Who said math can’t be fun?

This deck is focused on using your knowledge of addition and multiplication to grow your army and divide and subtract your opponents (order of operations does matter). Quandrix has some amazing spells for us to use to accomplish these goals. Relying on tokens and a little bit of counters, we can show everyone that brains always beats brawn. This is an upgrade of the Quantum Quandrix precon. This is my first attempt of making a real EDH deck, so any and all comments and suggestions is appreciated!

Quandrix is my favorite college of the five, and when I found out that their preconstructed deck was based around making tokens, I was so excited. I have a Primal Genesis precon which also is about making tokens, but it is nothing on the scale of Quandrix. The release of Strixhaven came at a really good time for me, as I am preparing for college myself, and this new set really hit close to home for me. With all of that being said, tokens are the name of the game here. Being a math wiz from Quandrix myself, I can confirm that all of these tokens really add up. This deck does not strive to be super competitive. With Commander being a social format, I feel decks should be fun to use and experiment with, while still having enough power to compete with other good decks. Focusing on creating tokens of your own creatures leads to so many possibilities and combinations to use and try, because you never know how they will really turn out and impact the game. You could just copy a really big monster a lot of times, or take another route and make copies of your mana dorks and use whatever spells you want. Maybe you want to flood the field with token creators and watch your opponents grimace as they realize they need to wipe the board fast, or you just want a lot of squirrels and laugh as it somehow works. These tokens may seem weak on their own, but there is a strength in numbers. This freedom of choice is built into the deck, and it's just a lot of fun of thinking about all of the possibilities.
Esix, Fractal Bloom is the go to commander here. New to Commander 2021, it brings such a unique ability that opens the door to new posibilies in token creation. The first time we make tokens, we can make the tokens any other creature we control. That's insane. Using this ability, one must be cautious of the legends rule. Double Major and Helm of the Host will help us out with this, making copies of creautes that are not legendary. Now we just need creatures who can help spam the field and make us a lot of tokens. Some good exmaples that I am running are Hornet Queen , Deep Forest Hermit , and my favorite, Avenger of Zendikar . These guys are meant to be dropped onto the field and help you explode with tokens. Avenger of Zendikar is amazing, giving us a token for every land we control. With Esix, Fractal Bloom we could even make them all copies of Avenger of Zendikar himself, summoning a huge army of plants. If we had something with an amazing ETB effect, such as Coiling Oracle , we can copy them instead, giving us a handful of cards and a lot more lands on our field. If we have someone like Temur Sabertooth on the field, we can pick up our original token creator we used, and repeat the process again on this turn, or wait until the next when Esix, Fractal Bloom has its ability ready again. Almost any creatures can work with this strategy, and that's why Esix, Fractal Bloom is my commander of choice for this deck.
Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is also a perfect fit for being commander. While not having a new unique ablility, they are essentially a Parallel Lives in the command zone. They also have a little bit of protection with Ward 2, forcing people to pay extra mana just to target them. While this is a small price to pay, this still gives them just a little more survivability in contrast to Esix, Fractal Bloom who is expensive and needs artifacts to not be a huge target for removal. Their ability to double all tokens that would be created is an insane ability to be tied onto a creature. The only thing holding Adrix and Nev, Twincasters back is that Legendary tag. This is a problem we can easily solve with Double Major and Helm of the Host . Helm is my favorite artifact to attach to the twins. Every start of combat on our turn, we will copy Adrix and Nev, Twincasters . This copy will immediately be copied by the effect of the original twins, making two copies from the get go. This exponential growth will be insane if our opponent cannot prevent it. That's about the extent of the twins. They are pretty simple, but lead to powerful explosions. This is why I would rather run them as a creature rather than commander, but the framework is still there for them to prosper.
While Esix, Fractal Bloom and Adrix and Nev, Twincasters are pretty cool, they essentially run the deck and you will see them the majority of the time if you are running this deck, and they are lame on their own. They need some cool creatures to command, and these are just a few that are fun to make copies of and dominate the field.

