard did have the mono-red Arc-Slogger decks too, which used artifact mana ramp to cast turn 2 Stone Rain and Molten Rain to stall for time until they could drop Arc-Slogger.

OptimalGreen on Ruric Thar [Competitive] - Your Heart is a Muscle

3 weeks ago

When are the most opportune times to cast something like Wildfire and Destructive Force?

Zaane2 on Neheb's Eternal Havoc

1 month ago

@Driemer84 I have not. I originally tested the Wildfire effects very minimally when my playgroup was all around this powerlevel. I immediately realized that nobody was enjoying themselves and took them out pretty quickly. Nowadays, I don't get the chance to play with that group anymore and instead attend my LGS where the powerlevel is mostly middle-ground. This has led me to have my Taty and Neheb decks as uber-comp, while building other decks at a lower power.

Now that I have two designated comp decks, I don't mind putting the Wildfires back in as the decks only get pulled out against other comp players. Ruination would definitely be a good include for a deck like this; maybe in place of Keldon Firebombers. An early Wildfire could potentially win you the game if it sets everyone else back to zero, while an early Firebombers wouldn't do much of anything.

gb on Radhical Dudette [Radha Budget Aggro]

1 month ago

You already have most of the budget staples but a simple, game winning combo is a traditional kiki-jiki infinite loop with either conscripts or celebrant to get either infinite combats or 3/3s. As of now the components for this combo are at around 30 dollars total.

Zealous Conscripts, Combat Celebrant, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and a tutor in Tooth and Nail.

If you think Tooth is too expensive, substitute Samut, the Tested.

Any amount of creature tutors you include in your deck will substantially increase the competitiveness. They are usually expensive.

Other effects like Dolmen Gate has gone down in price significantly recently. Hellkite Charger can be Aggravated Assault redundancy.

Effects such as Final Fortune, Glorious End, Last Stand, Warrior's Oath are risky, but budget and can get you across the finish line.

Finally, since radha can generate resources for you in combat, employing land destruction and resource denial can be a solid strategy as well. With a Vigor spells like Wildfire and Destructive Force become advantageous mass pump spells. Boom / Bust or cycling Decree of Annihilation can strip opponents of their only mana sources leaving you with a usually insurmountable advantage.

lagotripha on Quicksilver Evaporation

2 months ago

Have you considered playing a bunch more mana rocks and Wildfire as bonus Boil copies- its a classic idea but it might work well, as it helps break a lot of the effect's symetry.

lagotripha on Izzet Wizards Aggro (Budget)

2 months ago

Modern has a lot of options for budget decks- combo, aggro or tempo. Cards like Skinshifter or Keldon Marauders which were powerhouses but faded out are usually very reasonably priced and effective enough to take FNMs- just look at old tournament winners and see what is cheap.

Combo cards like Spellweaver Helix that never made the cut thanks to artifact hate are also very reasonably priced.

There are some really fun interactions out there- look around and have fun, because modern is a wide open format- there are always new interactions and meta-decks that can work well.

Control gets expensive because the most versatile answers and card advantage engines are expensive- the difference between Wrath of God and Fumigate is too marked in the format for a reasonable budget control setup that doesn't face glaring problems, and thats before how mandotory the jace/snapcaster interaction is there. That said gimicks like mana rocks into Wildfire is traditional and effective, if not tournament playable.

If you aren't worried about format, then I really reccomend playing 'Eternal standard'. Rules are simple- if a deck was legal in standard, its legal in eternal standard. That means that you can just browse through the archives for previous stanbdards and pick out something in-budget and fun. That and variants on the duel decks which have been put out everywhere by folk are very playable- just be careful because its really easy to build an unfair matchup, so a variety of decks is important. Some decks get expensive because the cards are favoured by commander, but there is still plenty out there.

If you're looking at zombies and playing eternal standard, I really reccomend a classic Rooftop Storm list- its a lot of fun.

lagotripha on (Needs help!) Eternal Punch-up

2 months ago

As with most budget lists, focussing way in on what you are trying to do and doing just that thing is the best way to make it work. Strip out everything nonessential and see how much space you have for anything else.

Giving Wildfire Eternal haste to kick out a big sorcery as your core gameplan sounds good. You can run Living Lore, Spellweaver Helix and draw/discard as well- gameplans that try to use one creature as the lynchpin are easily disrupted, but when you have multiple options, things start looking better. Discard/draw also helps deal with the 'all my cards are stuck in my hand and I can't use them' problem.

Next step- ramping and giving them haste. Pentad Prism is a simple, manafixing, ramping artifact that leaves your mana open to cast a counterspell. It'll serve as extra generator servant copies, barring the haste enabler.

To give haste is more tricky, as you start needing to look at how much disruption you have compared to enablers compared to payoff. Expedite and Crimson Wisps are powerful options, as they don't cost cards. Hanweir Battlements is another interesting one.

Striking a balance between payoff cards (cheating a Cruel Ultimatum or Wildfire usually wins), disruption (Roast, vapor snag, Repeal, Mana Leak etc) and draw/discard (Cathartic Reunion, Faithless Looting, Tormenting Voice, Collective Defiance etc is tricky.

Which is why its your job. Look at lists that try to do similar things (cast 2-3 cards for a big payoff), and copy their proportions of cards until you have a mix that feels good. Playtest, playtest playtest. You'll have an FNM crushing list in no time.

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