So, I think I finally have a working version I can unleash upon the world... though it's not as super budget as I had hoped because there are some things that just can't be replaced, which I will explain below. If anyone has any suggestions to tighten the budget or improve it while not increasing it feel free to chime in.

And now I give you, Isperia's Flying Circus of Tools - The Super Budget Edition.

The original version started at about $60 tcg avg just from what I had lying around. I wanted to return to that starting point for players not wanting to break the bank. Still working on tightening the cinche while keeping it functional.

Like the original we have several options to search for via Isperia's ability. There are many options for knowing what players are holding via bounce spells, telepathy effects, and paying attention to what they tutor for. Being that it's a combat ability, commander damage becomes a threat to opponents, especially when we have doublestrike available.

Atemsis, All-Seeing is another option to take the win. May need a bit more balance, but with the various ways get things in out hands it shouldn't be too hard to pull off.

Initially I tried to keep cards to $0.50/card max ($50.00 total deck cost by tcg avg) but some things are just not easily replaceable. If anyone has suggestions for workable replacements I haven't found, let me know.

Brago, King Eternal: Blinko, King of Eternal ETB more like, and psuedo Vigilance. I feel he is necessary for the value he brings to any blink deck. Same with Deadeye Navigator, it's just too good to pass up.

Sol Ring & Azorius Signet are good ramp considering the higher costs. Swiftfoot Boots offers so protection and is cheaper than Lightning Greaves as well as Hexproof over Shroud.

Counterspell needs no explanation & Swords to Plowshares is cheap cmc, decent removal.

Duelist's Heritage & True Conviction are imperative to our strategy being that Isperia triggers on combat damage and is our commander, so damage is relevant.

This is far from perfected in any means. It's more of a rough draft that has taken far too long to hammer out, so for any interested in testing or reviewing please tell about your experience and any ideas you may have. Any and all help is appreciated as always. Please remember though the budget line is as stringent as possible for this version. I will add more as I can and when I think of things.

COMING SOON! Once everything is figured out a bit more I'll start plugging in the info of cards that have staying power.
Thanks to the viewers for your continued interest and support, and as always if it's good enough for a folder it's good enough for a Plus. Happy Tapping!


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