Adventurous Impulse

Adventurous Impulse


Look at the top three cards of your library. You may reveal a creature or land card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Adventurous Impulse Discussion

psionictemplar on Emeria's control

3 months ago

The main thing that stands out to me is that you have a lot of ways to shuffle your deck after potentially resolving your first approach in a game. It might be easier to run some things like Adventurous Impulse to help your early draws and get you to the 2nd casting of approach quicker. As it stands, you are either hoping to survive 7 turns blowing up the board over and over, or get lucky after a random shuffle to redraw approach. And even though you do have some card draw with relic, horizon canopy, and arch of orazca I probably wouldn't depend on them too much.

The second thing that I noticed was how many things you are running to buy time with. I don't think that this is very reasonable given how expensive many of these effects are. You might be well off to try cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder (aka steve) to not only help you stay alive, but ramp you as well. Not to mention that steve is a permanent that can count towards the cost reduction on hour of revelation. If you weren't aware, you could put hour on the stack and then sacrifice steve in response to get the land still.

Sideboard: I gotta admit the sideboard seems very random to me. Are there certain decks you see often that you are trying to prepare for? Or is the idea to just stay alive long enough to start wiping the board. If its fast creatures giving you trouble, then consider things like Path to Exile . Giving the opponent a land won't really matter if you keep destroying anything they cast with it. Other problematic permanents could be dealt with things like Oblivion Ring and decks like affinity or enchantress could be hurt by Fracturing Gust .

These are my main thoughts about your deck and if you'd like to discuss any other ideas I'd be glad to try and help.

YetiritterTom on That's All (Mer)Folks!

4 months ago

I'd suggest cutting some of the mana rocks like Commander's Sphere and Sky Diamond to make room for the green ramp cards, just because they're more vulnerable to board wipes.

I'm personally not a fan of cantrips in commander, so maybe switch out cards like Adventurous Impulse , Charge Through and Strategic Planning for some of the draw spells with bigger impact like Military Intelligence or Tatyova, Benthic Druid .

Another thing I don't really like in EDH are bounce spells. I'd suggest switching out Into the Roil or Galestrike etc. for the permanent removal I suggested.


Sempiternity on Miller Time

5 months ago

Capture Sphere is the only answer to on-board threats. I would be hesitant to remove any of them. Cutting out Adventurous Impulse for Into the Story makes sense, and gets the same number of cards for the mana if I wait for the graveyard to fill up (also guaranteed to get cards).

I did some matches replacing Giant's Amulet and I was still able to win a decent number of games. I'll try swapping those back in for the Adventurous Impulse and see how it goes.

dpolatchek01 on Miller Time

5 months ago

Personally I would cut down on the Adventurous Impulse and one of each Giant's Amulet and Capture Sphere for 4 Into the Story s

Rockhart14 on

6 months ago

Honigkuchenx Those are some excellent points, thank you for the response!

  • Tyvar Kell - I've actually found him to be immensely helpful especially with mana generation for Elvish Warmaster 's ability. Especially when combined with Harald Unites the Elves ' 3rd tier it's usually a game-winner.

  • I was running Llanowar Visionary prior to my latest edit but felt like Woodland Mystic was an acceptable sub, though I could see the case being made for that +1 cost to draw a card. I might try them swapped with this list.

  • Skemfar Shadowsage is such a great card, I just found him to be a little spendy and haven't had trouble getting at least 1 of my 2 by late game where he makes the biggest splash. I also don't know what I'd cut for a 3rd or 4th copy but I'm open to ideas!

  • Faceless Haven has been an interesting card to run. I'm not 100% sold on it, but it has helped a little with board wipes and sometimes players forget about it when attacking so that can be fun. Overall mana-wise I haven't run into too many problems though I agree 18 is a bit low. Generation from Jaspera Sentinel and Woodland Mystic + land search from Binding the Old Gods and Adventurous Impulse tend to smooth things out a lot. Although a case could be made for swapping Adventurous for Roots of Wisdom too.

Hope that helps explain my thought process a bit more!

TheVectornaut on Christmas Dagrons

7 months ago

Aside from Outcast tokens and the Mimic, you only have 4 dragons to top out at. Most Gruul dragon packages I've seen run in the 8-12 range. Some popular inclusions are Thunderbreak Regent , Glorybringer , Harbinger of the Hunt , Scourge of Valkas , Mirrorwing Dragon , Terror of the Peaks , Lathliss, Dragon Queen , and the odd Steel Hellkite . Personally, I'm a fan of going for multiple attacks with Hellkite Charger and Savage Ventmaw . The new Leyline Tyrant might have some role in such a strategy, but I haven't had the chance to test it. The first two cards I'd cut would probably be Wolfir Silverheart and Grim Lavamancer . The former is undeniably powerful soulbonded to a double-striking dragon, but for 5 mana, it may as well just be another double-striking dragon itself. As for the wizard, I get the impression its ability will act like a 1 mana tax that distracts from casting your bombs. Even if you can afford to activate it often, a lack of fetchlands (even if they're budget alternatives) will limit its potency.

Otherwise, you have a couple of cards that have stronger replacements in modern. Titanic Growth is worse than Phytoburst at least some of the time, although I'd prefer 1 cost versions like Might of Old Krosa , Groundswell , Blossoming Defense , or Vines of Vastwood anyway. Similarly, Run Amok could probably be Rancor if the trample is important. As long as you're still interested in playing around with the graveyard, Traverse the Ulvenwald could be a neat replacement for Track Down that lets you literally track down your singleton dragons. Adventurous Impulse and Oath of Nissa are less powerful but less demanding options. Shackles of Treachery likely represents a mechanic you don't even need in the deck, but if you want an Act of Treason , I've had pretty decent success with Kari Zev's Expertise . The last cards I'll suggest are just some other dragon synergy tools. Draconic Roar is an amped Lightning Strike , Dragon Tempest can be a much cheaper Warstorm Surge if you're pumping out enough reptiles, and Frontier Siege offers flexibility between ramp and control. Finally, there are the spirit dragon lands if you think those would be useful.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your build!

MapPsycho on Forest of Equilibrium

10 months ago

Abundance was a smart choice with Azusa as the commander. You may want more cards that get lands into your hands such as Adventurous Impulse or Thaumatic Compass  Flip. Yavimaya Elder can nab lands to your hand upon leaving the battlefield. Other good land grabbers in green are Caravan Vigil, Lay of the Land, Evolution Charm, Realms Uncharted, and Traverse the Ulvenwald. Also I always recommend Colossal Majesty in mono green for more card draw. Blighted Woodland, Fertilid, Far Wanderings and Veteran Explorer can all nab lands as well. Although instead putting them onto the battlefield, which would at least still trigger your landfall effects.

Overall this build is pretty good! Just bouncing some ideas.

Caran_Lyg on What are Slivers?

10 months ago

osiczym, Ward Sliver is a legacy card. This is Modern. I’m not using any of the cards mentioned because the damage increase comes from the outlast abilities and Metallic Mimic. I didn’t use Risk Factor but I have both Collected Company and Adventurous Impulse. And lastly, I don’t follow other people’s way of building their decks, I find other ways to build a deck around a certain archetypes then play test and change the cards to make make it better. Please review the deck list one more time to see how the synergy works.

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