Agent of Treachery Want to kidnap your opponents creatures, or better yet all of their other permanents? Look no further than your friendly treacherous agent. After making a lot of copies of this guy, your card draw will be insane. 3 cards for each Agent at the end of your turn. If you can't drop Curiosity Crafter or Reliquary Tower before getting this off, just keep discarding until you get one of them, and hold onto Eternal Witness to get some cards back.

Eternal Witness Did your opponents kill one of your favorite creatures, or even wipe your board? Make some copies of this guy and put your graveyard back into your hand. It's a copiable Regrowth which can attack.

Rampaging Baloths Ever want to play a land and make like 10 tokens? Make a couple copies of this guy and watch the field get flooded.

Sakura-Tribe Elder Make a lot of these guys and get all of your basic lands out of your library.

Timestream Navigator Ever wish you just had one more turn to set up a combo? How about 5 more? Timestream Navigator isn't legendary, so copy at your heart's content.

Here's a couple of examples of things we can do once we get set up with Esix, Fractal Bloom .

Agent of Treachery If we can make enough copies of this guy, we can totally clear someone's field of permanents and take them for our own. With absolutely nothing to defend themselves with, we can wipe people out easily and get huge card advantage.

Biovisionary This guy will let us win at the end of our turn if we can make at least three copies of him and none of them dying before our endstep. Cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Deep Forest Hermit will give us the token production we need in order to make the copies. This strategy is kind of lame though, as it really doesn't take much strategy or skill and ends a commander game once your turn is over. If your playgroup doesn't like instant wincons or you are getting tired of this strategy, look at some of the other options.

Return of the Wildspeaker If we have a field full of weak tokens, or even a lot of buffed ones, this card will give us a +3/+3 boost on all of them, helping us swing and destroy an opponent.

Timestream Navigator My personal favorite wincon to set up for. City's blessing will be trivial for this deck, and if you have the right cards to make a lot of copies of Timestream Navigator, you can have infinite turns, making a copy each turn and activating the ability of her. This may be frowned upon when playing with a casual playgroup, so be sure they are ok with this.

Board wipes are the biggest threats to this deck, even simple bounce spells. Tokens do not return to your hand or go to the graveyard, leaving us absolutely nothing after working hard setting up our field. If the original creature from our deck is destroyed too, we are going to need a graveyard retrieval card. Even destroying our commander is dangerous, as he is 6CMC. Add two more mana each time he is destroyed and it adds up really quickly. (wip)
Some cards I am thinking of removing are Wandering Archaic   and Giant Adephage .

Archaic is a really cool card idea, and helps tax, but doesn't do much in the realm of token creation and I often have other creatures I would rather copy and control the field with. He may work better with magecraft cards and other taxing permanents, but with tokens it's not that spectacular. I really like this card and thought it was a real neat idea, but it's a much better concept than actual strategy inside this token deck. 5 mana early game is a decent amount to pay for one creature, and only 2 mana to cancel the copy of an ability is easy to pay late game when mana is stacked up. Definitely will try to make this guy work in another deck.

Giant Adephage fits with the deck well, it's just a hard choice to summon with the large mana cost when I can be making tokens right now and trying to swarm or get another combo in play. Definitely fits with the deck, just hard to convince myself to summon it.

I am looking for any and all input and suggestions, as I am relatively new to the deck building scene. I don't have a real budget in mind for this deck, but I would rather not go for big priced cards such as Doubling Season and Primal Vigor as I would opt for more less known cards which have great synergy. My maybeboard will be filled with the ideas from you guys and anything I think of. I definitely will spend more on this deck in the future once I am more comfortable with deckbuilding.

Thank you for checking out my deck! I’m actively working to improve upon it and make the page look nicer as time moves on, so stay tuned for updates!


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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve touched Magic due to life. It’s slowed down and I’m getting situated and getting back into Magic. I’ve missed a couple sets so feel free to suggest any cards from them which would fit this deck well. Gonna be making some new decks and keeping this one as my main token deck, so that will be fun. I hope this site is still kicking, and super excited to be back.

There’s still a lot I can do to clean up this deck, so stay tuned. My maybeboard is all out of wack so that will be getting fixed along with my new additions.

Thank you to everyone who reads this! Peace!


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