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UW Petitioner Self Mill...Reanimator Combo?

Commander / EDH* Angels Casual Mill Reanimator Theme/Gimmick


This is probably really dumb and bad.

The primary objective is to use Persistent Petitioners to mill yourself, eventually putting an Angel of Glory's Rise and Laboratory Maniac into your bin, and then using a Resurrection effect targeting AoGR to put LabMan (and hopefully a billion Petitioners) into play. Then, mill yourself out, cast a cantrip, win.

Plan B is to Resurrect a big ol' Angel (or Elesh Norn + many Petitioners) and smash them in the head.

There's not really a great commander to facilitate this gameplan? Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is the most flavorful and thematic choice, and probably the most powerful thanks to the cost reduction? But I have a couple different ideas on what the right answer is to go into the commander slot:

  • Brago, King Eternal: Swing with Brago, Flicker your Petitioners, mill yourself more. Pretty straightforward.
  • Taigam, Ojutai Master: Resolving your instants and sorceries is pretty vital, and Taigam makes them uncounterable. And rebounding a Dramatic Reversal or To Arms! sure does sound nice.
  • Ephara, God of the Polis: We play a lot of creatures. Could be a consistent draw engine, which the deck needs.

I haven't worked on the manabase at all yet, which is why this is still prototype. I might actually build this, which would probably be a deeply awful decision. But I do love Petitioners. So much.

Would this be better in UB, replacing all the Resurrect effects with actual good cards like Animate Dead? You're damn right it would.


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